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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

big wednesday

obama has lost thereisnospoon

"the president that wants to transcend politics will be a patsy to the congress that doesn't"

whoops! rick perry accidentally lost all the emails from his office while governor

slave leia cosplay: sexy or sexist?

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Something To Think About...

Irene was a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reached Virginia. It did a hell of a lot of damage, but overall, Isabel in 2003 was worse, judging by the comparative damage done. I've witnessed both in the Richmond area, and I personally will take another Irene over another Isabel every time.

All the same, I have no use for hurricanes or even tropical storms (and let's not even go into earthquakes or aftershocks -- been there and done that last week, had enough of it all from here on out). I'm from New England. Snowstorms, blizzards, those problems I can deal with. I don't like these friggin' hurricanes -- snowfall tends to stay put for a while, whereas rainfall goes anywhere and everywhere.

I'm in good shape now -- the power to my apartment complex finally came on around 3:30 PM Tuesday -- but parts of Richmond proper are still just plain f*%k#d up. Never mind the lights still being out, certain streets are still cordoned off -- you can't even drive to or from some homes around here, four days later. Ain't that a bitch?

And this was all due to a Category 1 hurricane. Try to imagine what a Category 5 m&^%$#f*&k#@ would do 'round here. I try not to, but the weather just seems to be getting more and more intense over the years. And that's just the hurricane season, never mind the winters -- the last two winters here have been pretty impressive by this New England Yankee's standards, and it still only takes half an inch of snow to get the city of Richmond to close down all the schools for a day, not to mention freak out in general.

That mindset has to change. Soon. Because Mother Earth has changed, and whatever interest she still has in keeping us humans around is clearly fading...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Job of a Whore is to be Certain Your Pimp is Happy

Otherwise, how do you move into your next career?
Less than a week after receiving a three-year, show-cause penalty from the NCAA's committee on infractions, former Tennessee Volunteers men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl has decided to leave the sport and head into the private sector.

Hmmm, so college sports coaches at state institutions are government employees. Do the Republicans know this?

But, gosh, it can be difficult to find a job in "the private sector" right now. I hope Pearl isn't having any problems...
Pearl said in a statement Tuesday that he is turning down a job offer to coach the Texas Legends, the Dallas Mavericks' D-League franchise...In early August, the Legends, a second-year franchise, had offered Pearl a package worth more than $500,000, a deal that would have made him the highest-paid coach in the D-League.

Guess not. He can turn down Mark Cuban and half a million dollars. Maybe someone else in the NBA made an offer?
and instead is joining H.T. Hackney Co. in Knoxville, Tenn., as vice president of marketing.

Gosh, a full career change! Giving up all that experience to work for a grocery distributor.

But wait. Vice President of Marketing?
A news release from the wholesale grocery company cited Pearl's marketing and economic background as a student at Boston College. He will begin work there Thursday.

Uh, Pearl is slightly older than I am. His 30th College Reunion will be next year. Does this shift seem strange to anyone? Did I miss something?
and instead is joining H.T. Hackney Co. in Knoxville, Tenn., as vice president of marketing.

Oh, yeah. What else is in Knoxville? Maybe there is a connection?
"I've known Bruce Pearl for years -- his leadership, competitiveness and understanding of marketing is a great fit for our organization," said CEO Bill Sansom, a former University of Tennessee trustee.

Sansom was a UT trustee for sixteen years. Maybe it's a good thing he isn't one now.*

Once again, there are "hidden jobs." It's just a lot easier to find them when you've lied, broken rules, and produced false results. But, sh*t, Dick Cheney could have told you that.

*Sansom hasn't been a member of the UT Board of Trustees since at least 2006, the year after Pearl arrived in Knoxville.

