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Saturday, September 10, 2011

investment in infrastructure

and, uh...yeah...it's kinda important.  'us electrical grid has suffered from a chronic and dangerous lack of investment"
starting in 1995, the amortization and depreciation rate has exceeded utility construction expenditures. In other words, for the past 15 years, utilities have harvested more than they have planted. the result is an increasingly stressed grid. indeed, grid operators should be praised for keeping the lights on, while managing a system with diminished shock absorbers.

....he laissez-faire attitude of these bodies (wapa, ferc, etc.) in not truly regulating and engaging in furthering the public good needs to be addressed yesterday. our energy infrastructure got a d+ grade from the american society of civil engineers. hardly anything to cheer about.- not quite baja not quite alta daily kos diary

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Can anyone tell me why something as critical to the functioning of our society is privately-owned?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our local utilities are serviced by the Bonneville Power Administration, whose performance has been very good.

So why not nationalize the whole distribution network and support it with a tax on electric consumption?

Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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