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Friday, March 18, 2011

sanity temporarily restored in wisconsin

a wisconsin judge has temporarily stayed gov. walker's anti-union law. channel 3000 news:

a dane county judge has issued a restraining order on friday to block publication of the state's collective bargaining law.

judge maryann sumi issued the order to temporarily block the law as dane county district attorney ismael ozanne had requested as part of his lawsuit.

she said the order will stop publication until further order of the court. sumi said that while the order blocks the law's publication, she said she has no authority to prevent the legislature from voting on the bill again.

the state department of justice asked for a stay of the order, but the judge denied the request.
it's pretty obvious the wisconsin gop defied the open meeting law by holding the vote w/less than 30 minutes warning.

addendum: d-day @ fdlnews points out that this injunction stresses the importance of the wisconsin supreme court elections next month.
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