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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Do You Do?

On my way home from work tonight, there was a guy already sitting on the bench at the bus stop I'd picked for myself. Out of the blue, he asked me if I knew where there were any AA meetings he could go to. We were on Richmond's Broad Street at the time, so I pointed inbound and said there was this place called Madison House...

He said he was from Tennessee, not Richmond.

Well, I rummaged through my backpack, pulled out the last AA meeting booklet my doctor had given me, and gave it to him. "I have the same problem," I said. "Madison House has a bunch of meetings throughout the week, at various times..."

As I was telling him all this, a "friend" of his came back from the 7-11 across the street with a 40-ounce bottle of beer. The guy (the first one, not his friend) then said to me that some judge had given him one last chance: he was to attend ten AA meetings by July 15, or he would go back to jail. He also said that he was 71 years old. Looking at him, I thought he was significantly older than 71, that's how rundown he appeared.

Plus, he had no money to get to any AA meetings. Not only that, he claimed he couldn't do much walking. I believed him -- it was a somewhat hot day, he was wearing shorts, I looked at his legs, and one of them had both a long gash in it and several small black ants crawling up and down it. I wanted to give him some money, but knowing what that would likely be spent on...

Jesus. What do you do?

I said, "Look, there's a number on that booklet you can call," as my bus was approaching. "They can help you, or at least guide you in that direction..." He thanked me as I boarded my bus.

I hope like hell he took my advice. That was the best I could come up with. At it sucked...


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skippy's thursday nite music club

from a little trio out of michigan.

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it's safe...nothing to see here...move along....
british government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a co-ordinated public relations strategy to play down the fukushima nuclear accident just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in japan and before the extent of the radiation leak was known.

internal emails seen by the guardian show how the business and energy departments worked closely behind the scenes with the multinational companies edf energy, areva and westinghouse to try to ensure the accident did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK.

"this has the potential to set the nuclear industry back globally," wrote one official at the department for business, innovation and skills (bis), whose name has been redacted. "we need to ensure the anti-nuclear chaps and chapesses do not gain ground on this. we need to occupy the territory and hold it. we really need to show the safety of nuclear." - the guardian

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The Nazca Lines...

It's stories like these...

that renew some of the faith I've lost in Homo Sapiens over the years. The Nazca lines are just one of many testaments to our inexhaustible twin capacities for ingenuity and spirituality over the millennia that are out there. You could add to them the pyramids of Egypt, the caves of Lascaux, Stonehenge, the relics of places like Angkor Wat, Easter Island, and Norse Greenland, and so on. There's no way that I can explain what any of these things were all about in sufficient, never mind scholarly, detail. I just sense, on some level, that all of these ancient peoples were scarcely different from me when it came to making sense of the world they found themselves in -- and that they did in their times, as I am doing in mine, the best they could with whatever it was they had to work with.

If some of the people who drew some of those Nazca lines were to somehow join me in breeching the time barrier between us, I strongly doubt either they or I would make any headway in explaining ourselves or what we were trying to do. I don't know what they would have made of our planes flying over their desert outlines for the first time, but the first time I saw any of these lines, the most I saw were patterns in those lines, and nothing at all that might have hinted at anything spiritual or something else beyond ingenuity. Others have seen things hinting at extraterrestrial involvement in those lines. I never did, and I long held a contempt for those who did.

But at the same time, I never saw anything beyond those lines themselves for a long time. I still see no extraterrestrial involvement in the creation of the Nazca lines, but that's a red herring -- the point all along was to look at the people who drew those lines and try your best to figure out why they did that. I have settled on the insatiable twin human drives for ingenuity and spirituality as my own answer -- those do, of course, come in many, many forms.

Insert your own answer here...

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One UFO Mystery Solved...

Last night, I left the apartment a little after 11 PM for the supermarket. On the way, I noticed an orange light in the eastern part of the sky that seemed to be flying my way; it was slowly getting brighter as it moved. I thought it was a passenger jet at first, since I see a couple dozen or so of those every day.

Well, it wasn't. The next thing I saw was a dim stream of sparks shooting out from behind the object, after which it began changing its trajectory. It seemed to stop in mid-air for a few seconds, and then it looked to be drifting away from my general direction. The orange light grew dimmer, and then faded away altogether.