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i survived irene

i was in a hotel in edison, nj during irene, huddled with mrs dbk in front of the tv with nothing to sustain us but a can of salt and pepper cashews (delicious!), two bananas, and two bottles of water. (seriously, those salt and pepper cashews are really good.)

it was not that big a deal, fortunately. both she and i were fine, my in-laws (whom we had gone to visit) were fine, and their building did not lose power. we weren't in the worst place, but it was pretty nasty outside nevertheless. for the folks who were hit very hard by this, my heart goes out to you.

and now a word about the media coverage of irene: worthless. it could have been one of those "finest hours" things, where reporters were telling us where the flooding was happening, letting people know that the water was rising on their street, telling worried people where the roads were out, and generally reporting the kind of hard facts that people can find useful. instead we were treated to endless shots of "reporters" telling us that it sure was raining hard and boy is it windy and wow, look at all that water. afterwards, we got lots of "the water was up to here just an hour ago" reports. we were told that the rivers in nj would continue to rise through tuesday, but something useful, like "the raritan is expected to overflow its banks starting on easton avenue between jfk boulevard and foxwood drive. the passaic is expected to cover runnymede parkway in new providence, new jersey before noon on tuesday" was not to be found.

you can expect a lot of reporters to receive awards for their coverage of this weather event. incompetence and worthlessness never stopped the news media from congratulating itself.
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august 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina by georgiahealthplans
Hurricane Katrina, a photo by georgiahealthplans on Flickr.

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love you til tuesday

the florida program to drug test welfare recipients spent lots of money to find 2% positiveresults

stanley kubrick made some pretty creepy images in his movies

atheism is beating christianity on the internet 10 to 1

not sure we'd put rose tyler last, or romana ii ahead of romana i, but here's the top ten hottest doctor who companions
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Monday, August 29, 2011

the elderly and ill vs. the hurricane victims

how "patriotic" to pit hurting americans against one another.
despite the devastation caused by hurricane irene this weekend, house majority eric cantor (r-va) [cj's editor's note: rwnj-va]  today stood by his call that no more money be allocated for disaster relief unless it is offset by spending cuts elsewhere. the washington preported this morning that fema will need more money than it currently has to deal with the storm’s aftermath and is already diverting funds from other recent disasters to deal with the hurricane, but cantor’s comments suggest republicans won’t authorize more funds without a fight. - think progress
let’s also not lose sight of the larger context here. as far as eric cantor is concerned, launching wars in Iraq and afghanistan do not need to be paid for. tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires do not need to be paid for. bailing out wall street does not need to be paid for. but when american communities are struck by a natural disaster, all of a sudden, house republicans discover a new standard: if democrats want to help affected areas, the gop has some demands that must be met.

and in case this story isn’t quite mind-numbing enough, also note that fema has been forced to temporarily suspend “some payments to rebuild roads, schools and other structures destroyed during spring tornadoes in joplin, m., and southern states and other recent natural disasters” in order to respond to hurricane irene.

that this is happening in the wealthiest nation in the world, simply because the republican party has been taken over by charlatans and fools, is a national disgrace. - political animal

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our hearts go out to

Untitled by sam...
Untitled, a photo by sam... on Flickr.
to those on the east coast affected by hurricane irene....especially those in my beloved vermont which is experiencing epic flooding.

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Hurricane Update

I promise to feel sorry for all the vacationing New Yorker [writer]s, and those who live north of the city, who didn't suffer as much as they prepared for. (The former link, btw, h/t Erik Loomis.)

That is, as soon as Tom Tomorrow has internet access again. And as soon as I have even non-potable water available. And as soon as the devastation in NC at Kitty Hawk or Virginia or land-locked Millburn and the rest of New Jersey and all the other states.

And as soon as my mother-in-law can go home to see if she still has a home.

Until then, those whining can kiss my not-showered-in-two-days-plus ass.

Update (after running out to get non-potable water for use): And THEN you can deal with the people who bore the brunt of the storm.

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stormy monday

karl rove thinks sarah palin has a thin skin

tron lightcycles for sale

can we trust our politicians to actually fix things?

