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Monday, February 28, 2011

stand with wisconsin

sign the petition.
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monday meanderings

peaceful protesters stay firm in madison state capital

arizona senator avoids arrest because of his job, just like gov. jan brewer once did

was last nite's show the worst oscars ever?

sign the petition to stand with planned parenthood

we can only hope: will roger ailes be indicted

and here's doonesbury on the nightly news
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

dilton's creek

via alicublog, it's the cw teen angst drama w/all the characters you know and love...

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the black sheep of the koch family

came clean years ago.

60 minutes. november 27, 2000. "blood and oil"
this is the story of a blood feud, a battle between brothers. as we told you when we first reported this story last november, the koch family of wichita, kansas is among the richest in the united states, worth billions of dollars. their oil company, koch industries, is bigger than Intel, dupont or prudential Insurance, and they own it lock stock and barrel. the trouble is a former employee says the brother who controls the company grew rich through fraud and theft, stealing from the taxpayers of the united states.

unfortunately, for koch industries, that disgruntled former employee was bill koch, one of the koch brothers. blood and oil has destroyed more than one american family. the question is: was bill koch a renegade out to ruin his brother, or did koch industries really operate the way he says? scott pelley reports.

koch says that koch industries engaged in "(o)rganized crime. and management driven from the top down."

"it was – was my family company. i was out of it," he says. "but that’s what appalled me so much... i did not want my family, my legacy, my father’s legacy to be based upon organized crime."

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you are the 3 millionth visitor to skippy!

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environmental health news sunday

and speaking of natural gas and "fracking" and the hulabaloo over "gasland"....we'll concentrate on that topic today, as i am sure that it won't be acknowledged, let alone talked about on the sunday shows this morning.

regulation lax as gas wells’ tainted water hits rivers. - thousands of internal documents obtained by the new york times from the environmental protection agency, state regulators and drillers show that the dangers to the environment and health from fracking are greater than previously understood. - nytimes

victims of gas leak to get town water. - the water district in fort montgomery will likely expand this year to many victims of a leak at a gas station that poisoned some 150 private wells with a chemical known as mtbe. the expansion would allow more than 100 new users to hook into the municipal supply. - middletown times herald-record

speculators buying ny land hoping for gas gold. -with more than a trillion dollars worth of natural gas estimated to be lying underneath western new york state and pennsylvania, the stakes are huge for drilling companies, landowners and albany politicians looking to plug budget shortfalls - nypost

corbett administration rescinds curbs on pollution from gas drilling. - the corbett administration has for the second time in two weeks rescinded a rendell-era environmental rule that imposed tougher restrictions on natural-gas drilling - philadelphia inquirer

marcellus waste reports muddy. - waste reports submitted by marcellus shale drillers for the last six months of 2010 indicate that more of the toxic wastewater that returns from their natural gas wells is being reused or recycled, but incomplete and inconsistent reporting makes it difficult to assess real changes in the waste's fate - scranton times tribune

gas wells generate an amazing bounty for landowners. - rich bednarski is a farmer who hasn't milked a cow in a year. he sold his 50 dairy cows when his family began receiving royalty checks for eight gas wells on his land. and he's not alone. say hello to pennsylvania's nouveau riche — the marcellus "shalionaires. - pittsburgh tribune review

pennsylvania suspends air pollution controls at drilling sites. - the pennsylvania department of environmental protection has announced it is suspending and reconsidering key air pollution controls governing the drilling industry. - pittsburgh post gazette

hydrofracked? one man’s mystery leads to a backlash against natural gas drilling. - louis meeks’ well water contains methane gas, hydrocarbons, lead and copper, according to epa test results. his personal fight began with something simple: the energy industry’s insistence that fracturing couldn’t contaminate water. - propublica

new york wine and tourism industry prepares to battle hydrofracking. -a fault line is opening in upstate nyork between the established wine and tourism industries and natural gas drillers. recent steps by cities to limit or ban drilling seem to be spreading into the rural heart of the gas-rich marcellus shale region -washington dc bureau

national parks will need protection. - without an overhaul of current regulations, national parks on land above the marcellus shale could be endangered - beckley register herald

use of diesel in wells probed. - colorado oil and gas officials have launched an investigation into the use of diesel fuel in the state as a component in the fluid used by drillers to enhance well production - denver post

panel rules against homeowner who said fracking fouled well. - the controversial oil-industry technique known as fracking went on trial at the colorado oil and gas conservation commission on tuesday — and fracking won. - denver post

epa e-mail stirs call for agency documents on range resources order. - responsibility for methane contamination of two parker county water wells, a controversy pitting the u.s. epa against fort worth-based natural gas producer range resources, is drawing attention in congress after disclosure of an e-mail written by an epa regional administrator - fort worth star telegram

fracking fluid tainted water may have been processed in Buffalo. - last week buffalo's common council banned hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, even though that's not happening locally. this week buffalo banned the city sewer authority (bsa) from treating fracking fluid. which apparently was happening. - western ny public broadcasting