Judging from what I'd seen, my best guess was that it was a military plane doing some night time maneuvers at a high elevation. The military has a pretty strong presence in Virginia, and I've seen planes flying at high altitudes in arcs similar to what I saw last night during daylight hours. But I didn't know for sure what I'd seen, so I called it a UFO and proceeded on to the supermarket.

This afternoon, I found out what it was. It wasn't a plane, it was a rocket:

An U.S. Air Force Minotaur 1 rocket carrying the Department of Defense Operationally Responsive Space office’s ORS-1 satellite was successfully launched at 11:09 p.m. EDT today from NASA’s Launch Range at the Wallops Flight Facility and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia...

Wallops Island is east of Richmond, on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay, and I was indeed headed east when I saw that thing in the sky. So what looked like forwards to backwards motion to me at the time was actually upwards to downwards. It never occurred to me that what I saw was a rocket, but it makes a lot more sense than a plane. Call it an IFO.

You learn something new each day...

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just one more one more thing...

npr recently parts of rebroadcast terri gross's interview w/peter falk about columbo, upon the death of the great actor.

also, here's the complete 2004 fresh air interview w/falk including his thoughts about working w/john cassavettes
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thursday night blues

how do they do it and keep a straight face? conservative columnist compares marriage equality to racial segregation

let your windows create electricity

vote republican, lose 6.7 million jobs

ohio public workers retire inrecord numbers to avoid sb5 pension changes

look out, it's roboscott!

what, no cheese shop? the telegraph picks the five best monty python sketches
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


dear michele bachman: how to tell john wayne from john wayne gacy

republican representative disqualified from wisconsin recall ballot

after taking a $10 billion bailout, goldman sachs will outsource 1,000 jobs

how to pick a password that's hard to hack

revised science textbooks for christians
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

skippy's tuesday night music club

going to all those of us residing in the infamous "ring of fire."

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little cayman islands on the prairie

2,000 companies in one little house? wow. that's alot of bathroom wait time there.
you wouldn't know to look at it, but this small, unassuming home in cheyenne, wyoming, is a bustling center of american industry, with more than 2,000 companies registered to this single address.

reuters had a look inside the house, home to wyoming corporate services, a business-incorporation specialist, and found "walls of the main room are covered floor to ceiling with numbered mailboxes labeled as corporate 'suites'," while a lone employee answers the phone and sorts mail. - consumerist

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tweet of the day

found of twitpic is arrested. tweets about it. posts twitpic.

noah everett

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Abolish the Republican Party Now

If I made this up, you would never believe me:
"He informed me by text while he was on the floor," [Erie County Republican Chairman Nicholas A.] Langworthy said of [New York, State Sen. Mark J.] Grisanti's Friday vote. "I urged him to stick by his word he had given. The people elected him on what he ran on. This is not tax policy or something. This is important stuff." [emphasis mine]

Good to know The Republican Party has ceased to give a shit about anything for which the Ancestral Party stood.

(via Lance)

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tuesday heartache

science proves women really do have gaydar

you take the high road: scotland leads the world in cocaine use

steve benen: if one ignores the reagan, clinton, bush, and obama eras, the right’s assumptions about economic policy are quite sound

the reaction: my problem with tim pawlenty, besides everything he stands for

glad you're not in the japanese nuclear meltdown? then avoid the new mexico wildfire or the nebraska flood
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Boom, Boom, Acka Lacka Lacka Boom...

Boom, boom, acka lacka boom boom:

Musically, the 80s didn't have too many bright spots -- at least in my opinion. But "Walk The Dinosaur" was definitely one of them. I've always loved Was (Not Was). These folks were just plain awesome to me at a time when the vast bulk of their contemporaries did absolutely nothing for me -- and still don't.



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Monday, June 27, 2011

skippy's monday night music club

love a band that can play everything including the kitchen sink in their songs...

