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Saturday, February 18, 2012

come saturday morning

positive thinking does help you live longer

man brings guns to church, accidentally shoots pastor's daughter

private plane intercepted after accidentally flying thru obama's air space. the problem? it was smuggling dope

is it ok to shoot bigfoot?
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I had my monthly lunch today with a gang of octo- and nonogenerian gentlemen. All are mobile, spry and mentally active. One 86 year old had a nasty bruise from falling from the roof of his house to the tarmac 12 feet below, but he admits he was stupid not to anchor the ladder.

The range of meals would make a health professional quake in his boots: biscuits and gravy with a side of pork sausage, reuben with cheese soup, 4 eggs with grits and butter.

I felt like a wimp. The one thing they all share is a bright outlook on life and a commitment to remain engaged with society.

And they're a barrel of fun.

I could learn something from them.
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It wasn't smuggling dope. It was smuggling cannabis.
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