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Friday, October 21, 2011

i ran from iraq

after almost ten years and some goofy goofy times, the us is leaving iraq. washpost:
the obama administration has decided to withdraw all u.s. forces from iraq by the end of the year after failing to reach an agreement with the iraqi government that would have left several thousand troops there for special operations and training.

president obama and iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki spoke friday morning to cement that agreement in a scheduled telephone call.

the two leaders also agreed to continue informally discussing the need for and the terms of a u.s. military presence in iraq into next year, people familiar with the agreement said. as a result, the only u.s. military presence that will remain in iraq after the end of the year will be the roughly 150 troops needed to protect the large u.s. embassy compound in baghdad and its thousands of american diplomats and other personnel, as well as provide training related to new military sales and other tasks.

“the rest of our troops in iraq will come home at the end of the year,” obama said friday at the white house. “after nearly nine years, america’s war in iraq will be over.”
well, that's settled.
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About time.
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:01 PM PDT  
Notable accomplishments in Iraq: Halliburton and Blackwater billed many many billions of dollars to the US taxpayer, and were promptly paid, no questions asked, an enormous transfer of wealth to our new warlord aristocracy. So there's that.

It should have been Dick "Secret Energy Task Force" Cheney under that Mission Accomplished banner.

I wonder what will become of the enormous "permanent" base we built at vast expense?
commented by Anonymous joel hanes, 9:28 PM PDT  
this flavored koolaid taste like Americans are leaving Iraq even tho we we still have plenty of Americans there only in a mercenary status.

yummy yummy koolaid
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:46 PM PDT  
I assume that a bunch of military contractors will be left. Who will foot that bill?

In other words, two years from now, will we still be spending money on Iraq?

My tea leaves say "yes".

Just before the war, when Mr. Powell was spinning lies about Iraq in the UN, I wrote my senators and asked them what this war they were so determined to wage would cost.

I never did get an answer from either.
commented by Blogger Asterix, 9:14 AM PDT  

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