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

skippy's sunday night music

going out to all those affected by the floods brought on by hurricane irene.

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australia is a tinderbox

just waiting to explode.
fire agencies are warning victorians about the potential for big grass fires this bushfire season. the bushfire co-operative research centre says grass growth in victoria has been prolific and widespread.

it is expected to create a high fire risk when it dries out.

...most of the country will face an above-average risk of fire this summer.- abc melbourne

a thick blanket of grass spanning the width of australia will pose a significant bushfire threat this season, experts say. - sydney morning herald
 and speaking of climate change, the huge disasters affect our mental health.
rates of mental illnesses including depression and post-traumatic stress will increase as a result of climate change, a report to be released today says.

the paper, prepared for the climate institute, says loss of social cohesion in the wake of severe weather events related to climate change could be linked to increased rates of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and substance abuse.

as many as one in five people reported ''emotional injury, stress and despair'' in the wake of these events. - sydney morning herald

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tweet of the day

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environmental news stories sunday

ok. back from my housesitting gig that included a very, very slow computer. (basically worthless for a news junkie blogger like me....)

anyway, on to those stories that your local newspaper and the corporate owned talking heads aren't talking about today.

noaa warns of gap in future forecasting abilities. - it's been a record-setting year for disasters in the us. yet congress has already slashed noaa's budget, threatening the future of a pair of satellites that monitor severe weather and help us predict the strength of storms. - talk of the nation

environmentalists fear hurricane will impact pfizer's toxic chemical lagoons. - despite assurances from the u.s. department of environmental protection, several environmental groups on friday called on the epa to take emergency measures to secure leaking toxic waste chemical lagoons at pfizer’s american cyanamid superfund site along the raritan river as hurricane Irene bears down on new jersey and the east coast this weekend. - sommerville courier news

wine vs. salmon: water wars hit sonoma county. - battered by a long history of habitat loss, logging and development, a dwindling number of coho struggle to survive. now they must contend with water-hungry vines, and a frost-prevention method that involves spraying plants with 50 gallons of water per acre, per minute. In smaller tributaries, the technique can literally suck stretches of a stream dry - sfgate

perry dodges queries on ethanol mandate. - iowa farmers weren’t happy with the answer presidential candidate rick perry gave them about an ethanol mandate that requires the petroleum industry to put the corn-based fuel in gas pumps - des moines register

conservationists around great lakes plan for climate change. - the long-term forecast for the chicago area calls for more wild rains, hailstorms and flooding. throughout the great lakes region, residents can also expect warmer year-round temperatures, more frequent heat waves, lower lake levels and thinner lake ice. - chicago tribune

several democrats attack state. dept. pipeline finding. - capitol hill opponents of the proposed keystone xl oil sands pipeline are attacking the state department’s finding that the proposed project will cause minimal environmental harm if managed properly. - washington hill

st. louis pizza scion branches into biodiesel. - the small biodiesel plant that frank imo built on a farm field about 75 miles west of st. louis produces the fuel, mostly from soybean oil and some recycled vegetable oil - st. louis post dispatch

scientists create biofuel from old newspapers. - first birdcage liners, now fuel. scientists at tulane university have discovered a new use for discarded newspapers — one that can turn yesterday's news into the alternative fuel of tomorrow - detroit news

the companies on scotland’s dirty list. - scotland's dirtiest and most polluting companies are today named and shamed by the country’s environmental watchdog. - glasgow herald

usgs scientist says 'fracking, fluid injection, earthquakes an area of active research.' - a u.s. gsurvey scientist friday said large earthquakes in unusual places like virginia and southern colorado earlier this week aren’t typically associated with the controversial natural gas drilling process called hydraulic fracturing. - vailrealvail

coastal sewer systems will be taxed in hurricane. - hurricane irene's heavy rains, forecast for southwestern connecticut sunday, will strain the region's sewer systems. and lead to additional pollution in Long Island Sound - bridgeport connecticut post

