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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something To Think About...

Irene was a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reached Virginia. It did a hell of a lot of damage, but overall, Isabel in 2003 was worse, judging by the comparative damage done. I've witnessed both in the Richmond area, and I personally will take another Irene over another Isabel every time.

All the same, I have no use for hurricanes or even tropical storms (and let's not even go into earthquakes or aftershocks -- been there and done that last week, had enough of it all from here on out). I'm from New England. Snowstorms, blizzards, those problems I can deal with. I don't like these friggin' hurricanes -- snowfall tends to stay put for a while, whereas rainfall goes anywhere and everywhere.

I'm in good shape now -- the power to my apartment complex finally came on around 3:30 PM Tuesday -- but parts of Richmond proper are still just plain f*%k#d up. Never mind the lights still being out, certain streets are still cordoned off -- you can't even drive to or from some homes around here, four days later. Ain't that a bitch?

And this was all due to a Category 1 hurricane. Try to imagine what a Category 5 m&^%$#f*&k#@ would do 'round here. I try not to, but the weather just seems to be getting more and more intense over the years. And that's just the hurricane season, never mind the winters -- the last two winters here have been pretty impressive by this New England Yankee's standards, and it still only takes half an inch of snow to get the city of Richmond to close down all the schools for a day, not to mention freak out in general.

That mindset has to change. Soon. Because Mother Earth has changed, and whatever interest she still has in keeping us humans around is clearly fading...

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Agree with much of what you said. But minor point on snow: All that snow melts come spring and when it's coming down the mountains fast, it creates floding conditions the likes much of the midwest is still reeling from.

But yeah, and sprawl is becoming a major problem with infrastructure. Too many roads, too many services all have to be maintained everywhere so everyone can have a picket fence and their own personal shopping mall.
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