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Sunday, July 31, 2011

what would that galilean carpenter think?

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sundays, mondays or always

california's electric car rebate program has resumed

monsanto-resistant weeds raise food prices

wisconsin residents must jump through hoops to get voter id card

bar owner sues church for praying successfully for the bar's destruction
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

10:15 saturday night

man survives 3 days stuck in manhole

post office considering closure of 3600 offices

if corporations paid 1960 level taxes, the debt would vanish

bush policies added almost 4 times a much to the deficit as obama's

an investment banker's view of the upper 1%
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Friday, July 29, 2011

say hello

to man are we screwed
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friday night

the unintended consequences that the tea party isn't expecting from the debt ceiling crisis

suit against breitbart survives motion to dismiss

the relentless christian crusade to prevent our children from learning science

the force was not with him: george lucas loses star wars copyright suit in britain

well, he got the "objector" part right, he just needs work on "conscientious"
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

any given thursday

red light cameras aren't the revenue bonanza cities expected

call the white house and tell them to say no to any cuts to medicare and social security

is harry potter a jock?

the defeat of the undefeated

does obama = james buchanan?
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

big wednesday

study finds that marijuana has no effect on long-term cognitive ability

ny gop rep calls police on senior comstituents

u.s. olympic silver medalist skier commits suicide

alec exposed

obama asks america to contact congress about the debt ceiling, and america crashes congressional servers
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the cult that is destroying america

paul krugman again, calls it like he sees'm. and he's so spot on.
think about what’s happening right now. we have a crisis in which the right is making insane demands, while the president and democrats in congress are bending over backward to be accommodating — offering plans that are all spending cuts and no taxes, plans that are far to the right of public opinion.

so what do most news reports say? they portray it as a situation in which both sides are equally partisan, equally intransigent — because news reports always do that. and we have influential pundits calling out for a new centrist party, a new centrist president, to get us away from the evils of partisanship.

the reality, of course, is that we already have a centrist president — actually a moderate conservative president. once again, health reform — his only major change to government — was modeled on republican plans, indeed plans coming from the heritage foundation. and everything else — including the wrongheaded emphasis on austerity in the face of high unemployment — is according to the conservative playbook. - nytimes

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ruby tuesday

the institute of medicine advocates that insurance companies provide mandatory contraception coverage

attendance @ tea party events is down by 50%

how corporations exploit prison labor

an arkansas high school refused to let black student be valedictorian

"historic" legislation is as lasting as the next election
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Monday, July 25, 2011

monday, monday

the wall street journal becomes fox-ified

8 facts about spending republicans forgot

is the murdoch phone hacking scandal going to swallow up piers morgan?

demand for sarah palin movie high, if by "high" you mean "non-existant"

the new twitter rallying cry: f%^k you washington
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

skippy's sunday night music club

a little louis prima to chase away the blues...

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sure, this alec is smart

but it is tinged with anti-democratic evil.
nichols, a political reporter for the nation, recently wrote the introduction and co-authored two in a series of articles about the relationship that state-based legislators have with a group called the american legislative exchange council (alec). alec is a group that brings together state legislators and representatives of corporations to draft model bills that can then be introduced at the state level of government. an archive of alec documents was recently leaked to the center for media and democracy.

"all of those pieces of legislation and those resolutions [in the documents] really err toward a goal, and that goal is the advancement of an agenda that seems to be dictated at almost every turn by multinational corporations," nichols tells fresh air's terry gross. "it's to clear the way for lower taxes, less regulation, a lot of protection against lawsuits, [and] alec is very, very active in [the] opening up of areas via privatization for corporations to make more money, particularly in places you might not usually expect like public education." - fresh air with terry gross - npr

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tweet of the day

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environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky stories that somehow get buried in the news glut of celebrity deaths and politicians throwing temper tantrums.