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michele bachmann is not smarter than a 5th grader

apparently she can't tell the difference between john wayne and john wayne gacy. i think the whacka-doodle has met her waterloo.
it came during yet another m.bach shout-out to her Iowa roots (she mentioned "iowa" 14 times in her 21-minute opener monday). this time, blinded with a hawkeyed torpor, she noted that legendary western star john wayne also was born in her hometown of waterloo, iowa.

close. wayne was born in winterset -- about 150 miles away. perhaps she was confusing the duke with clown-dressing serial killer john wayne gacy who lived and worked in waterloo. - sfgate

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manic monday

would sen. paul ryan personally profit from his proposed budget?

another good reason to not snort coke

pushing rope discusses "obamabots," the "professional left," and complete fabrications

wisconsin supreme court justice david proesser choked a fellow justice by the neck. that can't be good

stop the presses: study finds gun owners drink more
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

chernobyl: a screw-up or a cover-up?

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ufos in the uk

what else is new? :)

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forget the werewolf in london

there's ufo's! where's "spooky" mulder when you need him?

the footage was filmed near the bbc radio 1 building in great portland street, and shows specks of white light flying at high altitude over the capital. - the telegraph

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environmental news stories sunday

for those little stories of great import that aren't mentioned on the talking head sunday shows.

warming oceans cause largest movement of marine species in two million years. - warming ocean waters are causing the largest movement of marine species seen on earth in more than two million years, according to scientists - london daily telegraph

allergist says climate change increasing allergic reactions. - dr. mark windt, a north hampton pulmonologist, allergist and immunologist. and one of the reasons you're feeling so lousy could be climate change - dow jones newswires

al gore essay puts him back in the spotlight. - with a frontal attack wednesday on obama's environmental record, the former vice president – in true gore fashion via a 7,000-word rolling stone essay – proved that he still commands an audience despite a decade out of public office - politico

scientists warn of 'high risk' of marine extinctions. - life in the oceans is at imminent risk of the worst spate of extinctions in millions of years due to threats such as climate change and overfishing, a study says - reuters

danger heats up for australia's platypus. - global warming could shrink the habitat of australia's duck-billed platypus by a third, researchers warned rriday, with hotter, drier temperatures threatening its survival - afp

medicines in water supply drug disposal can be tricky. - getting rid of a television, a gallon of kerosene or a set of tires in an environmentally friendly way can be done with relative ease in north jersey. but that small bottle of expired pills your doctor prescribed a few years ago? that's a bit more difficult - bergen county record

how do you drug test a city? check the sewer. - it only takes a teaspoon of waste water to reveal an entire city's eating or drinking habits — and also its drug habits. scientists in norway are using the technology, called sewer epidemiology, to drug test an entire city - npr all things considered

france stops sale of seeds from British firm after e.coli outbreak hospitalises eight people. - a british seed firm has been linked to an e-coli outbreak which has made ten people seriously ill in france. most are thought to have eaten a chilled soup, garnished with rocket and mustard vegetable sprouts, at a fair in bordeaux two weeks ago. - london observer

tepco failed to report possible hydrogen explosion. - tokyo electric power co. knew there could be an explosion at the no. 3 reactor at the fukushima no. 1 nuclear power plant the day before it happened, but didn't report the possibility to authorities. - asahi shimbun

don't drain the lake. - a bill rammed through the ohio house last week on a party-line vote, and similarly fast-tracked for senate passage this week, would allow businesses to withdraw as much as 5 million gallons of water a day from lake erie without even getting a state permit - toledo blade

natural disasters hit state budgets. the tornadoes and floods that pummeled much of the south and midwest also have dealt a serious blow to struggling state budgets, potentially forcing new cuts to education and other services to offset hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster aid. - npr

broups begin planning for flood aftermath of tree die-offs. - as the summer goes on and the waters stay high, public groups must start planning for the time when the water recedes and leaves behind it acres and miles of dead vegetation and thousands upon thousands of dead and dying trees all along the river. - bismark tribune

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gloomy sunday

what could be worse than the freeway closing down in los angeles for two days? how about planning your wedding for that same weekend?

taiwanese food blogger fined and jailed for negative review

what if there were waiting periods for wars, but not abortions?

science proves whining is annoying

lt. columbo: class warrior
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

saturday in the park

magician thrown out of a bar for doing a trick

have we reached peak tea party?

tim pawlenty's top aides are working without pay

and he can't tell a joke

a chance meeting w/gov. scott walker

the real sixth sense
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Basically Put...

