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Sunday, February 05, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that the corporate media doesn't want to tell you about because covering the clown circus (aka the gop debates) is much too fun...

surrounded by air pollution. - once a refuge for people desperate to breathe the clean desert air, metropolitan phoenix now battles the smog and smudged horizons the refugees were trying to escape. the pollution clogs lungs, aggravates asthma and traps people with respiratory diseases in their homes when conditions worsen - phoenix arizona republic

europe cold snap claims more than 260 lives. - the death toll from the vicious cold snap across europe has risen to more than 260, with hundreds having to be rescued after a ferry caught in a snow storm hit a breakwater off italy. - afp

climate in dc doesn't favor clean-air rules. - in february 1998, the governor's air quality strategies task force delivered a thick report recommending actions that could reduce air pollution in metropolitan phoenix. since then, almost nothing has happened to address the threat of traffic-related pollution sources along major roads and freeways or to help children or adults with respiratory illnesses aggravated by air pollution - phoenix arizona republic

gulf oil spill's 'trial of the century' could end before it begins. - bp and negotiators for federal and state governments are frantically working to confect a settlement so they won't have to leave the fate of billions of dollars in potential pollution fines and spill damage payments in the hands of u.s. district judge carl barbier. the trial is set to being in three weeks - nola times picayune

could drought threaten south africa's rooibos tea? - south africa's rooibos tea only grows in a small area and erratic weather patterns - blamed by some on climate change - mean the plant and the new industry are now under threat - bbc

ssssscotland here we come! - grass snakes from england are colonising scotland as climate warms - glasgow herald

cooked eggs recalled in california, 33 other states. - cooked eggs are being recalled in california and 33 other states over concerns about possible listeria contamination - latte times

rising australian floodwaters spark mass evacuation. - mass evacuations were under way in northern australia sunday as record flooding that has cut off thousands of people threatened to engulf areas devastated by wild weather last year. - afp

staying afloat. - drought, floods, low milk prices, decreasing water rights – uncertainty is a way of life for northern victoria's dairy farmers - melbourne age

chevron refuses to apologize for ecuador pollution. - u.s. oil supermajor chevron corp. refused to issue a public apology for pollution in ecuador’s amazon region before a court-imposed deadline, saying it is not responsible for toxic drilling waste that has spoiled ecosystems and harmed local communities’ health - latin american herald tribune

"skin deep" in more ways than one. - very little if any media attention or research has looked at the possible connections between african american beauty salons, the personal care products utilized primarily by black women and adverse health outcomes, specifically in the area of reproductive health. but that has begun to change - sf bay view

texas drought forces a town to sip from a truck. - spicewood beach is one of the first four subdivisions, made up of about 1,100 people, in drought-stricken burnet county to run so low on water that it had to be hauled in by truck - nytimes

glaciers face new threat as ice is stolen. - glaciers across the globe, at risk from climate change, now face a new threat, a u.n. report says -- ice thieves - upi

rare february blizzard rages in denver. - while snow in colorado isn't unusual, it's rare for denver and eastern colorado to get a storm of this magnitude during february. most of denver's snow comes during the fall and spring, and this storm may break records for the biggest february snowstorm. - climate central

mysteries of killer whales uncovered in the antarctic. - two of the world’s leading experts on the world’s top marine predator are now in antarctica, tagging and photographing killer whales. climate change and other human impacts, such as overfishing and the accumulation of toxic chemicals, are rapidly altering the whales’ habitats and their prey - yale environment 360

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