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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

assemblymember das williams fights for californians again

assemblymember das williams joins national movement against sugary drinks

after hearing the frustration of parents, teens, communities and health advocates throughout the state and across the nation about the runaway marketing of sugary drinks to youth, assemblymember das williams (d-santa barbara) is urging californians to learn more about these beverages and be mindful of what we put in our bodies. 

in an effort to mobilize against the most prominent factor contributing to our nation’s obesity epidemic, williams is supporting the national, kick the can campaign at www.kickthecan.info, the go-to source for those who want to learn the truth about sugary drinks and how to fight back against the beverage industry and the liquid sugar that they try to pump into our bodies.
...in the coming weeks, assemblymember williams will be introducing a piece of legislation to ban sugary sports drinks from schools and help promote healthier choices for middle and high school students.

kickthecan.info is a project of the california center for public health advocacy and serves as a home base for a national movement challenging the power of pop. visitors can access a variety of information and advocacy tools and even participate in the movement by posting videos, photos and comments to describe their frustration with the ubiquity of sugary drinks, showcase over-the-top advertising and highlight local campaign successes to inspire others to change the beverage world in which we live.
website for assemblymember das williams: http://assembly.ca.gov/Williams

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Let's hope he next writes a bill to ban excessive salt from the school kitchen.

It's another quiet epidemic. When the food basically has no flavor, add salt and fat.
commented by Blogger Asterix, 10:11 PM PST  
Go For It. I am so apalled by the sugar and 'energy' drink ad machines.
commented by Blogger w3ski, 10:33 AM PST  

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