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Sunday, September 25, 2011

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little environmental stories that, well, might not have been mentioned on the corporate talking head shows.

swirling dust is our destiny. - nobody has a handle on arizona's dust storms, known as haboobs. scientists who study "aeolian transport" say more research is needed but two things are clear: we have contributed to the problem, and it is going to get worse - tucson daily star

phoenix area’s bad air tied to storms. - maricopa county violated federal dust-pollution standards a record number of times this year, but local officials hope to convince federal regulators that this year’s particularly dry monsoon weather and a series of summer dust storms are to blame - tucson sun

the murky environmental price tag of grocery sacks. - last week, a maker of reusable bags settled a lawsuit filed by a plastic-bag manufacturer over competing numerical claims on bags' impact on the environment. the lawsuit laid bare how much remains unknown about bags' environmental impact. - wall street journal

everest's ice is retreating as climate change grips the himalayas. - climate change is altering the face of the himalayas but research seeking to confirm this is yet to catch up with the mountain communities sounding the alarm - london observer

professors: global warming is real. - gov. rick perry wasn't anywhere near texas on saturday, but that didn't stop climate scientists and politicians from poking a bit of fun at his position on global warming during an event on the subject at the pearl brewery. - san antonio express news

supersize salmon are the reel deal. - huge salmon are being caught in scottish rivers this year, leading angling experts to claim the king of fish are growing bigger than they have for decades. jon gibb, an angling expert, believes the changing temperature of the north sea, caused by climate change, is at the root of the situation - edinburgh scotsman

eating ethically -- it's complicated. - you're trying your best to choose the most ethical, environmentally-friendly apples and chickens, but here are some more factors to consider before you decide to eat local - marketplace

italian scientists on trial over deadly earthquake. - the trial of seven italian scientists began this week. they're charged with manslaughter, for failing to adequately warn the residents of l'aquila, italy about the risk of an earthquake in 2009 - weekend edition

mark ruffalo to present gov. cuomo with alternative energy plan. - the actor who stars as the hulk in the upcoming movie “the avengers,” is playing an even bigger role in his fight for clean energy: finding solutions to replace carbon fuels such as gas and oil with renewable energies such as solar, wind and geothermal power - middletown times herald

governor says jersey shore water quality is perfect. - there’s a strip of coastline in the united states where the quality of the water is better than good, according to the governor. "the water quality in the ocean is perfect," gov. chris christie said. some environmental experts disagree - newark star ledger

biking to go green for the planet. - local groups say central north carolina needs to fight pollution, after a forbes magazine article named the triangle the number one gas guzzling metro area in the country. about 200 triangle carpoolers and bicyclists joined in moving planet day saturday, a worldwide effort, in durham's central park - nbc 17

jennifer granholm on the challenges for green jobs. - as governor of michigan from 2003 to 2011, jennifer granholm was involved in a grand experiment for greenville, michigan, to reinvent itself through green technology

stop the train. - sometimes bipartisanship cloaks something else, as when a republican and a democrat share sponsorship of a bill to cripple the epa. if there is any goal americans should share, it is to expedite the path toward cleaner air and water. Stop this train, because our children are tied to the tracks - fredericksburg free lance star

keystone pipeline lobbyist works all the angles with former colleagues. - in lobbying for a presidential permit to construct a massive oil pipeline stretching from canada to the gulf coast, transcanada’s paul elliott — who served as secretary of state hillary rodham clinton’s national deputy campaign manager in 2008 — has tried nearly every angle. - wapo

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posted by SantaBarbarian at 2:37 PM |


I was taken aback when I read the article was about 3 PLASTIC BAG makers suing Chico bag-- the nylon fabric reusable bag maker. WTF???

"To support the contention that most store-provided plastic bags are reused, bag makers cite a 2007 survey funded by the American Chemistry Council, a trade group for chemical companies including plastic-bag makers. The survey found that 92% of respondents answered "yes" to the question, "Do you or does anyone in your household ever reuse plastic shopping bags?" But the survey didn't distinguish between people who reuse a plastic bag once a year and people who reuse all their bags.

The answer matters because bags that get a second or third use—for instance, as trash-can liners—aren't as big of a drag on the environment. Joseph Greene, a chemical engineer at California State University, Chico, figured that reusable bags must be used nine times before they begin to accrue environmental savings compared with plastic bags that aren't reused."

Come on ! Plastic bags are petroleum based products, and they are skimpy, and you have to use more of them because they are smaller than paper grocery bags. They hold less product, and take forever to break down.

I love that so many places have just banned them outright, but it's a damned shame the plastic bag makers are going after a small company that is making a cool product.

They came to campus @ the U of O & were giving away free samples of their bag. the bag scrunches down to tiny size in a sewn in pouch w a spring loaded cynch gizmo on a nylon cord
& a small caribiner like clip. It "fits in a pocket or purse" with ease, is their motto.

Figures the big polluters would release the hounds on the small progressive company.

I checked out their website....


They even sell a trick or treat recyclable bag w Halloween art on them for $6 bucks.

Things like a duffel bag uses recycled aluminum for the clips/hardware.

Thumbs down for the petrochemical people suing the environmentally sound "green" company.

At our local Fred Meyer store, unless you tell the clerk you want paper, they automatically put purchases in plastic bags.

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