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Sunday, December 04, 2011

environmental news stories sunday

those "little" stories you should be hearing about...but aren't. thanks corporate media.

acitizen activist forces new mexico's dairies to clean up their act. - citizens have campaigned against dairy pollution in idaho, washington and california, yet industry has largely succeeded in slowing or even loosening regulations. new mexico's new rules may inspire other states to take the responsibility for limiting factory-farm pollution into their own hands, activists say. - high country news

can we solve the problem of carcinogens in the environment? - while there are 84,000 synthetic chemicals in circulation, the vast majority haven't been fully tested for health risks, and only a handful have been banned. but it's not up to industry to prove its chemicals are safe -- it's effectively up to everyone else to prove that they're dangerous - pittsburgh city paper

a toxic river of poison: san benito county's new idria mercury mine now a Superfund site. - every second of every day it flows: a river of poison gushing from the hillsides. forty gallons a minute, 21 million gallons a year. a bright orange toxic brew, nearly as corrosive as battery acid, teeming with mercury, aluminum, iron and nickel, the legacy of a long-abandoned mine, relentlessly pouring into nearby streams - santa cruz sentinel

nasa satellite confirms air quality improvements. - sulfur dioxide levels in the vicinity of major coal power plants in the northeast have fallen by nearly half since 2005, according to data from nasa’s aura satellite. the results of the study suggest that the epa’s 2005 clean air interstate rule, calling for deep cuts in emissions, is working - summit county citizens voice

bhopal disaster protesters block trains. - thousands of survivors of the world's worst industrial accident are protesting for more compensation by blocking the trains in an indian city - sydney sky news

as gas riches remake plains, lawmaker shares in bounty. - gas money is transforming vast stretches of oklahoma. the spreading wealth from gas fields has also benefited representative dan boren, a democrat who has deep family ties to the industry — and has acted as one of its best friends on capitol hill - new york times

offshore drilling watchdog stepping down. - when michael bromwich took over the helm of the agency overseeing offshore drilling 17 months ago, oil was still gushing into the gulf of mexico, and a handful of ethical lapses had shattered public confidence in the ability of federal regulators to police the industry - hearst news service

texas drought leaves heartbreaking toll of abandoned horses. - the yearlong texas drought is taking a heartbreaking toll on horses and donkeys, thousands of which have been abandoned by owners who can no longer afford the skyrocketing price of the hay needed to feed them - reuters

whales, dolphins, seals: newcomers crowd into british waters in pursuit of their prey. - experts believe rare sightings of cetaceans from tropical climes could mean sea creatures are scouting for new territories to settle as global warming takes effect on sea temperatures - london observer

gop senators want to fast-track keystone xl. - a few short weeks after the obama administration decided to put off a final decision on the keystone xl oil pipeline, a batch of republican senators introduced legislation today that would force the president to approve the pipeline within 60 days. - mother jones

more monsanto corn showing pest damage. - corn plants genetically engineered by monsanto to repel pests are suffering severe damage from insects in more areas than previously reported, according to government scientists, who called the company's monitoring of the problem "inadequate. - st louis post dispatch

french gmo crops unlikely in 2012 despite end of ban. - genetically modified maize is unlikely to make it into french fields next year despite the lifting this week of a ban on a u.s. strain, as evidence rises that france will launch new restrictions, observers said on tuesday. - reuters

beekeepers ask boulder county to ban class of pesticides. - some beekeepers say a class of commonly used insecticides is killing their bees, and when two boulder county advisory boards held a meeting to listen to public comments on a proposed cropland policy, a half-dozen bee advocates showed up to ask the boards to ban neonicotinoids - boulder daily camera

the right to know what you are eating. - the fda doesn't let pharmaceutical companies test new drugs on people without their informed consent. when it comes to genetically engineered ingredients, consumers should have the same right to know when it comes to what they eat - sfchron

petroleum industry confronts water use. - the same week oil and gas industry representatives convened in midland to discuss the best ways to lessen their dependence on freshwater aquifers in the permian basin, nasa told the associated press that satellites have found the state's aquifers to be at "lows rarely seen since 1948." - san angelo standard times

battle brewing over fracking rules. - citizens groups, water providers and local governments are making a strong push to strengthen state rules on the disclosure of chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process (fracking) - summit county citizens voice

salts from drilling, a drinking water danger, still showing up in rivers. - bromide is a salt, which by itself is harmless. but combined with chlorine at a drinking water plant, it forms chemicals called trihalomethanes. long term exposure to trihalomethanes increases the risk of bladder and other cancers. Bromide levels spiked in the ohio river three years ago. Some say that’s no coincidence.   - pittsburg essential public radio

cows in kwazulu-natal grazing knee-deep in sewage farms' waste. - while thousands of environmental activists are gathered at durban’s International convention centre to discuss global warming and pollution, cows are grazing in knee-deep waste from sewage farms - johannesburg citizen

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