Who the %#*& are you?



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It's A Bitch, No Question...

Boy George and I have something in common: we've both struggled to come to terms with our sexual orientations. Personally, though, I think his struggle has been more intense than my own. Unlike him, I've never gone to prison in relation to anything regarding my orientation -- being gay is just one of many parts of who I am, not something to shout about.

All the same, I've always admired the way he put that aspect of himself front and center during his heyday -- I'm too much of a coward to even imagine myself possible of matching him on that count. So I give you "Karma Chameleon."



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Friday, June 24, 2011

tweet of the day

gen jc christian

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happy 7th blogiversary™

to fallenmonk!  
and, like the southern state in which he and the elvis loving mrs. monk live...he's always on my mind...and bookmarks.
stop by. say howdee...maybe stay for a delicious recipe.


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just one more thing...

rest in peace, one of the premiere actors of his or any other generation and an iconic addition to police fiction, peter falk:

peter falk became synonymous with one of tv's most enduring franchises with his role as the disheveled and disarming lt. columbo. but his long thesping career encompassed everything from john cassavetes' intense indie dramas to the broadway stage to hollywood hits including "the great race," "the in-laws" and "the princess bride."

falk, who had suffered from alzheimer's disease and dementia in recent years, died thursday evening at his home in beverly hills. he was 83.

falk earned four emmys for his role as the rumpled los angeles police detective who famously never disclosed his first name. in the "columbo" telepics that universal tv produced for nbc and later abc from the early 1970s on and off through the early 2000s, lt. columbo was always assigned high-profile homicide cases involving l.a.'s rich and famous.
falk was a favorite co-conspirator of auteur john cassavetes as well as one of the funniest men to hit the big screen. his creation of lt. columbo, which he claimed he based on the detective from crime and punishment, was a radical departure from the then-current crop of gun-slinging rough and tough cops, in that he zeroed in on a suspect with logic, and never let go once convinced of guilt.

we will miss him greatly. rest in peace, peter falk.

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another friday night

the patriot act and the death of the bill of rights

paper you can wear

breakfast, and lunch, at tiffany's? newt had a second million-dollar line of credit

swedish condom company advertises to fill "hard but satisfying job"

is veena sud the new ed wood
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

i shot the walrus

we luv mash-ups...

bob marley vs. the beatles - let it be no cry
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thursday's child i want you back

rupert murdoch's news corp. has been eavesdropping on nearly everybody in england

pushing rope has an in-depth look at ginger lee, the ex-porn star and progressive activist tweeted by anthony weiner

national repub senate committee caught making up false tweets from democrats

prisons biggest recipient of alabama's education funds

things this republican congeess has done instead of creating jobs

sarah palin's bus tour across america? she quit halfway through

barney frank and ron paul want to legalize marijuana"
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Try Southeasterly...

Dr. Black points to one headline glitch, which reveals yet another:

The trend is not your friend? Or Schaeffers Research not thinking they need to spend money on headline writers?


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waiting for wednesday

you know that claim that john mccain made that illegal immigrants are responsible for the fires in arizona? turns out, not so much

it's not a good start for the jon huntsman campaign

the wnba turns 15 this week!

wal-mart too big to sue

one in five americans would not support a mormon for president

ben stein's no intelligence allowed is being auctioned off
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy summer solstice

we here in santa barbara, enjoy our solstice celebrations. the fiesta parade is for tourists...but the solstice parade (to be held on saturday) is for the "barbarians"

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love you til tuesday

ethical concerns for clarence thomas?

majority of utah residents support replacing orrin hatch

american atheists are fed up

scientists discover the perfect cup of tea

9 lives? cat survives 14-story fall from apt. building window
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Monday, June 20, 2011

jon stewart, the patron saint of skippy international

takes on the slime monster of faux news.