appalachian poverty concentrated around mine sites, wvu study says. - poverty in appalachia is concentrated in the communities around mountaintop removal mines, and people living in those areas suffer greater risk of early deaths, according to a new scientific paper by a west virginia university researcher - charleston gazette

farmer: gas driller has invaded property. - the gas company eqt is drilling on his neighbor's land. twice in the past eight months, workers have spilled fluids onto spencer wooddell's farm. wooddell is too scared to keep his prized mares at home - charleston gazette

texas gov. perry as president would transform epa. - as governor of texas, rick perry has argued that the u.s. epa has strangled business and interfered with state environmental efforts, and he has championed a half-dozen lawsuits challenging federal air pollution and greenhouse gas regulations. how would a president perry treat the epa? - austin american statesman

epa program on children's toxic exposure "flawed." - according to a new report released friday by the epa's inspector general, efforts to protect children's health have been fatally blocked by american industry’s refusal to submit information on the commercial use of chemicals. - the investigative fund

drought is taking toll on texas aquifers. the ferocious texas drought is clobbering crops, thinning out cattle herds, decimating wildlife, and drying up streams and reservoirs, but it's also wreaking havoc deep underground, where the state's aquifers are dropping at a precipitous rate, experts say - forth worth star telegram

epa seeks to tighten ozone standards. - this week, the map of the united states lit up with orange warnings of high ozone levels. But recent science suggests that the levels of ground-level ozone in the air were even more harmful than those health advisories suggest. the epa wants to tighten its ozone standards - weekend edition

texas should stop pretending epa isn't serious. - texas has plenty of alternatives for cleaning the air and creating reliable power — which it should get busy pursuing instead of pretending the epa isn’t serious about clean-air standards. it’s time for texas to stop complaining and start complying - dallas morning news

in seattle, real estate sector to 'green' its buildings as economic fix-it. - seattle's real estate industry is spearheading a first-of-its-kind green building initiative to help boost property values and lure businesses - solve climate news


some michigan airports are growing their own fuel. airports need lots of room for planes to leave and land. and airplanes spew a lot of greenhouse gases. idea: grow crops on airport property to power the planes, and maybe help offset carbon emissions. it's an idea that may be taking off in michigan. yep, taking off. - treehugger

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sunday morning coming down

want to block all rupert murdoch websites? there's an app for that

oslo killer posted youtube depicting obama as a marxist

did msnbc fire cenk uygar becuase he was too hard on obama?

the gang of six budget plan cuts medicare by $298 billion

romney now tied w/obama
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Requiescat in Pace, That's All She Wrote

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only on a saturday night

suspect in oslo terror attacks is right-wing. anti-muslim christian

murdoch u.s. scandal brewing?

even dick lugar thinks that the gop has gone overboard

alec exposed

should obama raisw the debt ceiling himself?

rest in peace portrait painter lucien freud
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Friday, July 22, 2011

thank god it's friday

suspect in oslo terror attacks is right-wing. anti-muslim christian

surprise! murdoch's paper responds to the phone hacking scandal with an incredibly tasteless cartoon

tim pawlenty gets a cease-and-desist order from abc sports

some demographics are more equal than others

the goldilocks story is proven to be historically accurate, using biblical logic

rip ed flesh, designer of the wheel of fortune
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

the chair of obama's national campaign finance committee

hates workers. she wants them toast....literally.
it was already approaching 100° at 8 a.m. when I arrived at the park hyatt where, after 22 months of stalled negotiations, hotel workers were staging a one-day picket to protest the hotel chain's intolerable treatment of their housekeeping staff.

In case you didn't know, hyatt is owned by the pritzker family. heiress penny sue pritzker chairs obama's national campaign finance committee. she is also big player in democratic party politics as well as in the world of anti-union, corporate school reform and was recently appointed by mayor rahm emanuel to a seat on the chicago school board.

pritzker's response to the park hyatt strikers was to turn on the hotel's powerful heating lamps to try and bake the workers into submission on this brutally hot day. but this seemingly inhuman and probably illegal response seemed to have had just the opposite effect. picketers began chanting, "hyatt can't take the heat, but we can!" the lamps were left on until word got out and media began to show up. - mike klonsky's smalltalk blog

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alec: puppetmaster of the right

rebuilding the alabama democratic party one district at a time

fox & friends: mitt romney is obviously not a christian

michele bachmann gets migraines

that long island woman who screamed that she was "too educated" to be told to quiet down has hired a pr firm
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's in our dna to celebrate

happy birthday, gregor mendel!

from pharyngula!

from greg laden!

from google!

