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Monday, December 26, 2011

happy boxing day

ny att.gen. teams w/federal housing finance agency to investigate mortgage fraud

what they won't tell you about pepper spray

time's person of the year: the photo you didn't see

and here's the great gop hot air balloon race
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I'm really not a Shepard Fairey fan. He seems to me to be a screw-up who became a fad and keeps getting hired to be a high-profile embarrassment. If TIME mag had any balls they would have run the original photo. The protesters are protesting for the 99%, isn't that good enough for TIME? Having an anonymous protester be the Person of the Year is a little like getting the dessert tray without the desserts. But TIME has no guts, so I'm not really surprised by this or S Fairey screwing it up. Oh, yeah, and happy new year everyone.
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You know, Skippy, next year the de rigueur protesting accessory should be goggles to protect their eyes from pepper spray. I think I will mention that with my next gear donation at C&L.
commented by Blogger Ginger Mayerson, 11:31 AM PST  

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