of course...faux edited the interview to make them a little less, well, crazy.
speaking with host chris wallace, stewart referenced emails from fox news vice president and dc managing editor bill sammon to bolster his case that fox news resembles "ideological regimes" who receive "marching orders." stewart told wallace that fox news "reminds me of, you know -- you know, ideological regimes. they can't understand that there is free media other places. because they receive marching orders." stewart then said "and if you want me to go through bill sammon's emails" but was cut off by wallace.
stewart was referencing a series of leaked emails that media matters released showing sammon slanting his bureau's reporting. In one email, sammon ordered his news staff to cast doubt on established climate science. In another, Sammon directed staff not to use the phrase "public option," but instead the gop-friendly "government option" and similar phrases. sammon also sent emails highlighting "obama's references to socialism, liberalism, marxism and marxists" in his 1995 autobiography and slanting fox's coverage of president obama's 2009 cairo speech.

but viewers watching fox news sunday on-air wouldn't have heard stewart's reference to sammon because it didn't appear on air. stewart's reference instead appears in the "unedited" interview that fox news posted online.- media matters

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chill out


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what if they decide the sun is cooling?


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Beauty-Scoring Evolution: 2 for, 3 Against

Despite winning the big prize, evolution scores low on the scale at the Miss USA pageant:
Only Miss Massachusetts and [newly crowned Miss USA, Alyssa] Campanella stood up for Darwin.

Score one for Charles Darwin. Campanella, 21, of Los Angeles, who calls herself "a huge science geek," says evolution should be taught in public schools.

The good news is that only three contestants were "flat out opposed":
Miss Kentucky, home state of the Creation Museum; Miss Alaska who assures us "each of us was individually created by God for a purpose;" and Miss Alabama who doesn't believe in evolution.

Which leaves 45 or so to be confused.

Go read the whole thing. Then make the decision: either (a) emigrate to a country that educates its beauty contestants or (b) ignore them entirely for the sake of your sanity.

(h/t Andrew Verdon—far left of the bottom picture—or available in video here)

(cross-posted from Angry Bear)

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except for monday

glenn beck thinks facebook organizes people to riot

following the dominionist thread in gop candidates

is the french town of burgurach the only place on earth that will survive the 2012 apocalypse?

things are bad for everyone these days...except rich executives
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

One More...

I Stay Away...



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Another Day Finished...

Another day done.

It's grunge's turn. I'm not letting this go...


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Is This Classic Rock Yet?

Because it's been damn near twenty years now...

My generation gave rock 'n roll its last hurrah in the form of grunge. How much longer do I have to wait until bands like Pearl Jam get the respect they deserve?
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every day is like sunday

public workers swarm trenton new jersey to protest gov. christie's attack on rheir pensions and benefits

only a communist would use those ne wfangled curlicued lighrbulbs

montgomery county maryland shuts down kids' lemonade stand

larry flynt offers anthony weiner a job

speaking of which, conservatives used fake names on twitter to gather info on weiner

aides to former maryland gov. indicted on voter suppression
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

When the Change is Made Uptown and The Big Man Joined the Band

From the coastline to the city
All the little pretties raise their hands...



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Need Some Crimson, Need It Now...

Basically, the daily grind has been much more grinding than usual the last week or so. Believe it or not, King Crimson helps ease this sort of tension...

I don't know how or why. It just does...


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while the corporate media is concentrating on weiners

anti-democratic things are happening in michigan...specifically hb 4746
this bill would amend section 205 of the michigan zoning enabling act to specify that a zoning ordinance cannot prevent the extraction of valuable natural resources from any property unless "very serious consequences" would result from the extraction.

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netroots nation 2012

will be in the land of sheldon whitehouse.

View Larger Map

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tweets of the day

josiah bartlet

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saturday night

a woman talking on her cellphone on an amtrak a commuter train was recorded demanding that she was "too educated" to be told to quiet down

40% of the benefits ot pawlenty's tax plan go to the richest 1%

rest in peace producer of carol burnett and dinah shore's shows (among others) bob banner

david brooks seems to think the cause of the economic disaster was barney franks and acorn

breitbart tries to crash netroots nation
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Friday, June 17, 2011

skippy's friday night music club

going out to joss stone...a recent target for a kidnapping and murder plot.