what fda inspectors found at 6 iowa egg farms. - fda inspection reports from iowa egg producers’ facilities show a range of potential food-safety problems - des moines register

saturday ties 2003 temperature for second-hottest day. - saturday's high temperature was among the hottest austin has ever endured as the city rang in the 72nd day of triple-digit heat this year - austin american statesman

as patience runs short, puget sound cleanup accelerates. - nearly every time heavy rain falls in north puget sound, high levels of fecal bacteria flow into samish bay, disrupting work at taylor shellfish farms, the largest shellfish producer in the united states. - mcclatchy

threatening florida's water. - jeopardizing florida's drinking water, scrapping purchases of sensitive lands, and rubber-stamping permits for agricultural and industrial water hogs puts the state's future at risk. yet for gov. rick scott's administration, that is reason to celebrate. and for all the damage he and the legislature already have caused, the governor is just getting started - st. petersburg times

possible health problems from old wells in rialto, california. - a state health assessment has found that tap water from two wells contaminated with the rocket fuel ingredient perchlorate could have caused thyroid problems that affected the physical and mental development of people who grew up in rialto in the 1980s - riverside press enterprise

the big uneasy. - six years ago hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf of mexico. the national weather service said that katrina was the deadliest and costliest hurricane in the u.s. but a new documentary, “the big uneasy,” argues that much of the damage could have been prevented with better planning and engineering - living on earth

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sunday sun

and now a few words about brain eating ameobas

new beauty pagent emphasizing the constitution: miss liberty america

with all due respect to lewis carroll, we're looking forward to malice in wonderland: a tea party fable

and what about rick perry's hair?

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

irene turns deadly

irene has already claimed two lives:
[update 12:19 p.m.] a man feeding livestock in north carolina was crushed by a tree limb saturday morning amid hurricane irene's high winds, an emergency official in nash county told cnn. on friday, a man in the state's onslow county died of a heart attack on friday as he put plywood over his windows in preparation for the storm, a state emergency spokesman said.
update 3:00 6:00pm pacific: death toll has risen up to 6 9.
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saturday night at the movies

good luck to all our friends on the east coast...if irene hits new york city, it could cost billions

man who displayed nazi flag sentenced for harrassment

young people 'not woth minimum wage' according to nh gop

glenn beck unites israel's left and right...against him
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Great Question...

Who makes up the twelve percent that thinks Congress is doing a good job these days? Hell, even George W. Bush's approval ratings were more than twice that at his worst -- and he sucked rotten eggs...


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Friday, August 26, 2011

assemblyman das williams says "keep mcgrath state beach open!"

friends near and far, help us keep our state beach open!!
go to the following link and vote....often. http://m.livepositively.com/park_details.jsp?parkId=140
mcgrath state beach is one of the best bird-watching areas in california, with the lush riverbanks of the santa clara river and sand dunes along the shore. a nature trail leads to the santa clara estuary natural preserve. two miles of beach provide surfing and fishing opportunities, however, swimmers are urged to use caution because of strong currents and riptides. the park offers campsites by the beach. - california state parks

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another friday night

empty chairs at glenn beck's israel rally

congress is facing angry townhall meetings from the left this august recess

new jersey assemblyman resigns over a racially-insulting email that his wife sent to gold medal winner carl lewis

and long-time fans of law & order will enjoy the comments on this thread
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

that's entertainment

a big hello to all of you dropping by from lira kellerman's blog!
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thursday's child i want you back

the koch brothers and public school segregation

rick perry thinks homosexuality = alcoholism

pruning shears has a great look at how wisconsin was a huge victory for the progressives

man proposes to his girlfriend via custom-designed portal 2 game level
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ash wednesday

how much money could the dept. of defense save if it stopped trying. to save souls?

it's a bad idea to tax the poor

"the story of menstruation" from disney studios

it's yvonne, the freedom-loving cow
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

skippy's tuesday night music club

rip -  jerry leiber. thanks for giving elvis some amazing songs to sing...and dance to.

hound dog
jailhouse rock
king creole

and so many more.

one of my all time favorites that leiber penned for elvis..."santa claus is back in town."

and another favorite leiber penned song that just got my heart to beating and elvis' hips a'swayin'. "bossa nova baby"

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east coast may have earthquakes

but they don't have dr. lucy.