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big oil complains to oscar

about a documentary they don't like...and don't want others to see...and definately don't want an academy award going to it.
lee fuller, executive director of pro-drilling group energy in depth, contested the film's eligibility in a letter to the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, calling it an "expression of styled fiction" with "errors, inconsistencies and outright falsehoods." - hollywood reporter
just as josh fox, director of the oscar-nominated film, gasland, was heading west to the academy awards, the wall street journal reported on the gas industry's losing campaign to discredit the film. an article, called "oscar's attention Irks gas industry," by ben casselman, surveys the unsuccessful attempts to persuade the academy of arts and Sciences to pull the documentary, which depicts nationwide instances of home water contamination near gas drilling sites that have been fracked. fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a novel gas drilling process that introduced the use of large quantities of toxic chemicals. - huffpaol
actor mark ruffalo has been placed on a terror advisory list by u.s. officials after organizing screenings for a new documentary about natural gas drilling. - crooks and liars

josh fox
rt @: oil & gas are using scripting bots on twitter & social media to convince ppl to vote down gasland

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Home Came His Horse...

But never came he.



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Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Is Totally Awesome...

A video with Nick Drake's "Northern Sky" for the music and an unknown painter for the visuals. Embedding was disabled by request.



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sunday soundboard

why isn't wall street in jail?

corporate profits soar thanks to record unemployment

instead of throwing the madison protesters out as ordered, the wisconsin police union joins them

dolphin death toll rises in the gulf

yesterday snow fell on beautiful downtown burbank
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west winging it to wisconsin

skippy's good friend buddy acquaintance* bradley whitford has flown to madison to rally w/the union protesters there today. hollywood reporter:
as a pitched battle in wisconsin continues to escalate, sag and aftra members are on scene at the state capitol building in madison, helping fight efforts by the state’s republican governor to limit public employee wages, require employees to pay more for pension and health benefits and, perhaps most controversially, constrict the scope of collective bargaining and force public unions to hold yearly votes on whether they should remain in existence.

the acting contingent includes emmy and sag award winner bradley whitford (the west wing), sag and aftra national board member gabrielle carteris (the event, beverly hills, 90210), aftra national board member robert newman (guiding light) and local union members...

sag, aftra and the wga east have all issued statements on the matter in the last few days. calling wisconsin “ground zero for the labor movement,” sag said in a statement that “all workers have a fundamental right to join unions and to engage in collective bargaining.”

aftra president roberta reardon remarked “stripping americans of the rights to collectively bargain and to freely join a union is not . . . the way to fix a broken budget.”

the wga east blasted walker as, in effect, a liar.
which, in effect, he is.

*skippy once appeared on west wing, working w/bradley, who was a very giving performer. then, during the writers strike of 2007, skippy marched along side bradley in the demonstration down hollywood blvd, where skippy told him about this very blog. with any luck at all, bradley is reading this now on his wi-fi in the madison state house. good going bradley!
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saturday silliness

did rep. chris lee resign vwcause he liked he-she's?

hey, we've got a few suggestions of our own for bloggers who are listed as hate groups

reports of poison gas killing 1000's in libya

more bad poll numbers for scott walker
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Friday, February 25, 2011

skippy's friday nite music club

a little bbvd club action for date night friday nite.

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friday fundamentals

3-star general orders psy-ops on american senators

rachel maddow thinks the wisconsin protestors are winning

tea bagger asks: who's going to shoot obama?

it's not too early to start plans to recall gov. walker
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Full Version...

"Roll Over Beethoven" by The Electric Light Orchestra.

In all honesty... don't you just hate it when you hear an abbreviated version of a song you love? I mean, don't, you, just, plain, HATE IT?

