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Saturday, February 25, 2012

why sag members should vote 'no' on upcoming merger

from the sag-aftra minority report web site:
a "no" vote will force the unions to re-think this current rush to merger and place pressure on the unions to go back to the drawing board and create a merger plan which puts the needs of actors in first position. we are not against merger. we believe all actors should be represented by one union. that will be the only way to increase actors leverage and protect our sag pension and health plans. this current merger plan is flawed in so many areas and does nothing to end the dilemma of split benefit contributions or to increase our leverage at the negotiating table.

we agree, this vote is coming too fast. certain questions have not been answered, and they are the very questions to which "merger" was supposed to address. however nobody has specified "how" merger will address these questions.

we at skippy international say, if you are a member of sag and/or aftra, vote "no" in the upcoming ballot.
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