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Monday, January 09, 2012

(tell me why) i don't like mondays

last year was a really good year for the auto industry

the gin and tacos 2011 c*cksucker of the year: donald trump!

lance mannion on ron paul on war

and here's the ultimate libertarian defense of ron paul

and stop the presses, er, we mean, let the presses start: keith olbermann will host current's coverage of the new hampshire primary:
a spokesperson for current confirmed that progress between the two parties was made over the weekend and that they expect olbermann to participate in election coverage going forward.

memo reveals tension over gop primary
"he told us he will do upcoming special election coverage," a current spokesperson told [the hollywood reporter] on sunday. "we certainly hope he does. that was our intention all along."

olbermann will have complete creative and editorial control. but it's unclear exactly what that coverage will look like; whether olbermann will do a special edition of countdown with his own panel of guests or lead the network's politically direct election specials, which have featured cenk uygur, jennifer granholm and network co-founder al gore.

the timing of the d├ętente means politically direct will continue as planned on tuesday.

as much as we love having keith's liberal voice on television, we tend to agree w/mistermix @ balloon juice:
is there a bigger candy-ass crybaby prima donna than keith olbermann?
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