from amout.com, whose gardening page gives us recipes for peas
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wednesday week

mortgage company screws up soldier's account, soldier's credit rating plummets; jury awards soldier $21 million

new obama action figure, now w/samarai sword

after a long stint at fdl, here's marcy wheeler's new home, where she most astutely asks why push elizabeth warren to join america's most ineffective legislative body?

did you know that the pope is the anti-christ?

and what's cuter than arctic fox pups?
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pie in the sky

someone just tried to pie rupert murdoch @ the news of the world hearings in parliment in london
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tuesday afternoon

rupert murdoch and julian assange: compare and contrast

meanwhile, newscorp stocks plummet

al sharton to replace cenk uygur on msnbc?

and over @ pushing rope, they are ranting against "the middle"
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Monday, July 18, 2011

stormy monday

folks that don't speak yiddish shouldn't speak yiddish

joe scarborough ventures into reality: "this is george w. bush's debt"

outside of iowa, romney beats bachman by substantial margins

head of scotland yard resigns, implicates prime minister in murdoch hacking scandal
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

environmental news stories sunday

for those big stories that never seem to grab the lead or headline above the fold.

somalia drought 'one of the largest humanitarian crises in decades.' - tens of thousands of people are fleeing drought and famine in somalia in search of food and water in refugee camps in kenya and ethiopia - abc news

epa concerned about mountaintop removal link to birth defects. - federal environmental regulators are looking closely at a new scientific study that found appalachian residents who live near mountaintop removal mine sites face an increased risk of birth defects - charleston gazette

colorado's suburban homeowners face invasion of oil and gas wells. - cindy banfield and her neighbors in rinn valley ranch — a weld county development where homes sell for more than $400,000 — are learning what to expect when a drilling site becomes a neighbor - denver post

jon huntsman's enviro stance is up in air. - jon huntsman’s unorthodox presidential campaign is having a tough time dealing with his unconventional energy and environmental record - politico

seaweed in the fuel tank? - kelp and other seaweed could be biofuels of the future, avoiding competition with food crops for land and scarce freshwater resources – limitations that plague land-based biofuel prospects - discovery channel

wind farms enable state electric utilities to meet 2010 energy standard. - new wind farms built in wisconsin and neighboring states have enabled the state's electric utilities to comply with the first phase of the state's renewable energy standard, and most are well on their way to meeting the state's 2015 green energy target - milwaukee journal sentinel

missing nixon.
i miss richard nixon. mostly i miss nixon because when he wasn't wrapping himself in red, white and blue, he displayed a very nice shade of green. today, he would be drummed out of the republican party for high treason. do republicans really believe that clean water can be sacrificed for “economic development” without consequence? - gainesville sun

14 states suffering under drought. - the heat and the drought are so bad in the southwest corner of georgia that hogs can barely eat. corn, a lucrative crop with a notorious thirst, is burning up in fields. cotton plants are too weak to punch through soil so dry it might as well be pavement - nytimes

the bacon uprising. - the chinese middle class is eating more and more meat, and beijing wants to keep prices low. that means finding a way to feed all those pigs with grain imported from land cut from the brazilian rainforest, leading to conflict with allies. it's the first step in what could be an ever-escalating series of resource conflicts - fast company

state fracking rules could allow drilling near new york city water supply tunnels. - the latest draft of guidelines for hydraulic fracturing in new york could open the door to drilling within 1,000 feet of aging underground tunnels that carry water to new york city – a far cry from the seven-mile buffer once sought by city officials - propublica

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the widening gap between the classes

goodby democracy...hello oligarchy. matt taibbi and david sirota have some must read posts.

if you think your local andy griffith is a greedy pig because he retired in his forties and built an addition to his garage with your tax money, try hanging out with a guy who eats $400 crabs, throws himself $5 million parties where he is serenaded by rod stewart and patti labelle (who sang "happy birthday"), and then compares the president to hitler when word leaks out that he might have to pay taxes at the same rate as a firefighter or a kindergarten teacher.


in the midst of this prole-crushing economic emergency engineered by wealthy speculators and their political puppets, we now find ourselves watching those same modern-day marie antoinettes at once celebrating their station and begging for sympathy as if they were the real casualties of the decade-long economic slowdown they created.

...there was historian doris kearns goodwin suggesting those politicians who followed wall street and voted for the bank bailouts exemplified the same heroism as those who fought for the passage of the civil rights act in the 1960s.