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mitt romney...basement dweller

or so he claimed when he voted in massachussetts.
according to karger's timetable, romney and his wife, ann, bought a $12.5 million home in la jolla, california, in may 2008. ("i wanted to be where i could hear the waves," romney told the ap of his move to the west coast.) thereafter, romney became a regular at california political events, even campaigning for meg whitman during her gubernatorial bid. a year later, in april 2009, the romneys sold their home in belmont, massachusetts, for $3.5 million, and registered to vote from an address in the basement of an 8,000 square-foot belmont manse owned by their son tagg. but where the romneys really lived these past couple of years seems to be a bit of a mystery. while romney was appearing at so many california political events people were speculating he was going to run for office there, the national journal reported in may 2009 that the romneys had made their primary residence a $10 million estate in new hampshire. the discrepancies in the news coverage prompted karger to take a closer look, in part because he found it dubious that a guy worth $500 million would really be living in his son's basement. - mother jones

guess it's another version of "iokiurar."  ann coulter apparently lived in her real estate agent's office.
the incident was first reported to county officials by precinct advisor james whited (incident report posted in full below) who had informed coulter that her true home address, at 242 seabreeze ave., did not match the one on her voter registration. coulter, had inexplicably used her real estate agent's address on the voter registration form which includes a signature next to an oath which says, in part, "all information on this form is true" and acknowledges the third-degree felony penalties for lying. - the brad blog
and yet another case of "iokiurar"
oh, and late today, what do you know? in addition to mitt romney, yet another high-profile republican is being reported to have committed apparent voter fraud: missouri's u.s. congressman todd akin, who is set to run for the u.s. senate against democratic sen. clare mccaskill next year, abruptly changed his voter registration last month on the very same day the st. louis post-dispatch reported that akin had been voting for years from a property where he did not live. - the brad blog

i also believe that there was some sort of talk decades ago about then congressman michael huffington filing tax returns saying that his main residence was in texas while "representing" the santa barbara california area in d.c.

they screamed and yelled to "shut down acorn" because of "imagined" voter fraud cases, and yet not a word about these real cases.

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a few minutes on friday

is huffington post unfair to labor?

michelle bachman is seriously crazy, she once ran out of a public bathroom because she thought two fans w/political questions were trying to gay molest her

a group of australian scientists have set up a blog to help everyone w/points to refute climate change denialists

netroots nation is frustrated w/obama
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

skippy's thursday night music club

tonight's selection goes out to the twit tweeter of the year, former representative anthony weiner.

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Quiet Eyes...

By Golden Earring.

Did you know that this band was founded in 1961? I just found that out tonight. And they're still together, playing live now and then.

Fifty years. That's dedication, endurance, and maybe even a world record as rock 'n roll bands go. Enjoy...


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remember, america became a great nation on e strength of its middle class

27 senators sign bipartisan letter demanding troop withdrawal from afghanistan

sarah palin's approval down to 24%

what you can learn from architect barbie
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wednesday week

we never thought we'd agree w/john boehner

who would jesus vote for?

whoops! it turns out that the writer of the blog "a gay girl in damascus" is neither gay, nor a girl, nor in damascus

anybody else thinks ron paul looks like the elf that wanted to be a dentist?
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

barely out of tuesday

progressives roll out new commercials highlighting the gop's plan to end medicare here and here

$6.6 billion missing in iraq? it was stolen

here's a first hand account of mitt romney, job destroyer

is beyonce a feminist?

rest in peace spider-man producer and "stand up to cancer" organizer laura ziskin
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Imagine Your Face, There In His Place...

Standing inside his brown shoes...


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Can I Call Joe Biden (VP-BofA) An Idiot Now?

The White House uses Joe Biden's email account to convince me to vote Republican for President in 2012*:
And I bet you didn't know that your tax dollars pay for a website dedicated to the Desert Tortoise. I'm sure it's a wonderful species, but we can't afford to have a standalone site devoted to every member of the animal kingdom.

They mean this site, I assume. An endangered species

Not even the state of Arizona is as stupid as Biden and his handlers, including BarryO, who "asked me [Biden] to head up the Campaign to Cut Waste." Especially since the clueless "I'm sure it's a wonderful species" translates to "No, I couldn't be bothered to find out if the example being sent to millions of registered voters made any sense."

