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Monday, September 05, 2011

governor rick perry runs for president

while his state burns. while he bashes unions and labor, understaffed union firefighters are working on labor day to save lives...to save property.

"strong winds whipped up several wildfires in central texas sunday, threatening homes and forcing some residents to evacuate.

the largest of the fires is in bastrop county, southeast of austin, said lexi maxwell, a spokeswoman with the texas forest service. the blaze has so far scorched some 14,000 acres and is threatening about 1,000 homes, she said. - cnn

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The Rickster has apparently flown home to get in some photo ops with fire-fighters and such. You'd think that the smell of fire and brimstone at his house might be A Clue, but that'd assume that GoodHair has a clue, an unwarranted assumption for an Aggie ;).

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin
commented by Blogger BadTux, 9:04 PM PDT  
The governor of Texas is on of the weakest gubernatorial positions in the country. I doubt he has any responsibilities with regard to the fires. And Texas is probably better off without him. The best thing that could be done, however, is for reporters to find instances of Perry trying to cut funds for firefighting and brush control in Texas.
commented by Blogger DBK, 7:06 AM PDT  
Crooks & Liars has a post up tonight (Tuesday, Sept 6) that Goodhair is gutting state funding for volunteer fire departments in Texas by more than 75%... from $30 mill to $7 mill. As is the case in most states, volunteer departments outnumber paid departments by a huge margin. So Goodhair is screwing everyone in his state, and still has the cojones to ask them to vote for him.
commented by Blogger Mr. 618, 7:30 PM PDT  
...And yes, I meant "gutting," not "cutting."
commented by Blogger Mr. 618, 7:31 PM PDT  

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