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pleasant valley sunday

yes, netflix raised its price by 60%...but remember when its ceo admitted he made an eye-popping salary?

even the majority of republicans think we need to raise taxes

hillary in2012?

the biblical definition of marriage

via balloon juice (of course), we find that it turns out that having pets really is good for you
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

skippy's saturday night music club

music to enjoy "carmageddon" by...via indianapolis

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elizabeth warren

thrown under the bus by this administration. she will not be heading the consumer financial protection bureau.

“obama was not willing to ruffle the banks, and geithner, who is the most powerful cabinet member, would not stand for it.” (from a kossack diary)

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5,000 families needing housing. 100 spaces.

what could go wrong?
some people had camped out since wednesday night, and the line was at least a mile long. when hundreds of people suddenly sprinted for the doors, at least eight people were injured, and some say they feel lucky not to have been trampled to death - think progress

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saturday is the best day

farm workers need drastic change

orrin hatch channels thurston howell iii

eliot spitzer on why the u.s. should investigate newscorp

sarah palin documentary opens to empty movie theater in orange county
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Friday, July 15, 2011

friday on my mind

global warming worse during the summer

one big problem about the economy today: all the journalists are rich

arizona state senator points loaded pink pistol at journalist

fbi opens investigation into news corp. phone hacking

man could get 8 years for growing marijuana for his cancer-stricken wife

and we suppose politico's excuse is that "juan" is spanish for "john"

goodbye, marcy, fdl won't be the same w/o you. but good luck on your own blog!

and rest in peace, macaulay culkin's home alone neighbor, character actor robert blossom
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

skippy's thursday night music club

more music to enjoy carmaggedon to....the boss sings of a "pink cadillac"

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where do you begin asking how this bat-sh** crazy creature made it to congress.

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ooh, there's no bread, let 'em eat cake

hear the echoes of the centuries

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"Have Fun Storming the Castle"

Somehow, after this, the last time the peasants were empowered enough to be revolting in any but the aesthetic sense (we can quibble 1956, 1989, or 1993 [hint: your best argument is the latter]) lost some of its glamour.

Indeed, even the tradition that a Frenchman wins today's TdF stage has once again been honored only in its breach.

Happy Bastille Day!

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thursday's child

richard dawkins: atheist, misogynist

how will the "news of the world" hacking scandal in britain affect rupert murdoch here in the u.s.?

gaydar.net offers michele bachman's husband a lifetime membership

the economist: shame on republicans

democrat janice hahn keeps california's 36th district in dem hands
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

skippy's wednesday night music

more music to enjoy carmaggedon by! swear this song was written about the 405.

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carmageddon outta here

look out, los angeles, it's

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wednesday girl

time lapse photography of last week's massive dust storm in phoenix

religious group drops racially insensitive langauge from pledge signed by bachman and santorum

real dems beat fake dems in first round of wisconsin recall races

we'll miss ya, little buddy: sherwood schwartz, creator of 'gilligan's island' and 'the brady bunch' dies
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

skippy's tuesday night music club

another tune to enjoy carmaggedon by!

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tuesday heartache

stop the presses! health insurance makes poor people healthier

need facts to debate climate change denialists? start here

groundbreaking solar power plant in spain generates 24 hours of power

woman faces 93 days in jail for planting a vegetable garden

religious leader shoots 4-year-old boy because he might be gay

portugal celebrates 10 years of drug decriminalization
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Monday, July 11, 2011

skippy's monday night music club

music to enjoy carmageddon by!

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he's baaaaaaaaack!

alan grayson, the congressman with spinal fortitude, is back...and he's running for congress.
i’m ini’m running for congress.

i’m running because i promised charlaina and rick that i would.   charlaina called me a few weeks ago, from the hospital.  she told me that her husband, rick, was suffering from multiple organ failure – lungs, kidneys and liver.

rick was 56 years old.  that’s three years older than me.

rick was a veteran.   but the veterans administration wasn’t covering his hospital bills.

rick had had a bad liver  since he was 30, when he contracted hepatitis.  no insurance company would go  near him.

every day rick survived, his  family owed several thousand dollars more to hospitals and doctors.  and  they had no way to pay it.

i told charlaina how sorry i was.  and i told her that i wasn’t in congress anymore, so i wasn’t sure how i could help.

she said: “you can run again.”

you are the only person who ever cared about people like us.  rick wants people in congress who can’t be  bought and sold.  rick wants you to run again.”

a dying man wants me to run  for congress.  what exactly could i say?

ipromised that i would run.

rick died on June 30, 2011,  at 5:55 p.m.

i’m keeping my promise.   i’m in.

