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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

great speech last night

gee, that was a swell speech last night obama gave. wish i could believe a word of it. get a load of what's happening in cote d'ivoire. we don't have a humanitarian interest in the people of cote d'ivoire because there's no oil in cote d'ivoire. libya is different, though. we have a humanitarian interest in libya. we must liberate the libyan oil fields from the clutches of a ruthless dictator.

oh i used to be disgusted, and now i try to be amused. (i find myself quoting that line from elvis costello more and more as time goes by...as time goes by, there's another good song.)
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Price of chocolate goes up several times then we'd get something done.

Although the price has gone up it will never reach those levels as it will be smuggled into Ghana. Ivorians are doing the same thing the Ghanains did when they were the biggest producer but their money was worthless. They smuggled it into the Ivory Coast.

For the most part it's a bunch of fucking small boys with AK-47's running the show. But too much time has passed and now they have tasted blood and power. At first a small group of Marines could have removed Gbagbo but I think it's too late. And for that matter this was France's business before it was ours.

This is going to be so ugly and I feel for the little people which is most of the population. Besides we have to deal with our 4th war front.
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Just like Iraq, the first thing they did was secure the oil fields.
Obama yammered on about getting humanitarian aid to Libya.
Do they deliver that in Tomahawk missiles?

Spending $100 million per day in Libya, but sorry kids, we here in America are broke & are just going to have to cut back & deal with the jobless recovery.

Hard to listen to the peace prize president justify the US getting into a 3rd war.
Oh he's not calling it a war, but millions are being spent in the military & bombs are flying.
Sure sounds like a war to me.
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