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Monday, September 05, 2011

environmental news stories sunday

originally published 9/4/11

for those pesky little stories that were probably not discussed on the sunday talking head shows...but should be.

 a matter of risk: radiation, drinking water, and deception. - for the past year the khou 11 news i-team has been investigating the quality of the tap water in texas. what they found was surprising: many of the state's communities have a real problem with radioactive contamination in their local drinking water

how two accidental virginia activists have (almost) closed genon coal plant. - when elizabeth chimento and poul hertel began their inquiry into the chalky dust that seemed to cover everything in their north alexandria neighborhood, they had only three questions: what is it, where does it come from and what are the health effects? - wapo

the military's new campaign: cutting its energy costs. - the two previous presidential administrations have tasked the pentagon with a new mission: reduce energy use, seek cleaner alternatives, conserve water, curb wastes, construct energy-efficient buildings. in short: go green, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. and do so now. - hampton roads virginia pilot

hundreds arrested protesting keystone xl oil pipeline. - more than 200 people were arrested outside the white house saturday following two weeks of protests directed at president obama in an effort to persuade him to deny final permitting of a controversial 1,661-mile pipeline that would carry oil from alberta, canada, to port arthur, texas - christian science monitor

hope and change: meet the ex-obama staffers getting arrested in front of the white house. - each morning for the past two weeks, scores of respectable-looking protestors ushered themselves into single file lines, walked determinedly through washington’s lafayette park, sat down on the sidewalk in front of the white house, arranged themselves in rows as if for a class photo, and waited patiently to be arrested. - new republic

high amounts of arsenic found in region's wells. - a study by columbia university scientists estimates that 31 percent of private wells around greater augusta, maine have arsenic levels that exceed federal standards, some by more than 100 times. arsenic exposure has been linked to increased risk of skin, lung and bladder cancer; developmental problems in children; diabetes; and undesirable effects on the immune system - augusta kennebec journal

illinois beekeepers try to winter-proof bees. - the honeybee colonies at chicago's morton arboretum are part of an experimental effort to develop hardier stocks of locally bred queen honeybees that are better adapted to northern illinois environments and more adaptable to the parasites, viruses and climate that kills off millions of bees yearly - chicago tribune

the power of conservation. - not only has texas had record-breaking temperatures, the state also had record-breaking energy consumption, leading to expensive energy bills. - denton record chronicle

boulder county program gives energy-efficiency contractors summertime boost. - a boulder county program that pairs "energy advisers" with home and business owners interested in upgrading their buildings has been a major boon for area contractors who specialize in increasing energy efficiency - boulder daily camera

penelope: the pint-sized politico. - what's the best way to ensure environmental issues are at the top of the provincial-election agenda? hire an eight-year-old, camera-mugging spokesperson - toronto star

china is eating our solar lunch. - the solar-panel manufacturer solyndra went bankrupt this week despite having received a $535 million federal loan. an embarrassment for president obama? no, a testament to america's incoherent energy policy - gainesville sun

after quake, it's time to review nuclear plant safety. - the virginia earthquake and the japan temblor have prompted a needed examination of safety at all u.s. nuclear plants, but especially at peach bottom, which has a design similar to that of the fukushima reactors in japan - baltimore sun

perc remains in dry-cleaned clothes, - researchers, led by a high school student, have found that perchloroethylene, a dry cleaning solvent that has been linked to cancer and neurological damage, stays in fabrics and that levels increased with repeat cleanings, particularly in wool - wapo

michelle bachmann and the race to the bottom. - it would appear that michelle bachman has lost sight of the reason that president richard nixon authorized the formation of the epa in 1970 in the first place - mt. pleasant morning sun

and then there is the top #fail story this week...president obama pulls the rug out from under those of us who care about the environment....care about healthcare. he falls for the republican talking point that the epa is bad for business.

rocky mountain doctors, conservation groups blast Obama for pulling back tougher smog standards. - a salt lake city doctor on friday expressed “deep distress” at the obama administration’s decision to pull back new national epa smog standards, saying residents of rocky mountain cities like Denver and Salt Lake will suffer the respiratory repercussions - vail realvail

ozone decision: the final green straw? - for green groups, president barack obama’s retreat on ozone standards is another reason to question how aggressively they want to support his reelection in 2012. Even more bruising: the realization that they may not have much choice - politico

obama ozone decision blindsides enviros - and his own epa. - leaders of environmental and public health groups arrived at the white house friday morning for what was supposed to be a look-ahead at the fall energy and environment agenda. what they got instead was a rude awakening - politico

obama's smog #rail. - earlier this week, president obama announced that the epa would drop efforts to bring ozone limits in line with what science says is safe. ground ozone is the key ingredient in smog. - sf chronicle

stung by the president on air quality, environmentalists weigh their options. - for environmental groups, it was the final slap that brought a long-troubled relationship to the brink: on friday the obama administration announced without warning that it was walking away from stricter ozone pollution standards it had been promising for three years - nytimes

smog most dangerous pollutant for health. - health experts lamented a move by u.s. president barack obama to halt rules on limiting smog pollution, saying the decision could endanger many people already susceptible to respiratory problems - reuters

epa smog rule rejection stirs anger at white house. - asurprise decision from the white house today to reject tighter controls on smog emissions infuriated environmentalists and heartened business groups who had fought against the stronger pollution controls - boston globe

obama drops smog plan: is it all about the presidential election? - environmentalists say president obama is dropping a plan to set new air-quality standards with one eye on on the presidential election. The administration says it is waiting for more research. - christian science monitor

utah advocates for clean air scold obama for ozone retreat. - holding off on tougher anti-smog regulations to boost the flagging economy, as president barack obama did friday, doesn’t sell in salt lake city, where leaders see air pollution as a big barrier to new business - salt lake tribune

epa assault advances. - the republicans' contention that easing epa rules will create jobs seems to be gaining traction. that it is getting white house support now, too, leaves advocates for the protection of human lives and the environment wondering what's next. - memphis commercial appeal

in a cloud over ozone. - republicans are trying to sell the false premise that protecting the environment inevitably means sacrificing jobs. president obama should denounce this snake oil for what it is — rather than appear to accept it. we don’t have to choose between jobs and health. history demonstrates we can have both. - wapo

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