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come monday

is there really a coming housing boom?

michele bachman pledges to ban pornography

russell pearce, arizona senate president and architect of sb1070 anti-immigrant law, has been recalled

8 secrets about disneyland

life is just a bowl of puppies
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

skippy's sunday night music club

it's sunday...can we hear a little hallelujah...

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environmental news stories sunday

for those little stories of import that don't get the media attention they deserve...

major health problems, many linked to poverty, plague residents of texas' colonias. - at last count, nearly 45,000 people lived in the 350 texas colonias classified by the state as at the “highest health risk,” meaning residents of these often-unincorporated subdivisions have no running water, no wastewater treatment, no paved roads or solid waste disposal. - austin texas tribune

italy's elite are dismayed by vanishing beaches. - the high cost and exclusive nature of italy's best beaches cause regular disputes, but accelerating coastal erosion means some of them are now disappearing altogether, thanks to encroaching development and violent winter storms linked to climate change - london observer

 the troubled history of the supermarket tomato. - supermarket tomatoes may look delicious – smooth, red and unblemished – but for the most part, they taste like nothing at all. the author of a new book, tomatoland: how modern industrial agriculture destroyed our most alluring fruit, lays out why supermarket tomatoes tend to taste so bad – and how they got that way. - npr all things considered

avalon's dirty little secret: Its beach is heavily polluted. - the same crystal-clear water that draws tourists also harbors an embarrassing hazard. for most of the last decade, avalon harbor beach has ranked among the most polluted in the state, tainted with human sewage that puts swimmers at risk - latte times

attack of the hyperbugs: we've had superbugs, but now there are strains so resilient that no drugs will kill them. - an estimated 25,000 patients die of drug-resistant infections each year, with the most common, mrsa, slowly being superseded by a raft of new, even more deadly strains - london daily mail

gators give warning. - the alligators of south carolina are the latest "canary in a coal mine" species. they are animal-sentinels that will help tell whether and how far along the flood of pollutants, toxins and agricultural runoff in state waters are on their way toward adversely affecting humans - charleston post and courier

is ocean garbage killing whales? - millions of tonnes of plastic debris dumped each year in the world's oceans could pose a lethal threat to whales, according to a scientific assessment to be presented at a key international whaling forum this week - afp

honeybees’ alarming mortality rate leaves beekeepers looking for answers. - a new national bee diagnostic centre is being planned for northern alberta in response to the ongoing health crisis faced by honeybees. the centre will be canada’s first laboratory dedicated to probing the cause of honeybee deaths - toronto globe and mail

battle hots up for arctic resources. - norway’s decision to move its military command centre 1,000km north from its former location last year highlights the rising strategic stakes in the arctic amid predictions that global warming will unlock icebound resources and shipping routes - london financial times

citing jobs and economic growth, new hampshire gov. vetoes bill to exit regional carbon program. gov. john lynch vetoed a bill this week that sought to pull new hampshire out of a regional carbon trading scheme formed by 10 northeast and mid-atlantic states, citing jobs and cost savings the program provides - solve climate news

al gore to speak at edinburgh carbon conference. - former us vice president al gore is coming to scotland to address a major energy conference in edinburgh, which will bring together experts and policymakers to discuss the opportunities and challenges of low-carbon economies. - bbc

dubai tightening rules on food imports. -in the wake of an e-coli outbreak that has killed some 50 people in europe this year, dubai is enforcing tougher food safety rules starting at the source. the move comes as a new report by the municipality's food control department lays the groundwork for potential laws and policies to assure food safety in the emirate - abu dhabi national

debris from japanese tsunami steadily drifting toward california. - millions of tons of debris that washed into the ocean during japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in march -- everything from furniture to roofs to pieces of cars -- are now moving steadily toward the united states and raising concerns about a potential environmental headache. - san jose mercury news

