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Friday, November 25, 2011

buy nothing day

#occupyxmas. brought to you by the same folks who brought you #occupywallstreet.
this morning americans across the country arose at ungodly hours, braving the dark, cold, and unruly crowds all in the name of shopping. each year black friday marks the upcoming holiday season with a day full of frenzied shopping, and the infamous event has become as synonymous with thanksgiving weekend as turkey itself. while some will spend the day trolling the malls for deals, thankfully there are more than a handful of people (like us!) who are just saying “no” to excessive consumerism and spending the day doing more wholesome activities for buy nothing day. buy nothing is a non-profit organization initiated by canadian mennonites 20 years ago, inspiring people all over the world to say no to just say no to black friday. this year adbusters is taking the organization’s work to the next level, going global with a full-fledged campaign asking citizens to not only stop shopping on black friday, but to #occupyxmas  and not purchase anything for the holidays at all. are you up to the challenge? - inhabitat

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and yet the news is full of pictures stories of morons trampling each other trying to get some cheap crap at a slightly better price than it usually is.

Until the enough Americans say they have had enough stop playing along with this bullshit the rest of us are fucked along with those who deserve to be fucked.
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