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Sunday, March 04, 2012

best sunday dress

medical marijuana: the best and safest pain killer compared to oxy

10 reasons the gop wants to ditch the constitution

join occupy college teach ins

u.s. chamber of commerce wants to buy a senate seat
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I just learned a dear friend & the midwife who birthed both my kids had a horrible car accident & broke/shattered both her legs & ankles.
She's been off her legs for 3 months & just now starting to have therapy to use 1 of her legs.
She has a legal medical marijuana card, and said she does better w mj than oxy. Of course once therapy goes into full swing, she will need solid pain coverage. She showed us copies of her x rays... good gawd! So many huge screws and metal plates, hurts just to look at them.

It will be a long haul for her to recover.
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I was going to guess the reason why the GOP wants to ditch the constitution is because they want to play w NO RULES.
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