#caltech #seismologists #rock.

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tweet of the day

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church on tuesday

missouri gop gubernatorial candidate sure loves the strippers

goldman sacks shares plunge when the ceo lawyers up

america in decline by noam chomski

obama really does have a base problem

margo "lois lane" kidder marches on washington

and it's a sad day for rock n' roll: two stupendous song writers, jerry lieber (jailhouse rock, hound dog) and nick ashford (ain't no mountain highh enough, solid like a rock) have died
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Monday, August 22, 2011

of course they'll blame obama

and not the corporations.

record shortages of prescription drugs in the united states are forcing pharmacists and doctors to scramble to find medications for their patients, suitable alternatives or to delay potentially lifesaving treatments.

medical professionals, including those at bay area hospitals and infusion centers, say they've been able to blunt some of the impact by turning to alternative drugs or reserving supplies of vital medications for patients who need them most. they caution, though, that the problem is reaching a crisis point and it's only a matter of time before those strategies will no longer work.

federal recalls, production problems and corporate decisions to discontinue certain medications for financial reasons are cited as the chief causes of the dwindling drug supplies.- sfgate

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Did a Prominent Mexican Who Died Today?

It's been a bad day in norteamericanoville.

Canada lost its best political leader in generations.

And the U.S....

Another hint...

Or how about this??

Or, just to go white again, choose between the original:

and the prison-locale cover:

But the coda to give it all away:

R.I.P. Jerry Leiber.

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come monday

why it's so hard to take michele bachman seriously

bridal shop refuses to sell dress to lesbIan

kate winslet joins the the british anri-cosmetic sugery league

npr's top 100 sci-fi and fantasy novels
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

a modest proposal

what if ed morrissey quit?
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we here at skippy international can sleep peacefully at last! the kangaroo genome has been sequenced
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doubly bad, tripoli good

momar gadhafi's regime has collapsed and libya is in the hands of the rebels.

president obama immediately capitulated to gadhafi, calling the move "a monument to bipartisanship."
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sunday morning

5 examples of bachman's campaign getting physical with reporters

kentucky gives creationist theme park a 75%tax discount for the next 30 years

did the sec cover up wall street crimes? uh, duh!

unemployment is killing people
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

one more saturday night

rick perry, the lassie years

what the democrats actually need: the hot chocolate party

one of the most persistently harrassing trolls on the internet was arrested for death threats

and a big congrats to two of our fav bloggers, blue gal and driftglass, who just got married!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

say hello

to the washington fancy
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friday child

the religious right will ruin the u.s.

new dr. seuss stories will be published soon

everybody hates huffpost cuz they're so cheap

warren buffet is right: raise taxes on the rich

and if you need work, or can give somebody work, check out the balloon juice jobs thread
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

skippy's thursday night music club

elvis week - day 3. yes..i'm stuck on "e"

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is rick perry as christian as he thinks he is?

sarah palin bus tour quits again

new jersey credit rating gets downgraded

scientist jailed for keeping a woman as a slave in london flat
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

skippy's wednesday night music club

day 2 of "elvis week" tonights selection, the king in "king creole" singing a song by leiber & stoller and directed by michael curtiz, the director of casablanca.