Lord knows I do. This is why I rarely listen to the radio anymore. I don't tune in to hear commercials, I tune in to hear songs -- and whenever some suck-ass station truncates a song for the sake of a commercial break, that's it, I make like a baby and head out. I'm outta there. Bye! Hope you have a back-up plan in the god-forbidden event your station starts going belly up -- if I have to put some money in your can later on because you're singing for your supper, I'm gonna say some things to you that aren't fit for the air.

Yes I am, m$Th#Ef*(k$#. The bus I ride to work every day goes by panhandlers who have been unemployed for 99+ weeks. I give a damn about them. I don't give a damn about you.

Enjoy the song. Hope your luck holds out....


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tweet of the day

the richest 1% of america has more wealth than the other 99% combined. none of them are public school teachers

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matt taibbi asks the pertinent question

that everyone should be asking...even the spineless, feckless corporate owned media.

why isn't wall street in jail?
over drinks at a bar on a dreary, snowy night in washington this past month, a former senate investigator laughed as he polished off his beer.

"everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail," he said. "that's your whole story right there. hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that."

....not a single executive who ran the companies that cooked up and cashed in on the phony financial boom — an industrywide scam that involved the mass sale of mismarked, fraudulent mortgage-backed securities — has ever been convicted. their names by now are familiar to even the most casual middle american news consumer: companies like aig, goldman sachs, lehman brothers, jp morgan chase, bank of america and morgan stanley. most of these firms were directly involved in elaborate fraud and theft. lehman brothers hid billions in loans from its investors. bank of america lied about billions in bonuses. goldman sachs failed to tell clients how it put together the born-to-lose toxic mortgage deals it was selling. what's more, many of these companies had corporate chieftains whose actions cost investors billions — from aig derivatives chief joe cassano, who assured investors they would not lose even "one dollar" just months before his unit imploded, to the $263 million in compensation that former lehman chief dick "the gorilla" fuld conveniently failed to disclose. yet not one of them has faced time behind bars. - rolling stone

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walker not vetted

the vets are turning against gov. walker
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thursday things

bill o'reilly is mad that the madison protestors are mean to fox news

bp oil spill to blame? dead baby dolphins washing up on gulf coast @ 10 times the normal rate

the cost of a green economy? 2% of the world's gnp

the indiana ag who advocated using live ammo on union protestors has been fired
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Runaway" by Gentle Giant...

This one was very hard to find on vinyl, back when I still had a turntable. I finally found a copy of "In A Glass House" in 1990 -- in a Montreal, Quebec used record store. It was a bit scratched up, but I paid, like, twenty-five Canadian dollars for it anyway.

I now have it in my iTunes. I've heard that vinyl records are starting to enjoy a sort of renaissance, but frankly, I don't give a $#!+. I'll take iTunes over vinyl any day of the year, screw the nostalgia and romanticism -- and the scratches, and the skips, and the warps.



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kock sucker

the art of the prank phone call at it's finest:

the clowns over @ the daily buffalo beast managed to get thru to gov. scott walker by pretending to be david koch

gov. walker's office confirms that the phone call really happened
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wednesday wattage

moveon is calling for a 50 state rally in support of wisconsin this saturday

whoops! the housing crisis isn't over

we at skippy international are pretty progressive, but we can't decide which is stupider: mayor bloomberg's ban on outdoor smoking or harry reid's vow to stop prostitution in nevada

via tengrain at mike's blog round up, first draft reminds the dems that if you fight for us, we will love you
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

skippy's tuesday nite music club

well...which side are you on? the oligarchs or working americans?

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the country is in a world of hurt

and a democratic senator is worried about women chosing what to do with their bodies. come on, now, dude. really?
harry reid: ‘the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution’ - las vegas sun
you really want to get rid of prostitution....start seriously prosecuting and locking up the johns instead of just the women. but if you outlaw prostitution, don't you then make running for political office illegal?

come on, dude. really? this is what you offer up to aid the working poor? this is what you offer up to make the wealth gap a little less gaping? really?

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too graphic

via ed kain over @ balloon juice, we find our friend kevin drum's proof that things suck:


graph from this piece by dave gelson & carolyn perot
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tuesday tidings

scott walker is...

hey! boycott koch

8 wisconsin state senators are eligible for recall
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Monday, February 21, 2011

skippy's monday nite music club

with thoughts going out to fellow working americans in wisconsin...and ohio....and, well, everywhere in our whole damn country that is being shredded by the republicans.