Saving that $1-2 a year on website registry costs will certainly make spending $10 Billion a month on killing other endangered species--Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, and Libyans--much more cost-effective.

Glad the Administration has its eye on What Really Matters.

UPDATE: Via Dr. Black, I see that BarryO himself shares in his Veep's idiocy. That must be why he makes the big bucks.**

*Since I live in New Jersey, where the Republican administration is trying to destroy the best public education system in any state, this is unlikely to endanger the chance that the former Senator-MBNA is re-elected.

**Hint to Barry: If you want to save the country enough money that tortoises and fiddlers can continue being honored, just drop your salary back to the level of Bill Clinton. You're dealing with just as few employed Americans as he did, after all.

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$6.6 billion stolen

is this "the largest theft of funds in national history"?


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monday morning

how about male birth control?

nasa predicts: the world will not end in 2012

are we in denial about loud music and hearing loss?

5 democratic senators tell vp biden not to cave in on medicare
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

skippy's sunday night music club

a big voice from such a little lady. sarah jarosz.

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why i will not go to las vegas

boss roo and the lovely mrs. boss roo can go, but i'll be staying home. keeping my lungs safe.
the final passage of assembly bill 571 in the dark of the night, hours before the 76th session of the legislature ended, shows once again that special interest groups that can hire high-powered lobbyists win because money talks. nevada is now the first state in the country to roll back its smoking law — the nevada clean indoor air act. - las vegas sun

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tweet of the day

on this june gloom sort of day.

buddhapuss ink

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environmental news stories sunday

another round up of those pesky little stories that, more than likely, weren't bandied about in witty repartee on the talking white male head dominated teevee shows. just because they aren't being covered by the "corporate media" doesn't mean they aren't important to understand the "big picture" of what we are doing to the planet...and what the planet is doing right back to us.

but...i digress. onward.

addison county family lived nightmare over arsenic in the well. - when gov. peter shumlin issued a surprise veto of a bill that would require all new residential wells be tested for a variety of toxic elements, he said he wanted to avoid levying a mandate on vermonters. he said most vermonters’ water was as clean as could be. he hadn’t met bjorn coburn. - burlington free press

kentucky governor wants federal regulators off the back of coal. - kentucky gov. steve beshear, a democrat, maintains when it comes to regulating coal, it's time for the federal government and the obama administration to "get off our backs." - evansville courier&  press

resident fights oil company for his property rights. - a legal but controversial tool of oil and gas drillers across the nation is getting as severe a test as gary williams can give it. williams has single-handedly stalled a proposed 80-acre crude oil drilling project by refusing to sign papers to allow drilling underneath or near his potentially oil-rich property. - evansville courier & press

three gorges, and a myriad of doubts. - 15 years after chinese officials relocated 1.4 million citizens as a "small sacrifice" for the desperately needed clean power that three gorges dam promised to provide, the worst drought in five decades has triggered a torrent of criticism on a host of environmental problems attributed to the dam - toronto globe & mail

explosion in jellyfish numbers may lead to ecological disaster, warn scientists. - global warming has long been blamed for the huge rise in the world's jellyfish population. but new research suggests that they, in turn, may be worsening the problem by producing more carbon than the oceans can cope with. - london observer

harvard study looks at traffic and health. - a new study out of harvard university's center for risk analysis estimates that pollution caused by traffic congestion in the nation's largest urban areas led to 2,200 premature deaths in the country last year, with a related public health cost of at least $18 billion - charleston post & courier

in a war of words, makers of plastic bags go to court. - the plastic bag industry, increasingly on the defensive as municipal bag bans proliferate, has gone on the attack against chicobag, a competitor that bills itself as an eco-friendly alternative. a federal lawsuit in south carolina accuses chicobag of illegal trash-talking about plastic bag waste. - new york times

return of the rainbow warrior. - the 1985 bombing of the rainbow warrior made the converted fishing trawler a campaigning icon. now, in its 40th anniversary year, greenpeace is launching its first purpose-built protest ship – one of the most technologically advanced vessels to set sail - london observer

