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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

susan g. komen foundation - bully

better not use anything close to "r_ _ e for the c _ _ e" (tm) or the big pink money making monster will send it's lawyers after you...even if you are a little mom/pop non-profit. and don't even think of using pink. (wonder if the singer had to fend off sgk's minions to keep her sobriquet?)
different nonprofits may share similar missions -- raising money for good causes. but whatever you do, don't mess with anybody's trademarks. susan g. komen race for the c, the breast cancer charity, has warned some groups to stay away from its trademarked phrase, "race for the cure." and look out out if you want to use the color pink. - npr marketplace
a few months back we had a few submissions over some claims by the "susan g. komen for the cure" operation was being a trademark bully, and threatening other charities that were using the color pink. sgk is the big name in raising money for breast cancer research, but a new article highlights how it's also spending over a million dollars a year being a trademark bully: specifically going after anyone else who uses the phrase "for the cure" or "for a cure" as part of their own charitable fundraising. the organization claims that it "needs" to do this to protect its trademark, but as we've pointed out time and time again, that's simply not true. first, you could argue that raising money for charity is not "use in commerce" and thus not deserving of a trademark. on top of that, the phrase "for the cure" certainly sounds descriptive, and again perhaps doesn't deserve a trademark - tech dirt (2010)

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