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our thoughts and prayers go out

to christchurch, new zealand.
"it's just a scene of utter devestation, it's just so vastly different from the last earthquake where, yes, there were some horrifying scenes but this is central city at a very, very busy time where you've had a massive earthquake.

"it's been violent shaking on probably what was very weakened infrastructure." - new zealand herald

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act now, act blue

you can donate a pizza (like cookie jill explains below) to help the dems holding the line in wisconsin, or you can give directly to act blue.
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solidarity through pizza

people powered pizza powers people! the power of the 'za!

while you probably can't precisely equate the overthrow of whole regimes in the mideast to the budget standoff happening at the wisconsin state capitol, the two actions have some things in common, not the least of which is a mass occupation of public space.

and when that many people get together, they're going to need to eat at some point. apparently, someone in egypt decided the folks in madison, wisc., need pizza.
politico reports that ian's on state street - part of a regional pizza chain - has received hundreds of donations for free pies for the wisconsin protesters from all over the world, including egypt. and yes, donors in the u.s. have chipped in, too.

the store began getting international orders last week and noted it on its facebook page. that appears to have kicked off a flood of calls from overseas. - sfgate

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madison monday

gov. walkers plan will actually destroy 10,000 jobs

meanwhile, walker issues huge raises to county aides

madison protesters were commended by the city police force

also supporting the unions: the madison chamber of commerce

and here's some on the ground photos from the madison protests

and here's a list of walker contributors you can boycott

sign outside downtown madison store: no tea parties allowed

gov. walker is exempt for a year, but wisconsin state legislators are vulnerable to recall
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

the suicide letter from a 99er

you must read. you must do something to help fellow americans. it's heartbreaking.

i'm unemployed over two years now, a 99er without any benefits for three months. i followed unemployed friends almost from its start, never posted until now, but am grateful for my time with you all. i did as asked with calls and e-mails, etc. i've a confession to make to you all. i'm a criminal.

i've obeyed the 10 commandments and all laws except: i'm unemployed and that's now a crime, i'm poor and that's a crime, i'm worthless surplus population and that's a crime, i'm a main street american citizen born and raised in the usa and that's now a crime, and I'm euthanizing myself as i write this note -- so arrest my corpse. this isn't a call for help, the deed is done, it's not what i wanted. death is my best available option. it's not just that my bank account is $4, that I've not eaten in a week, not because hunger pangs are agonizing (i'm a wimp), not because i live in physical and mental anguish, not because the landlady is banging on the door non-stop and i face eviction, not that congress and president have sent a strong message they no longer help the unemployed. it's because i'm a law abiding though worthless, long-term unemployed older man who is surplus population. had i used my college education to rip people off and steal from the elderly, poor, disabled and main street americans i would be wearing different shoes now -- a petty king. hard work, honesty, loving kindness, charity and mercy, and becoming unemployed and destitute unable to pay your bills are all considered foolishness and high crimes in america now. whereas stealing and lying and cheating and being greedy to excess and destroying the fabric of america is rewarded and protected -- even making such people petty king and petty queens among us.

complete letter at huffpoal

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skippy's sunday nite music club

asking the question...which side are you on?

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this is the passion...the commitment

that most of the democrats in washington can learn from.
thank you rep. gordon hintz (d - wi-54).

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environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that aren't bandied about on the white men talking head shows today.

what does the arab world do when its water runs out? - water usage in north africa and the middle east is unsustainable and shortages are likely to lead to further instability – unless governments take action to solve the impending crisis - london observer

new environmental chief represented polluters in court. - for years, bob martineau was a top lawyer representing businesses and others that legally released pollutants, or wanted to: challenging the epa, the state, and citizens. now he's the head of the department charged with protecting and improving the quality of the state's air, water and land. - nashville tennessean

how close are we to the edge? - as food prices rise, and civil unrest builds throughout the middle east, lester brown, president of the earth policy institute, wonders if these two could be connected – and how depleting our natural resources could ultimately lead to our demise. - living on earth

