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Friday, February 24, 2012

skippy sez: "vote NO on sag aftra merger"

here's the official web site of the minority opposition to the sag aftra merger

we at skippy don't endorse the merger. pensions will be merged and, by all accounts from various studies on specifics, the sag pensioners will lose benefits.

for a comprehensive, easy to read non-partisan analysis of why this merger is bad for actors, read the editorial from bizparentz, a group of parents of working child actors. their only concerns are their children's welfare, not 58 year-old commercial character actors.

and here's the opposition statement being included in the ballot mailing next week.

not to mention the loss of individual membership vote for national officers, instead sending reps to convention to choose. these, and a myriad of other results plus the dearth of specifics to remedy the problems the merger purports to address, make us at skippy internatonal vote a big no!

addendum: what jackson pollack sez:
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