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Thursday, December 15, 2011

thursday's child

software that listens for lies

an open letter to pixar

a strong middle class is the key to economic growth

scooby doo is "veggie tales" for secular humanists

and rip producer of "easy rider," "five easy pieces," and "the last picture show" (and father of the monkees),bert schneider
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Liked the pixar letter. Disney's tired old stereotypical scripting of damsels in distress, eye candy & being rescued/falling in love send messages to kids that girls need to be princesses & need to get the guy for it to be the perfectly balanced story.

Dreamworks had fun shattering some of those tired ideas still using the princess/rescued damsel/fall in love story.
In the end the princess is a heavyset ogre, the rescue was paid for by a weak king, and the love went through twists & turns before true selves were revealed.
She married the Ogre who lives in the swamp, not the handsome yet awful shallow prince, who
otherwise had it all.
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