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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

the gop hates americans

no. really. they are heartless and cruel. they like seeing people suffer.
the 2010 buick enclave parked in her garage kept michigan resident renee moore from getting food stamps for two months last year, even though her family's income had dropped to below the poverty level, her husband's ford explorer had 300,000 miles on it and her family had less than $1,000 in the bank.

why? In the eyes of the state, she owned too much. - sfgate

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I think the notion is that she shoulda sold the car and bought a cheaper car with the proceeds, and used the remaining money to buy food. Of course, the problem is that with a 2010 car, she likely owed more on the car than it was worth. I.e., the car was literally worthless -- she had no equity in it. Meaning that she could basically only do jingle mail -- i.e., give it to the bank for nothing.

It's as if law-makers have no notion at all of the real world, and live in some fictional universe where people buy cars with cash and have tens of thousands of dollars in the bank. Well, the majority of Americans can barely afford their car payments and live paycheck to paycheck. But I guess if you're a millionaire 1%'er law-maker, that reality never really occurs to you...

- Badtux the Socioeconomics Penguin
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