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Friday, September 16, 2011

dems are making it so hard

to get behind them these days...really, dudes. the false slate mailers weren't enough of a red flag for you?
...one question emerging in the scandal is why so many elected officials stuck with durkee despite several red flags about her performance.

in fact, durkee remained one of california's top treasurers despite racking up more than $185,000 in fines for campaign finance violations over the last decade and being the subject of criminal investigations by the los angeles county district attorney's office in 2008 and 2009.

at the time of her arrest, durkee had control of more than 400 bank accounts, many of them campaign accounts.

some experts said durkee was able to survive for so long because she had so many prominent clients.

"politics in both parties is an old boys and old girls club, and most of the candidates ... figure if everyone else is using durkee, she must be all right," said dan schnur, director of the jesse m. unruh institute of politics at the university of southern california. "if you were the only campaign thinking about hiring a person with this record, you might think twice about it, but there's safety in numbers."

in lieu's case, an audit by the state franchise tax board found that $186,190 in credit card contributions to his unsuccessful 2010 race for attorney general had not been deposited in the campaign bank account, in some cases for well over a year. an additional $161,964 that was reported as having been transferred from lieu's assembly committee to his attorney general campaign in december 2008 was not deposited until two years later. - sac bee

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