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Sunday, December 11, 2011

environmental news stories sunday

a little late....but still just as hackle raising.

baltimore harbor: unseen sewage leaks pollute waters. - heavy rains routinely trigger big sewage overflows in baltimore, but there is growing evidence that chronic leaks from the region's aging, cracked sewer lines are a bigger threat to public health. even on sunny days, storm drains discharge raw sewage because of fissures and breaks in old infrastructure. - baltimore sun

quake exceeded tepco's 'once in 10,000 years' scenario. - the movement of the bedrock under the fukushima no.1 nuclear power plant during the great east japan earthquake was larger than pre-quake estimates used by the plant’s operator in its disaster planning, according to government simulations - asahi shimbun

shale gas pipelines pose challenges to state's forests, wildlife. - the 8,500 miles of gas pipeline running under pennsylvania could quadruple within the next two decades, according to a forthcoming study, raising questions about how the work will affect forests, wildlife and even the suburbs around pittsburgh - pittsburgh tribune review

water demand 'will outstrip supply.' - businesses, farmers and householders need to take steps to become more water-efficient as climate change and population growth increase pressures on resources and lead to more droughts, two reports have warned. - press association

researcher sees a biological regime change under way in alaska. - is climate change pushing alaska toward another major abrupt shift, similar to the transition from grassy steppe to peaty tundra that took place thousands of years ago? - climatewire

outrage at uk's $1bn loan deal with brazil oil giant. - a british government decision to underwrite a billion-dollar loan to one of the world's biggest oil companies came under fire from environmentalists last night. - london independent

billion-dollar disasters 'harbinger' of future extreme weather: noaa. - the 12 $1-billion-plus disasters that hit the united states this year are most likely not simply a matter of the stars aligning against us, according to the head of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, who implicated climate change as a contributor - livescience

city faces choice on next wastewater treatment level. - cities like flagstaff that have become dependent on reclaimed wastewater to relieve pressure on drinking water should seriously consider upgrading treatment to the next step - flagstaff arizona daily sun

u.s. bans boaters from dumping sewage in lake ontario. - u.s. officials have declared lake ontario a “no-discharge zone,” banning boaters from dumping sewage on the american side of the lake. - toronto star

pfc levels decline in residents' blood samples. - a bio-monitoring pilot project in minnesota has found declines since 2008 in perfluorochemicals (pfcs) in the blood of st. corix valley, mn residents. health department researchers concluded that efforts to reduce drinking water exposure to pfcs have been effective - stillwater gazette

aquatic pesticide use gets go-ahead. - despite concerns from lake tahoe water providers, pesticides could soon be used to combat the lake's aquatic weed problems. the lahontan regional water quality control board approved rule changes wednesday that will allow the agency to permit the use of aquatic pesticides under certain conditions - douglas county record courier

mideast water shortages threaten millions. - due to increasing populations, climate change, poor infrastructure and inefficient use of resources, serious water shortages are threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the middle east - voice of america

carbon credits save sierra leone's gola rainforest. - as of saturday, the gola rainforest, which lies within one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots, is now a national park. and it could soon bring sierra leone, one of the world’s poorest countries, a new income stream from the sale of carbon credits. - christian science monitor

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And, in other news, EPA and related grossly unConstitutional Fed bureaucrazies, continue to promulgate regulations that are destroying our nation's economy, while leftwing bloggers continue to claim that AGW is real. Fortunately, large swathes of the electorate don't believe them anymore. Now if only We the People would actually decide to start following our own Constitution...
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