epa administrator stands tall. - u.s. environmental protection agency administrator lisa p. jackson has emerged as one of the most effective figures in the obama administration to date

dallas area misses worst of intense texas drought. - almost every corner of texas is sweltering through one of the worst droughts on record, with reservoirs drying up, crops withering and ranchers scrambling to feed their herds. and then there’s north texas, where a single day of rain in late june made all the difference - dallas morning news

fish commission to lease waterways for gas drilling. - the pennsylvania fish & boat commission said it plans to lease portions of its 43,000 acres of waterways for natural gas exploration to generate money to rebuild more than a dozen dams that are in danger of collapse - pittsburgh tribune review

stray gas plagues nepa marcellus wells. - as shale gas drilling has increased in pennsylvania, so has the prevalence of methane migrating into water supplies as a result of the exploration - scanton times review

marcellus tax: get it done. - lawmakers left harrisburg for their summer break without enacting an impact fee on companies pulling natural gas from the marcellus shale formation across pennsylvania - johnstown tribune democrat

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sunday papers

the ten biggest campaign lies of 2012

the white spremacist stampede

it's the world's first cardboard vacuum cleaner

man tries to cash chase bank check in a chase bank; gets arrested
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Saturday, July 09, 2011

my ex bank committed mafia-esque bidding schemes against taxpayers

and all they got was a lousy fine.
courtesy of my good friend eric salzman comes this latest outrage – sec enforcement director and former deustche bank general counsel robert khuzami boasting about the latest slap on the wrist directed at a major bank, this time a $228 million fine of jp morgan chase for a bid-rigging scheme involving municipal bonds. the chase ruling is the latest to come down in a series of fines involving a number of banks, including bank of america and ubs.

this is one of the best examples we’ve had yet of the profound difference in the style of criminal justice enforcement for the very rich and connected, versus the style of justice for everyone else. this scam that chase, bank of america and ubs were involved with was no different in any way, really, from old-school mafia-style bid-rigging scams.

what these banks did is they got together and carved up territory between them, arranging things so that they wouldn’t be bidding against each other in municipal debt auctions. that means the 18 different states involved in these 93-odd deals all got screwed out of the best prices, leaving the taxpayers in those places severely overcharged for their public borrowing.

this is absolutely no different from what mafia groups in new york used to (and probably still do) do for public contracts – the proverbial five families would get together, divide up the boroughs and neighborhoods between them, and each family would individually buy or intimidate their way into the bidding process, corrupting the game so that the public had to overpay for their garbage collection or their construction labor or whatever. the only difference here is that we’re talking about debt, not garbage. but the concept is exactly the same; it’s the same crime. - matt taibbi at rolling stone

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while awol bush and his evil cronies are still wandering around

a michican woman is facing jail time for...wait for it....planting vegetables.

it just doesn't get more ridiculous than this.

julie bass of oak park, michigan -- a mother of 6, law-abiding citizen, and gardener -- is facing 93 days in jail after being charged with a misdemeanor.

her crime? planting a vegetable garden in the front yard.

bass says that she planted the garden after her front yard was torn up for some sewer repairs. rather than wasting the opportunity to start with a clean slate by planting a lawn, she decided to really put the area to use, and plant a vegetable garden.

her garden consists of 5 raised beds, where she grows a mix of squashes, corn, tomatoes, flowers, and other veggies. bass received a warning from the city telling her to remove the vegetable garden, because it doesn't adhere to city ordinances... when she refused, she was ticketed and charged with a misdemeanor. her trial, before a jury, is set to begin on july 26th. if she is found guilty, she can be sentenced to up to 93 days in jail. - treehugger

if you want to help support a gardener's right to grow food for her family (even if it is -- gasp -- in the front yard!) there are several things you can do:

1. email or call officials for the city of oak park. mrs. bass has listed contact information for the mayor, city manager, and other city officials in the sidebar of her blog.

2. "like" the oak park hates veggies facebook page.

3. spread the word via social media. by gaining attention to this particular issue, with this particular homeowner, the hope is that other cities will reconsider before they harass another homeowner for something like this.

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the economic transmission of power without wires is of all-surpassing importance to man

unless you think nikola tesla was basically full of bull, maybe we should consider his ideas. make up your own mind.

