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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tuesday's gone

when we think of jon huntsman, we think of trout mask replica

doonesbury got censored

should unattractiveness be protected by the americans with disabilities act?

in memory of sept. 12
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It's not the first time. He was removed from several papers in the 70s when two of his characters had sex. Talk about an uproar!
commented by Blogger Rook, 5:26 AM PDT  
Today's Doonesbury should give them ajita.
commented by Blogger D., 8:51 AM PDT  
Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Palin reading people magazine is something that needs to be censored?
Hell she's a nobody- the half term ex guv quitter who likes to collect cash through Sarah Pac, while she decides if god will tell her to run for president.

How goofy!
She herself answered Katie Couric's question of "what things do you read" with "I read them all".

Palin was not a person with a lot of common sense, she kept doing things that got her into legal trouble.... as a Governor, she should have at least had the sense to request council if it was ethical to accept gifts, cross legal lines of power, and just did a bunch of stupid moves.... use the State plane to take her & all the kids to Todds snow machine race starting line. Not exactly official government business.

She just lacked common sense, besides feeling like it was her personal choice to sell off Alaska's resources.

Beyond being an oaf & a dunderhead, she also did things like fight the Bush 2 admin on listing the Polar bear as a threatened & endangered species, and failed to protect the rare breed of Beluga whales in Alaska.

What kind of person can knowingly push a species into endangerment or extinction?

Not just a politician, but a parent of 5 kids.
Not the kind of thing most parents want as their historic legend....

Hey kids, I made polar bears go extinct!

Yea, thanks Mom.
commented by Blogger Fran, 3:43 PM PDT  
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