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Monday, January 02, 2012

new moon on monday

thers provides an accute analysis of the gop field

don't forget the raging misogyny of ron paul supporters

gee, maybe ipads and kindles don't interfer w/an airplane's instruments all that much after all

lance mannion reviews "tintin"
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Yo dude! Just thought I'd pop over to your blog to let you know I'm wearing your t-shirt today. Hope all is well with you. God bless and Happy New Year!
commented by Blogger K T Cat, 9:13 AM PST  
Re: kindles & ipads on airplanes...

It's a myth. Airline folks want you to shut them off to gain your attention. Period. (which is OK, but screwy.)

We (nameless NASA experiment) found that there is no EMI (electromagnetic)interference from cell phones, kindle pads, ipads, or even homespun wire wrapped bolts to make electromagnets.

Just shut up, listen to the FAA rules & regs, and pretend your cellphone is off.

Works for me!

commented by Anonymous Galileo126, 8:38 PM PST  

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