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saturday is the best day

atlanta public school test scores fudged

is the gop the party of the yachting

rupertgate - the smoking phone

david brooks (finally) thinks republicans are not normal

and rest in peace former first lady betty ford
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batteries suck

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Friday, July 08, 2011

legal tender

if congress declines to raise the debt ceiling and the administration is forced to pay its legal obligations without borrowing it might consider issuing debt-free money which can be accepted for all taxes or united states purposes.

why are we borrowing money into circulation anyhow?

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dear preident obama...no soup for you!

sign the progressive change campaign committee petition telling obama that if he cuts social security or medicare, he'll get no money or volunteer time from you
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she must be wearing her freudian slip

we just heard andrea mitchell mispronounce "shuttle" on msnbc as she told us today saw the last lift off of the "shittle."

granted, she corrected herself immediately, but we wonder if the job isn't getting to her.
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friday night fever

voter suppression, ohio style

michele bachman's husband got $137,000 in medicaid funds

ocean stresses threaten "globally significant" sea life extinctions

physicists almost certain universe is not a hologram

bridesmaids now top grossing female movie of all time

strip-mining the moon may not be science fiction
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Thursday, July 07, 2011

obama fail

obama offers to cut social security

i guess obama didn't want republicans to go into 2012 with the ryan budget millstone around their neck.  perhaps he hadn't read how republicans were afraid to face their constituents after proposing cuts to medicare. i guess obama hadn't heard that cuts to this were unpopular. i went to whitehouse.gov and this was on his home page:

obama needs to stay informed about what is popular and unpopular and what shouldn't be cut

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no more mister nice blog plays true and false w/david brooks

how prisons game the system

the public thinks the government should help people w/their mortgages

thailand elects its first female prime minister

exciting things about tim pawlenty
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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Free Scott Feil

the united states of america v. scott feil, et al is an unconscionable prosecution of a medical cannabis provider in california whose only crime was winning a landmark decision in the 9th circuit court of appeals, united states v. $186,416.00 in currency. the court found among other things, "when applying for a warrant to search umcc [united medical caregivers clinic], the lapd [los angeles police department] was aware of extensive evidence to suggest that the clinic may have been operating in compliance with california law permitting medical marijuana sales. nevertheless, in its warrant affidavit, the lapd omitted any reference to this evidence when applying to a state magistrate for a search warrant under state law.... by omitting these facts, the lapd misled a state judge into perceiving umcc's conduct as criminal when, in fact, it was probably legal under california law. this is no trivial distinction under california narcotics law."

if you think that would be the end of the story, you'd be wrong. scott beat the government and got his money back! the federal government cannot let that stand. now they want to put scott and his wife diana in prison for up to 20 years!

federal defendants aren't allowed to use medical cannabis as a defense, so this prosecution is a serious interference with the state of california which has established laws to authorize and regulate the provision of medical cannabis to patients with physician recommendations, laws which scott feil has by all accounts obeyed. this attack therefore is a threat not only on scott but on all providers and patients in california and every other medical cannabis state who seek to follow their state laws.

in 2008, barack obama promised precisely, "what I'm not going to be doing is using justice department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this [medical cannabis] issue simply because i want folks to be investigating violent crimes and potential terrorism. we've got a lot of things for our law enforcement officers to deal with."

contact barack obama, the doj, and/or your representatives and tell them to respect california and to free scott feil!

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wednesday morning, 3 am

helmetless motorcycle rider dies while protesting helmet law

unpaid taxes total over $400 billion

what are we, the witch in the wizard of oz? michele bachman thinks america is wicked

florida cop faces suspension for warning people about a dangerous part of town
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who built göbekli tepe?

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

skippy's tuesday night music club

dedicated to all those high flying multi-millionaires trying to destroy our democracy.

