s skippy the bush kangaroo: australia is a tinderbox

skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, August 28, 2011

australia is a tinderbox

just waiting to explode.
fire agencies are warning victorians about the potential for big grass fires this bushfire season. the bushfire co-operative research centre says grass growth in victoria has been prolific and widespread.

it is expected to create a high fire risk when it dries out.

...most of the country will face an above-average risk of fire this summer.- abc melbourne

a thick blanket of grass spanning the width of australia will pose a significant bushfire threat this season, experts say. - sydney morning herald
 and speaking of climate change, the huge disasters affect our mental health.
rates of mental illnesses including depression and post-traumatic stress will increase as a result of climate change, a report to be released today says.

the paper, prepared for the climate institute, says loss of social cohesion in the wake of severe weather events related to climate change could be linked to increased rates of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and substance abuse.

as many as one in five people reported ''emotional injury, stress and despair'' in the wake of these events. - sydney morning herald

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