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Sunday, November 27, 2011

environmental news stories sunday

yet more stories that you might not hear about on the corporate media on their talking head shows.

law allows california public utilities commission to keep utilities data secret. - californians concerned about dangerous pipelines running underneath their neighborhoods are barred from obtaining government records about them by a 60-year-old state law backed by pacific gas and electric co. and other utilities, a chronicle investigation shows - sfchron

algae blooms' sudden spread stumps scientists. - marine scientists are trying to find out why previously unknown blooms of toxic algae are suddenly proliferating along the california coast, killing wildlife and increasing the risk of human sickness - sfchron

blackfeet members concerned about contamination by injection drilling technique. - exploration companies are injecting large volumes of water, sand and chemicals into rock formations up to a mile beneath the blackfeet indian reservation in attempts to loosen embedded oil - sometimes using more than a million gallons of fluid per well - great falls tribune

bakken watch sees a flip side to fracking. - kris kitko of bismarck said she gets threatening messages every day from people who don't like the content of the "bakken watch" website that she and a few others founded several months ago as an environmental response to the bakken drilling boom - bismark tribune

upper peninsula mines seeing a resurgence as companies hope to cash in. - new technology and higher prices for metals are making mining profitable again, but the new mines are less than a football field away from streams, rivers or lake superior, raising concerns about contamination - detroit free press

hives' mite problem exposed by 'sugar roll.' - nothing like nature to put you back in your place. we were proud of ourselves after bottling 150 jars of honey in our first year of beekeeping on the chronicle rooftop. then we saw carnage. dead bees were scattered in a wide circle around the entrance to both hives - sf chron

shooting down climate change myths: there is scientific consensus. - virtually 100 percent of full-time, actively publishing climate scientists agree the planet is warming up, with people playing a major role. and yet, about half of all americans don’t buy it. - anchorage alaska dispatch

climate change isn't a left-wing cause - the iron lady knew that. - these days, if you're a right-wing conservative, or a right-wing commentator or blogger, it is virtually a badge of honour to proclaim that all this global warming stuff, and action taken to counter it, is a load of cobblers. yet the woman regarded by right-wingers as their icon thought just the opposite. - london indepenent

inside ira rennert's dirtiest businesses. - epic pollution at his la oroya refinery in peru have put ira rennert, a reclusive billionaire, and his business practices in the spotlight. mr. rennert has scrapped with environmental regulators and activists for decades and always emerged largely unscathed. but his problems in faraway peru are beginning to cut close. - crains new york business

study finds spikes in bpa from eating canned soup. - we may not know all the ways in which the chemical bisphenol-a affects our health, but we can be sure that we're exposed to it frequently – bpa is used in plastic products and lines nearly all food and beverage cans. - time magazine

study: mercury impacts traced in alaskan huskies. - huskies living along the yukon river are showing signs of environmental stress, as accumulating levels of mercury in their diet appear to be suppressing their antioxidant functions - summit county citizens voice

farmer's advice: hitch your wagons to some 'guar.' - without guar, that cranberry sauce leftover from thursday's thanksgiving feast might drip off your fork. but the bean-like vegetable with emulsifying properties is also a crucial ingredient in the slurries that drillers use to coax oil and gas from shale formations - wall street journal

vermont air quality monitoring site could lose funding. - scientists' ability to measure and track airborne pollutants from the midwest will be severely compromised if $24,000 is cut from a testing station in underhill, experts say. - burlington free press

gender and chemicals: a canadian tale of poisoning women. - we inhale, ingest and absorb a litany of synthetic chemicals into our bodies every day. as scientific detection methods improve, we are forced to confront the evidence of these exposures as the results of several biomonitoring studies become available - toronto rabble

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