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Monday, September 05, 2011

what is working?

originally published 9/2/11

i had some libertarian tell me that government "ruins everything it touches". i thought, "gee, that interstate highway you drove here on, were you dodging giant craters the whole way?"

i also thought, "gee, all those critters that were on the endangered species list that are now off that list, did one of them crap on your car?"

please help me out and give me other examples of government programs and projects that have worked well. i want to humiliate him the next time i see him.
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The research that resulted in the internet
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:30 AM PDT  
Food safety laws, organ donor laws & programs
commented by Anonymous Dan Anderson, 6:58 AM PDT  
The TVA. Clean air and water (we'd all have lung cancer and dysentery if libertarians had their way). Mostly safe food and drugs, although more of that when the rules were stricter. A largely literate populace. Sewer systems. The Golden Gate Bridge. Air traffic control. The G.I. Bill, which sent many veterans to college (is something like that in place for the veterans of the current disaster, or will Congress have to be shamed into it?). GNMA and FNMA actually worked just fine until this century. I seem to recall the government funds medical and scientific research.

And that's just off the top of my head, before (metaphorically speaking) coffee.
commented by Blogger D., 7:06 AM PDT  
The current GI Bill has been in place for several years, but I don't recall if the funding is gone.

Police, firemen, school teachers. Getting the high school graduation rate above 20% at the beginning of the last century, which was key to the expansion and growth in the second half of it.

Social Security, without which we would return to the "good old days" when 90% of old people lived in poverty. (If your Libertarian friend thinks it's a good thing that 90% of old people live in poverty without government assistance, just kill him and make the world a better place.)
commented by Blogger Ken Houghton, 7:21 AM PDT  
(Assuming he doesn't have a well and septic system)does he like the fact that the socialist water coming out of his faucet doesn't make him sick? Does he like the fact that the socialist sewers take his fecal matter away? How 'bout them streetlights? Library? Safe durgs?
commented by Anonymous Bleeding Gums Murphy, 8:03 AM PDT  
You guys. I want to hug you guys.

This thread is the answer for all the nimrods who think Reagan was a great president because he told everyone government stinks.

You guys...you are too much.
commented by Blogger DBK, 10:41 AM PDT  
I always kind of dug the R.E.A. It pretty much electrified the rural areas of the country, it seems like most everybody has electricity now.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:33 AM PDT  
Here's a great list of things not to do if you hate socialist programs, the government and taxes: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2011/05/18/102-things-not-to-do/
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:24 AM PDT  
Driftglass just reminded me: The space program.
commented by Blogger D., 9:02 PM PDT  
Head Start, despite what you have heard. My granddaughter lives in a rural area and desperately needed socialization before kindergarten, and there aren't fancy pre-Ks that don't cost a mint. And after Head Start, she is ready for school and won't disrupt the the place too badly. She made friends, can read kindergarten level books, can count in Spanish and everything.

Oh wait, better leave out that last part. ;)
commented by Blogger DaisyDeadhead, 6:25 AM PDT  
And BTW, they still had to pay a stipend, was not totally free.
commented by Blogger DaisyDeadhead, 6:27 AM PDT  

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