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Thursday, January 19, 2012

thursday's child i want you back

which corporations occupy congress?

that's not inequality, that's math

the greatest myth about the u.s. chamber of commerce is that they have an interest in creating or protecting jobs"

terrible, terrible news: bacon may increase cancer risk by 20%
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Haven't had bacon in a year or two, though I am a meat eater, and have processed meats about once every two or three months. Now I'm off them for good, not entirely because they are bad for you, but because I have begun to find the flavor disgusting. They are unpleasant on the palate.

Braised a chuck roast a week ago and it was wonderful. Dusted a 3.5 lb chuck roast with flour and seared it in a dutch oven, then put in wine (nice red on sale for $5...can't beat it) up to half the side of the roast with salt and pepper to taste and three cloves of garlic. After an hour and half, I added 8 carrots and 8 stalks of celery and one medium onion and braised it another 45 minutes. Now that's how I like to process meat.
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