'water poverty' to rise in the uk as scarcity pushes up bills. - "water poverty" will become the new fuel poverty for an increasing number of households as scarcity of supply pushes up bills, according to an influential thinktank that says britain must deal urgently with climate change - london observer

agolf craze in beijing: a course by any other name. - an acute shortage of water is one important reason for limiting the beijing’s growth. but when it comes to water-hungry golf courses, however, a blind eye is turned - economist

a gop water grab. - the house cuts produce a water policy that could kill off the delta smelt, considered a bellwether species on the health of california's watery heartland. it's a lopsided answer to california's complicated water debate that does nothing about water quality, wildlife or long-term water planning - sfgate

my polluted kentucky home. - the news media and the rest of the country typically think of mountaintop removal as an environmental problem. but it’s a human crisis as well, scraping away not just coal but also the freedoms of appalachian residents - nytimes

cancer, not epa, is kentucky's enemy. - we wouldn't need regulations if industries conducted themselves in a fashion that doesn't hurt the communities, the health of their workers, and the consumers of their products. unfortunately, corporate greed has trumped protecting our environmental health, and that's why we need commonsense regulations - lexington herald leader

cancer rates traced to our environmental impact. - some cancers have a hereditary link, but environmental factors account for 75-80 percent of cancer cases and deaths in the u.s. putting jobs over safety, we have allowed industries to pour toxins into our air and water, some deliberately dumped. - ashville citizen times

house approves arctic offshore drilling exemption. - the u.s. house has approved a spending bill amendment offered by rep. don young that could aid shell oil in its quest to drill exploratory wells off alaska's northern shores. environmental groups have decried the move - ap

discovering the health effects of the deepwater disaster, part 2. - from a scientific perspective the bp oil disaster was a giant, unintended, experiment. there had never been an oil disaster of such magnitude, in such deep water, where so much chemical dispersant was used. now, 10 months later, gulf coast residents are reporting a wave of strange illnesses - living on earth

house republicans fire white house climate advisers as frenzied budget debate continues. - house republicans and 13 democrats passed a measure last night eliminating the salaries of president obama's international climate change envoy and other top officials, a defiant gop challenge that will further complicate tough budget negotiations looming with senate democrats - climate wire

republican duo supported by energy industry seek to rein in epa on coal ash. - this week, the pressure against the epa's efforts to regulate coal ash took a new turn as two republican congressmen inserted language in a must-pass spending bill that would stop the epa from moving forward to protect the public and the environment from the hazards of coal ash - center for public integrity

an oregon man’s plan to save energy turns into a bigger project. - “deep green” started as a weekend project — a short film about one man’s attempt to live more sustainably by reducing his energy use at home. more than three years and $2 million later, it’s a 90-minute documentary with a global story to tell - eugene register guard

brutal winters may become the norm. - although skeptics may point to the viciousness of this winter in new york as sound evidence against global warming, this type of battering succession of storms may actually become the norm in new york as the planet heats up, according to scientists - staten island advance

bp knew of problems, but left them unattended before gulf oil well blowout, new report says. - new evidence unearthed by investigators shows that in key moments before the deepwater horizon exploded, bp leaders were disengaged from critical tests and recognized major problems, but they failed to take corrective action - new orleans times picayune

lucrative gulf of mexico drilling loophole survives challenge in u.s. house. - on a mostly party-line vote, the house friday night rejected a democratic amendment that would have corrected a 1995 mistake in drilling rules that allowed oil and gas companies to drill in portions of the gulf of mexico without paying royalties. - new orleans times picayune

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sunday somethings

yes, the koch-backed tea party mob went to madison, but by all accounts, they were severely outnumbered by the pro-union forces

majority of wisconsin residents disagree w/gov. walker's plans

surprise, public employees are not ovepaid

nyc radio stations commit to keeping glenn beck off the aur
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we were talking

about the love we all could share...

with our love we can save the world

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

skippy's saturday nite music club

more weird whacky tornado warning, flash flood, torrential rain version.

a little added bonus because driving down the streets it's like "rolling down the river"

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it wasn't twitter or facebook

that started the flash point to the revolt in tunisia....it was one man with a food cart (along with wikileaks...)

the proximate spark was an unemployed college graduate who was assaulted by the police for selling fruits and vegetables without having paid the proper protection money. they confiscated his fruit cart and stock, the one and only thing he had in order to struggle to support his family and try to preserve some shred of human dignity. that’s the exact kind of extortion and confiscation the us government’s recently passed food tyranny bill intends to impose on every kind of fruit cart here. in despair, he publicly burned himself alive.
this sparked escalating demonstrations. at first the police responded with violence and repression. they shot protestors and carried out mass arrests. as the protests and street fighting escalated, the now frightened thug ali promised reforms.

