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Sunday, February 27, 2011

environmental health news sunday

and speaking of natural gas and "fracking" and the hulabaloo over "gasland"....we'll concentrate on that topic today, as i am sure that it won't be acknowledged, let alone talked about on the sunday shows this morning.

regulation lax as gas wells’ tainted water hits rivers. - thousands of internal documents obtained by the new york times from the environmental protection agency, state regulators and drillers show that the dangers to the environment and health from fracking are greater than previously understood. - nytimes

victims of gas leak to get town water. - the water district in fort montgomery will likely expand this year to many victims of a leak at a gas station that poisoned some 150 private wells with a chemical known as mtbe. the expansion would allow more than 100 new users to hook into the municipal supply. - middletown times herald-record

speculators buying ny land hoping for gas gold. -with more than a trillion dollars worth of natural gas estimated to be lying underneath western new york state and pennsylvania, the stakes are huge for drilling companies, landowners and albany politicians looking to plug budget shortfalls - nypost

corbett administration rescinds curbs on pollution from gas drilling. - the corbett administration has for the second time in two weeks rescinded a rendell-era environmental rule that imposed tougher restrictions on natural-gas drilling - philadelphia inquirer

marcellus waste reports muddy. - waste reports submitted by marcellus shale drillers for the last six months of 2010 indicate that more of the toxic wastewater that returns from their natural gas wells is being reused or recycled, but incomplete and inconsistent reporting makes it difficult to assess real changes in the waste's fate - scranton times tribune

gas wells generate an amazing bounty for landowners. - rich bednarski is a farmer who hasn't milked a cow in a year. he sold his 50 dairy cows when his family began receiving royalty checks for eight gas wells on his land. and he's not alone. say hello to pennsylvania's nouveau riche — the marcellus "shalionaires. - pittsburgh tribune review

pennsylvania suspends air pollution controls at drilling sites. - the pennsylvania department of environmental protection has announced it is suspending and reconsidering key air pollution controls governing the drilling industry. - pittsburgh post gazette

hydrofracked? one man’s mystery leads to a backlash against natural gas drilling. - louis meeks’ well water contains methane gas, hydrocarbons, lead and copper, according to epa test results. his personal fight began with something simple: the energy industry’s insistence that fracturing couldn’t contaminate water. - propublica

new york wine and tourism industry prepares to battle hydrofracking. -a fault line is opening in upstate nyork between the established wine and tourism industries and natural gas drillers. recent steps by cities to limit or ban drilling seem to be spreading into the rural heart of the gas-rich marcellus shale region -washington dc bureau

national parks will need protection. - without an overhaul of current regulations, national parks on land above the marcellus shale could be endangered - beckley register herald

use of diesel in wells probed. - colorado oil and gas officials have launched an investigation into the use of diesel fuel in the state as a component in the fluid used by drillers to enhance well production - denver post

panel rules against homeowner who said fracking fouled well. - the controversial oil-industry technique known as fracking went on trial at the colorado oil and gas conservation commission on tuesday — and fracking won. - denver post

epa e-mail stirs call for agency documents on range resources order. - responsibility for methane contamination of two parker county water wells, a controversy pitting the u.s. epa against fort worth-based natural gas producer range resources, is drawing attention in congress after disclosure of an e-mail written by an epa regional administrator - fort worth star telegram

fracking fluid tainted water may have been processed in Buffalo. - last week buffalo's common council banned hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, even though that's not happening locally. this week buffalo banned the city sewer authority (bsa) from treating fracking fluid. which apparently was happening. - western ny public broadcasting

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