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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

help a blogger out - update on strange appar8us

you all know that strange appar8us, blogger extraordinaire over at rumproast, has met with a medical tragedy and is currently hosptialized. mrs. polly fills us in on the fundraiser they are holding, and some details of strange's progress:
regulars and friends of rumproast who have been following along know that our dear friend, co-blogger, and mainstay, strangeappar8us, has been grappling with a serious illness. we have kept the exact details of his illness from our readers out of respect for his privacy (and that of his family), but now we can let you know that strangeappar8us suffered a severe traumatic brain injury on november 3rd. it is true that he is out of danger. he has already undergone one operation that went very well. he is able to speak, hold very short conversations, and his motor skills seem to be unaffected. his wit, intelligence, and the core sweetness of his character are also intact. it’s true that he is showing some improvement every day, but he is still hospitalized and has a permanent disability as a result of this injury that will require years of rehabilitation. we are heartbroken to report to you that his vision has been affected, and he is blind.
you can go donate via paypal to help strange cover his hospital bills (which are massive at this point). kevin k. tells us as of this morning they have raised over $1700.

in these days of 1% raising prices on everything, especially health care, anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.
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