'green' ship makes first great lakes stop in hamilton. - the mv federal yukina may look like any other ship as she slices through the water of the great lakes or the pacific ocean. she just burns a lot less fuel in the effort. as much as 15 per cent less - hamilton spectator

epa agrees to reveal secret identities of potentially risky chemicals. - the environmental protection agency today made public the names of more than 150 chemicals whose identities in health and safety studies had been kept confidential, a move cheered by environmental advocates as a meaningful step towards greater openness - center for public integrity

'i watch them die, young and old.' - members of the spokane tribe worked gladly in the uranium mines on their land. nthey fear radiation from the mines is killing them. the radiation is from the northwest’s only open-pit uranium mines – an all-but- forgotten chapter of washington’s cold war history - spokane spokesman review

study: bpa chemical exposure is underestimated. - exposure to the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol a has been underestimated, because prior lab tests have looked at single exposures rather than daily diets, the university of missouri reports - usa toady

are we underestimating climate change impact? - as climate warming causes the oceans to rise, subsequent flooding and storm surges are sure to impact people in coastal areas around the world. but estimates for how many people will be inundated have fallen short by many millions of people, suggests a new study - discovery channel

monster wildfire in arizona: a glimpse of what climate change could bring. - a wildfire in arizona that has blackened an area half the size of rhode island, prompted the evacuation of some 2,000 people, and is threatening long-distance power lines serving new mexico and texas, is the latest poster child for what some scientists see as a long-term trend fueled by climate change - christian science monitor

thousands of buildings face climate wipeout. - greg combet has said a report commissioned by the department of climate change shows that the risk to coastal areas from rising sea levels is widespread, and will probably increase. he used the report to support the government's argument that a price on carbon is urgently needed - sydney morning herald

as arctic sea ice retreats, storms take toll on the land. - a recent study found that ice losses along 40-mile stretch of alaska coastline along the beaufort sea, a 45-foot retreat from 2008 to 2009 alone, are due to greater exposure of the land to storms from an increasingly ice-free arctic and also to melting permafrost that hastens crumbling of the coastline - yale environment 360

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i met him on a sunday

the problem with republican idiots

british tv star quits twitter over racial abuse

ever wonder how to quantify an actor's career in graph form? ere's an app for that

clarence thomas's judicial insider trading

"patriotic millionaires" want higher taxes
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

tweet of the day

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let there be light

and there was light

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coundown...to countdown

(tip o' the kangaroo tail to talking points memo)

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really? really?

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saturday night's alright for fighting

get ready for bingogate

gop leaders encouraging fake dem candidates on wisconsinrecall ballot

release of non-violent inmates in california could save billions

is this really a surprise? unions make middle class strong
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Friday, June 10, 2011

skippy's friday night music club

peter gabriel is coming to town tomorrow. i can't afford to go, but i live close enough to the santa barbara bowl that i'm hoping i can hear a little bit of it! but, this is one of my favorite songs of his...

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in the land of beer lovers

the governor wages war on beer. yeah...that's going to go over real well. love the corporate mega beer makers...hate the small indy craft brewers.
tucked into wisconsin gov. scott walker’s (r) much-discussed budget was a little-noticed provision to overhaul the state’s regulation of the beer industry. in a state long associated with beer, the provision will make it much more difficult for the wisconsin’s burgeoning craft breweries to operate and expand their business by barring them from selling directly to restaurants and liquor stores, and preventing them from selling their own product onsite.

the new provision treats craft brewers — the 60 of whom make up just 5 percent of the beer market in wisconsin — like corporate mega-brewers, forcing them to use a wholesale distributor to market their product. under the provision, it would be illegal, for instance, for a small brewer located near a restaurant to walk next door to deliver a case of beer. they’ll have to hire a middle man to do it instead. 

but more noteworthy than the provision itself is how it was enacted. the provision was quietly slipped in the massive budget legislation without any consultation from independent craft brewers, who are justifiably outraged by it. one group that clearly did have input, however, is one of the world’s largest beer makers — millercoors: - think progress
and what would walker-era legislation be if it didn't offer more power to state government? the legislation also takes the power of licensing of wholesalers away from municipalities and puts them under the control of the state department of revenue.- the daily page
to the craft brewers and brewpubs of wisconsin...we here at skippy international salute you!

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