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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Right, Let's Talk This Over...

George would like Bernie Sanders to be the 2012 Democratic nominee. Hypothetically, it sounds like a nice idea if you're big on things like confronting global warming, strengthening the middle-class, and giving all veterans any financial and/or psychological support they need. I'm big on all three, plus a number of other planks in the progressive platform. But I think in practice, trying to draft Sanders would be a really bad idea, and that this should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Three reasons why, off the top of my head. One, let's say (again, hypothetically) Sanders faces off against Obama in the primaries and wins the nomination. Where are all the votes necessary to win the general election going to come from? According to Gallup, as of December 2010, the political makeup of American voters was 40% conservative, 35% moderate, and 21% liberal. That hasn't changed much in four months. Strike one.

Second, who would he pick to be his running mate? Or, rather, who could he pick? He's pretty much lost two-fifths of all voters right off the bat. He'd have to pick a centrist Democrat just to balance the ticket out somewhat and have a chance at winning over enough moderates, and maybe some conservatives. But then he runs the risk of pissing off too many liberals who are already pissed off at Obama. Good luck scrounging up 270 electoral votes with a Democratic Socialist/Centrist-or-maybe-even-Blue Dog ticket. Strike two.

Which brings me to reason number three. If you are on record with the word "socialist" in your self-description, you are not going to become President of the United States next year. Ain't, gonna, happen. Strike three, QED.

One last thing, before I turn this over to everyone else. To anyone inclined to start their opposing view with anything resembling "The Democrats don't own my vote": don't even bother responding. All that means is that you haven't paid the slightest attention to a word I've just written -- that, and I already know pretty much everything you have to say because I've seen it five hundred times before, I have no wish to see it anymore, and all it ever translates into is more heartbreak. So just save it.

Okay, your turn...

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The majority of the eligible don't vote. They have no one to vote for in our dual-head one party system.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:06 PM PDT  
They have whoever is available to choose from, plus whoever they might feel like writing in, in every election. That, and any ballot question that might arise in any election. Voting is not supposed to be a popularity contest -- it's supposed to be about everyone assessing what their best interests are, and then voting for whichever candidate they think best represents their best interests. This is not American Idol, this is Logic 101.

I can't help it if too many eligible voters fail, willingly or otherwise, Logic 101. But I can't fault the two-party system for that, either. It's not up to the politicians to make us conscientious citizens of a viable democracy, it's up to us. We're the ones who are supposed to be leading -- and we are clearly not leading. Bernie Sanders is not going to save us, that much is plain and simple.

But unless we figure out how to start leading sometime, we're stuck with going with whatever the two-party system has to offer us. Right now, that would be four more years of Obama -- and, hopefully, a House reclaimed by the Dems...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 11:13 PM PDT  

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