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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

bye bye blogger

the vidiot, the sailor, and the whole gang @ vidiot speak have decided to call it quits:
i haven’t posted since august and i haven’t been back to even check to see if the guys have posted anything. mostly, because i didn’t want to see that they weren’t as well. it’s the end of an era, at least for me. i’ve been at this since 9/11, the sailor has been with me almost from the very beginning and has been an amazing blog partner in every way. and bill was a welcome addition and became a new family member that we fretted over and from whom we accepted wise advice.

personally, i’ve lost the steam to blog. for the sailor, he feels like his “sense of outrage became dulled and it started to seem like 'same shit, different day'.” he also pointed out that when “you go read through our archives, we were covering the same issues we started with, it seemed nothing had changed.”

you’d think that with the ows movement, i’d have even more steam, but no. i don’t live in nyc anymore, (i really really really wish this had all happened while i was still there though.) and my life has gone off onto a different road. i’ve come to realize a few things about blogging, but mostly, it started to feel like i was spitting into the wind.
that's too bad. we have met the sailor @ many blogger parties here in la, and admire both his and the vidiot's work.

but we can relate. it seems at times like progressives are trying to bail out the ocean. no matter how much progress we make, our ideas are still derided, our positions are ignored, and our loyalty to this country is constantly questioned.

it ain't easy being green, as welll as progressive, open-minded, and compassionate.

good luck to all the gang at what used to be vidiotspeak.
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It's been years of bad for us guys. Day in day out never ending since the chimp was installed in 2000.

A feller can only take so much when good never comes your way hardly ever.
commented by Blogger One Fly, 12:15 PM PST  
I've really cut back, almost to the point of not blogging at all after eight years, but it has nothing to do with the political situation. In my case, it's all due to Facebook. I get more satisfaction out of sharing political commentary with my "real" friends there rather than with people I don't know on the blog. Plus it's a matter of time; you can't do everything.

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