...wikileaks may have played a role in bringing anger to a flash point. tunisians were outraged to read cynical us state department cables which frankly discussed the tunisian regime as a vile tinpot despotism the us must nevertheless prop up. (so remember that the next time you see some corporate liberal scoffing at how wikileaks can’t make any difference anyway.) - volitility

the rebellion, referred to by the media as the jasmine revolution, was sparked by a single, unemployed, university graduate mohammad bouazizi. the 22-year-old bouazizi made his living with an unlicensed vending cart on a market street in the town of sidi bouzid, a place described as "hard scrabble," and is 190 miles south of the country's capital of tunis.

bouazizi was roughed up by the police and his cart was confiscated. angry and upset, the young man did a dramatic protest. with a message that he "can't live without food anyway," bouazizi set himself on fire and died. self-immolation has been used throughout many countries as a form of protest.
bouazizi's dramatic action sparked mass protests throughout the country. tunisians were fed-up with the mass unemployment and government corruption. - people's world

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And Now, Gong...



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Who, is, your, KING?

Movies like this one are the only ones worth watching.

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How To Piss Me Off...

Make a commercial like this...

Long story short: bears are my favorite animals. And I just plain hate what I see in this commercial.

That is so wrong...

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Question of the Day...

What the hell was Chris Rock thinking?

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saturday sophistry

wisconsin's budget crisis isn't the unuions' fault, sez ezra klein

protests around the middle east and north africa continue

go after wall street, not teachers

who's behind gov. scott walker? surprise, it's the koch brothers!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

friday finds

d-day points out that wisconsin's move to strip state workers of their collective bargaining is part of a larger pattern

gop seeks quash net neutrality

more than half the states aren't following mental health gun laws

decades-long study proves medical marijuana works. now pass us that twinkie

and rip len lesser, aka uncle leo
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

skippy's thursday nite music club

the weather forecast edition....serious rain is a comin'.

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tweet of the day

there is no laughter so free, inspiration uplifting, love complete that ann coulter can't suck into darkness by the 3rd word

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what the gop fears

what the unions fight for. our "second bill of rights"...american "economic" rights.

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when russ feingold talks

you should listen.
“what gov. walker is doing is a direct assault on wisconsin history and wisconsin traditions and wisconsin rules of fair play. it is one of the least wisconsin-like things i’ve ever seen anyone do.”

 .....“it’s been a fantasy of the right and the corporate powers in this country” to destroy unions and collective bargaining.

“the notion this is about the budget is a complete sham … this is about an agenda of destroying unions,” .....  “this is a template that is being attempted by the right and the corporate interests to see if it can work elsewhere." - russ feingold (aka former senator mcdreamy)

he's also started progressives united to fight back against the corporate take over of our electoral process.

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dems on the run

dems on the run... didn't we hear this on a sir paul song...
tension over a wisconsin bill to end collective bargaining rights for state employees continued to rise today, with democratic lawmakers blocking a vote on the bill by reportedly leaving the state. tens of thousands of people stormed the capitol in madison for a third day of protests. - sacbee

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thursday thougts

the media reports that thousands are protesting in madison wisconsin against gov scott walker's plan to eliminate collective bargaining for state workers. well, we suppose that, technically speaking, 13,000 is "thousands."

why does state legislator lee bright want so. carolina to set up its own sovereign currency? maybe becuase he owes the irs over $67,000

jeb bush for president? actually, 44% of americans say no bush for president

and rick santorum finaaly admits he has a google problem
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hell, Since I'm Here (part 2)...

"The Musical Box" by Genesis.



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Hell, Since I'm Here...

"Indiscipline" by King Crimson...

If there's one thing I'll never get sick and tired of, it's King Crimson. Stevie Wonder's music makes me happy; King Crimson's music makes me want to live to be a hundred.



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Thank Heaven For Stevie Wonder -- But First...

I need to thank Cookie Jill for posting this. Long story short, my life pretty much consists of two spheres right now: the print shop one and the apartment one. And it's been that way for months on end -- I'm thankful to have a full-time job, but I spend so much time there Monday through Friday that when the weekend finally arrives, it's not unusual for me to sleep until three or four in the afternoon on Saturday, and on Sunday, I often don't want to even see another human being, much less communicate with one. I'm accustomed to good stretches of solitude and silence when I'm off the clock, having worked in noisy, bustling factories for fifteen years, and I just haven't been getting the amounts of either that I need for a while now -- and then people wonder why I'm suddenly talking crazy crap.