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bp's macondo...it's back

and bubbling cruddy crude.
no, this isn’t a post from last year. oil from the macondo well site is fouling the gulf anew – and bp is scrambling to contain both the crude and the pr nightmare that waits in the wings. reliable sources tell us that bp has hired 40 boats from venice to grand isle to lay boom around the deepwater horizon site – located just 50 miles off the louisiana coast. the fleet rushed to the scene late last week and worked through the weekend to contain what was becoming a massive slick at the site of the macondo wellhead, which was officially “killed” back in september 2010. - stuart smith blog

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If Jonathan Alter's Sources are Correct

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waiting for wednesday

cokie's law vs. social security

"democrats suck less" message resonating with ny voters

yikes! there's no lobster in zabar's lobster salad

and apparently, michele bachman doesn't know that elvis has left the building
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

skippy's tuesday night music club

remembering 16 august 1977. the day elvis went home.

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on the date of his "passing"...august 16th

michele bachmann wishes elvis a "happy birthday." (which is actually on january 8)
"before we get started, let's all say, 'happy birthday' to elvis presley today," bachmann said. "we played you a little bit of 'promise land' when we pulled up. you can't do better than elvis presley, and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started celebrating taking our country back to work." 
the bat guano googly eyed whackadoodle is now rewriting even music history.

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ruby tuesday

fox news bimbo argues in favor of paid maternity leave after she gets back from one

woman kicked out of gop town hall meeting for wearing sierra club t-shirt

the great thing about skeptics is that they are skeptical even about skeptics

fcc to investigate bart's cellphone interruptions, meanwhile, the protests go on

it's the rise of the planet of the tigers

elvis has left the building

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Monday, August 15, 2011

they lied

i just received an automated phone call from continental airlines. the voice said, "hello. this is continental airlines calling with an important message. press any key to continue." i pressed the button labeled "off" and they did not continue.

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manic mondays

why the war on online anonymity is a war on free speech

6 reasons the tea party is more dangerous than mccarthyism
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

iowa fair food fun caption contest....

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sunday drive

the economic train wreck and how to fix it

arizona man accidentally shoots his penis off

michele bachman wants the epa's "doors locked and lights turned off"

post office to 120,000 workers

it's the rise of the planet of the tigers

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

say hello

to the green priceless
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More a Feature than Collateral Damage

Bill Clinton, 1995, "If I don't get a clean debt ceiling increase, I'm going to make certain everyone knows you are responsible for Social Security checks not going out."

Barack H. Obama, 2011, "If I don't get a debt ceiling increase and an appearance of bipartisanship that allows me to pillage the American economy and anger my base, I may not pay bondholders."

At the very least, the enduring reputation of the University of Chicago should receive its death knell.
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pure saturday

white mississippi teens kill black man just for fun

dems lead gop in generic congressional polls here

hundreds protest outside fresno republican's office sjouting "we need jobs"

twenty things that kill more people every year than sharks
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Friday, August 12, 2011

say hello

to #mmot
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friday afternoon in the universe

the deficit is shrinking

teenager wins college scholarship at chess tournament

alec: think tank or secret society?

the story of the man who's walking across the country with his dog
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

michele bachmann

jon stewart, the patron saint of skippy international, tells it like it is. don't make bachmann's crazy all about her looks in a photo...use her words to illustrate how bats**t crazy she is.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Glazed and Confused
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

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say hello

to the jane cerva daily
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outlook for thursday

cartoonist targeted by criminal probe for you tube mocking police

dolly parton apologizes for dollywood gay t-shirt incident

some advice on drawing boobs

seriously? pink beer?

why is "entitlements" a dirty word?
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wednesday week

colon cleanses can kill you

kids: never leave your facebook page logged on where your dad can get to it

chapter from pat buchanan's new book: the end of white america

10 differences between a zygote and a baby
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

skippy's tuesday night music

listening to a little radio....mexican radio that is...

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how very freakin' "christian" of him

in a speech this week, nebraska ag jon bruning (r) compared welfare recipients to scavenging raccoons - think progress

he hates americans.

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advertisement found on the daily kos

wow. really?
isn't there someway you can block certain ads from a left leaning blog? one would think there is...

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