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Monday, December 26, 2011

orthocracy speaks

"please allow me to introduce myself. you have no name for me, so i must name myself. i am 'the orthocracy.' you have in your language no name for me because i do not let you see me. i rule by a set of rules that cannot be spoken, for, not only is it taboo to voice them, but they are too revolting, too embarrassing for your human sensibilities to bear."

"although no well organized orthocracy allows the rules of rule be made explicit, one can infer the outlines of a system of rules behind the veil -- a ruling system."

"the 13 rules of rule

"1. keep them weak.

"2. keep them dumb.

"3. keep them scared.

"4. control all their resources.

"5. divide them, conquer them.

"6. control their rhythm and pace.

"7. control their chemistry.

"8. control their sex.

"9. jack them around.

"10. use coercion routinely, brute force when necessary.

"11. use deception routinely, the big lie when necessary.

"12. none of this can show.

"13. this is the system; there shall be no other."


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