I've been working too hard for too many hours for too long. And things apart from work have been getting to me during this. Figure the rest out on your own.

Now back to Stevie Wonder. I'm pretty sure I've posted this video clip on skippy's place before, but if so, I just have to do it again anyway...

I needed this -- and again, I thank Cookie Jill. Because no matter how pissed off or depressed or just plain fed up with the universe beyond this apartment of mine I may get, Stevie Wonder's music has a way of making it all bearable for a while.

And that little girl dancing up on the steps? She's the icing on the cake -- I dance right along with her.



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wednesday wonders

the 25 best quotes from cpac

calif supreme court to consider if prop 8 sponsors had legal standing

so. dakota moves to legalize the killing of abortion providers

and congratulations to foxcliff hickory wind, the first scottish deer hound to win best in show @ the westminister dog show!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gotta love those packers!

cheeseheads rock! they're true champions on and off the field.
present and former members of the green bay packers, all members of the national football league players association, have signed a letter in support of the afl-cio's efforts to derail gov. scott walker's plan to cut some union bargaining rights.

the letter was signed by curtis fuller, chris jackie, charles jordan, bob long, steve okoniewski, brady poppinga and jason spitz.

the statements reads: "we know that it is teamwork on and off the field that makes the packers and wisconsin great. as a publicly owned team we wouldn't have been able to win the super bowl without the support of our fans.

"it is the same dedication of our public workers every day that makes wisconsin run. they are the teachers, nurses and child care workers who take care of us and our families. but now in an unprecedented political attack governor walker is trying to take away their right to have a voice and bargain at work.

"the right to negotiate wages and benefits is a fundamental underpinning of our middle class. when workers join together it serves as a check on corporate power and helps all workers by raising community standards. wisconsin's long standing tradition of allowing public sector workers to have a voice on the job has worked for the state since the 1930s. it has created greater consistency in the relationship between labor and management and a shared approach to public work.

"these public workers are wisconsin's champions every single day and we urge the governor and the state legislature to not take away their rights." - jsonline

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"i lied"

and millions died.
the defector who convinced the white house that iraq had a secret biological weapons programme has admitted for the first time that he lied about his story, then watched in shock as it was used to justify the war. - the guardian

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our thoughts go out lara logan

and wish her well in recovering from a horrific attack in egypt.
on friday, feb. 11, the day egyptian president hosni mubarak stepped down, cbs chief foreign correspondent lara logan was covering the jubilation in tahrir square for a "60 minutes" story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into frenzy.

in the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. she was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 egyptian soldiers - cbs news

she's a tough cookie. i have admiration for her toughness and intelligence.

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tuesday tidings

clarence thomas may be headed for trouble

british churches prepare to "marry" gay couples

boehner sends an extra 450 billion home while slashing nutitiom for infants

chevron guilty of deforestation, judge issues $8 billion fine

and rest in peace comic character actor (and one of mel brooks' repertoire players) kenneth mars. (see below)
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Monday, February 14, 2011

skippy's monday nite music club

and the grammy really goes to....

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Franz Liebkind ist kaput

It is with sincere regret that I read at msnbc.com that the great Kenneth Mars, who played the delightful Franz Liebkind in the original film version of The Producers, has passed on at the age of 75. You can read a larger review of Mr Mars' career at the msnbc.com article, but I just want to talk about his Franz Liebkind. That character has been etched indelibly in my mind for over forty years. The thing about his portrayal that I think is often overlooked was its sincerity. Franz Libekind really believed. I think that was one of the more inspired performances I've seen in my lifetime. I am very sorry to hear of his passing.
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true galt, or: snakes on a train

presented w/o comment:

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say hello

to donkey mountain
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monday meanderings

reagan vs. the truth-o-meter

the egyptian presidency website is currently under reconstruction

america hates fox news

jealous much? ann coulter thinks the left is trying to "co-opt the gays"

and rest in peace character actress, broadway star, and laverne & shirley's landlady, betty garrett
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

skippy's sunday nite music club

sexy pre-valentine's day version.