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tweet of the day

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hey...i can tell the gop where they can go

since they think it's ok to not tell voters where they can go vote. they hate the constitution. they hate america. they are hell-bent on total destruction of our social society....
last week, the gop-led house passed an election law overhaul without the highly restrictive voter id provision. however, the house tweaked the bill to weaken a law mandating poll workers to direct voters in the wrong precinct to their correct voting location. under the new language, a poll worker need not direct a voter to where they are eligible, adding that “it is the duty of the individual casting the ballot to ensure that the individual is casting that ballot in the correct precinct.”  - think progress

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the war on women continues

and pregnant women are prime targets for the war on women...the war against providing healthcare for citizens... what century are these republican troglodytes living in anyway? this is simply unacceptable. unforgivable.
while republicans and democrats are engaged in apparently abstract debt reduction talks, it's worth noting that a cascade of federal, state and local spending cuts has already taken its toll on the health of pregnant women, mothers and babies. between 2003 and 2007, the average maternal mortality rate – defined by deaths that occur within 42 days of childbirth – has risen to 13 deaths per 100,000 live births, approximately double the low of 6.6 deaths per 100,000 live births recorded in 1987. today, the united states ranks 41st in the world for maternal mortality, one of the worst records among developed countries. "near misses", complications so severe that a woman nearly dies, have increased between 1998 and 2005 to become common – at one woman every 15 minutes.

...over the last seven years, federal spending for maternal and child health programmes has been reduced by 10%. that women can still bleed to death after childbirth in 21st-century america does not seem to bother lawmakers too much. (in new york city, in 2004, hemorrhaging was the leading cause of maternal death – approximately one third of all cases.) - the guardian

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astronauts agree

we are not alone

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tuesay heartbreak

the road to drug legalization in brazil

pictures of first grizzly spotted in the northern cascades in 50 years

protecting or suppressing the vote?

fbi will investigate twitter hack on fox news
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apollo disclosures

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Monday, July 04, 2011

we hold these truths to be self-evident

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happy 4th of july

Santa Barbara Courthouse on July 4th by santa barbarian
Santa Barbara Courthouse on July 4th, a photo by santa barbarian on Flickr.

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you can't play stars and stripes forever!

but you can enjoy the animated score:

happy 4th of july from the whole gang at skippy international!
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born on the 4th of july

fox news twitter account hacked, fake assassination of obama reported

ohio voter id bill sponsor loses his drivers license in a dui

nasa sues apollo 14 astronaut over space camera

it's the h.r. giger/alien wedding cake

good review of wisconsin recall situation over @ political carnival
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happy 4th

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

the end

40 years ago today we lost the lizard king

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electric mars

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nuclear is dead

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sunday sunday

rick scott flips on rail in florida, ticking off the conservatives in the state

michele bachman claims she "never recieved a penny" from federally-subsidized family farm. only, she did

mitt romney touted his amazing fundraising skills where hr got over a million dollars in one day. he didn't

19 polls show americans support raising taxes to fix the deficit

bad tux the snarky penguin makes the case that there is no such thing as the free market
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Saturday, July 02, 2011

the secret of light

an exploration of consciousness

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saturday morning, friday night

michele bachman's husband called homosexuals barbarians that need to be educated

georgia school board bans theory of math (j/k, it's the onion!)

uptick in stranded dolphins worry scientists


ohioans needed 231,000 valid signatures to force a recall vote of sb5. they got over a million
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He'd Like To Come And Meet Us...

But he thinks he'd blow our minds...

Oh, for SETI's sake...

What do I have to do, buy an ad in the New York Times that says "Earthing, 40 local time, seeks interstellar companion for whatever Einstein's Theory doesn't cover, age not an issue, you can fly the vessel and chart the course, I won't say a word, all I ask is that you let me enjoy the ride"?

Look, folks. Just because I have no reason to believe that extraterrestrials have ever visited Earth, doesn't mean I wouldn't want that to happen -- or, if they did, that I wouldn't hope for the best. I stopped reading science fiction regularly back in the 90s, but looking back, the best stories I ever read were sci-fi, no question. I've found it virtually impossible to go back to reading books in that genre -- it's like trying to go home again, only to realize that you never can. This is a regal pain in the ass, really.

But hey, as long as a fella can dream, it's all bearable. Bottom line, you can never go home again -- that's the whole point. That's being human in a nutshell. So you dream.

And you don't blow it. Because it's all worthwhile...


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Friday, July 01, 2011


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it's game on

let's play


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friday night, saturday morning

private prisons spend millions lobbying to put more people in jail

rick scott tried to disband florida's highway patrol

bush-appointed justice (former scalia clerk) upholds constitutionality of health care law

speaking of sotus, john dean knows knows how to get rid of clarence thomas

eight nutty things a republican candidate must believe
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