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weather with global breadbasket implications

china's worst drought in 60 years will affect world wide food prices.
world grain stocks are at low levels due to a drought in central asia that reduced the russian and ukrainian grain crops by about 35 percent last year, a 5-7 percent drop in the u.s. harvest and an expected shortfall of about 5-6 percent in the corn corp presently nearing harvest in argentina.
the u.s. department of agriculture reported that the U.S. domestic corn stocks were the lowest since 1995.

governments and international food agencies are increasingly jittery about food stocks. - des moines register

...the worries go beyond china, which has essentially been self-sufficient in grain for decades. The concern is that china, with 1.3 billion mouths to feed, may need to import wheat in volume, creating shortages elsewhere.

Wheat prices in chicago jumped nearly 2 percent on tuesday when the united nations’ food agency issued a rare alert that china’s crop was in trouble, and prices remain near their highest level since a steep spike in commodity prices in 2008. - nytimes
climate change deniers can stick their head in the sand all they want...repeating the rethuglican mantra "it's not true! it's not true!"  their childish and moronic non-actions won't change the reality that climate change is true. and happening. we better freakin' deal with it.

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sunday samples

meet the new boss, same as the old boss: egypt's military regime effectively outlaws strikes

it also shut down the banks

breitbart gets served w/papers in shirley sherrod's lawsuit against him...@ cpac!

thinkprogress ambushes fox news ambusher jesse watters.
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environmental news stories sunday

highlighting those pesky little stories that aren't bandied about on the the sunday talking head shows...

kentucky anti-mtr protester: "i'm about to pull an egypt." - a group of activists, former coal miners, and legendary environmentalist and author wendell berry are staging a sit-in in the office of kentucky governor steve beshear (d) today, demanding a meeting on the future of mountain-top removal coal mining in the state - mother jones

protesters spend comfortable night in governor's office, plan rallies sunday and monday. - protesters hoping to bring more attention to mountaintop mining in eastern kentucky spent a comfortable night in gov. steve beshear's frankfort office, where they have camped out for the weekend - lexington herald leader

in australia, a fight over aboriginal lands. - australia is experiencing a natural resources boom, driven by china’s headlong modernization. it has minted billionaires out of businessmen who deal in iron ore and coal, and it has enriched many australians by increasing the value of their homes and creating well-paying jobs. but it has conspicuously left out aboriginal australians - nytimes

disposing of marcellus drilling debris. - as marcellus shale fracking wells get bigger, they are producing vast quantities of something other than natural gas: drilling debris — 1,000 tons of material, about 75 truckloads, from a typical well. So instead of burying it nearby the well, drillers truck it to a landfill - philadelphia inquirer

perks from pennsylvania drilling interests. - the state senate president, a key player in the debate over natural-gas fracking in pennsylvania, accepted a free trip from one of the state's largest energy companies to see the pittsburgh steelers play in the super bowl. - philadelphia inquirer

palace screens documentary critical of fracking. - flammable tap water. mysterious ailments. pits of toxic water. fouled air. scenes from the documentary "gasland" are sure to ignite debate as stark county and communities around the state consider the future of natural gas drilling. - canton repository

hydrofracking carries too many unknowns. - according to the pennsylvania department of environmental protection, more than 590 chemicals are pumped into the ground during hydrofracking. until the industry can prove that its methods won't harm new yorkers, the state should continue to withhold all approvals for hydrofracking activities. - glens falls post

gas co. may be liable for water quality. - for the time being, at least, a natural gas drilling company may be held strictly liable for drinking water contamination near one of its well sites, a federal district judge ruled wednesday. - wilkes barre times leader

what's spewing into the air we breathe? - it's invisible to the naked eye, but was caught on tape with a special infrared camera. a startling video shot by the government shows what nearby residents are breathing at a marcellus shale natural gas plant: plumes of unfiltered pollution wafting out of a tank and into the air - wtae-tv pittsburg

gov. kasich (republican) says fracking is opportunity for ohio. - the governor said he thinks wells using hydraulic fracturing — also called fracking — in the Utica shale formation could be a great economic opportunity for ohio - dover new philadelphia times reporter

prince charles condemns 'corrosive' climate change sceptics. - the prince of wales has condemned climate change sceptics for their "corrosive" impact on public opinion and accused them of playing a "reckless game of roulette" with the planet - the guardian

where there's smoke, there's trouble. - where there is wood smoke, there is fire - as well as invisible toxins you could be inhaling. a little soot exposure probably isn't harmful to most people, pulmonologists say, but a new danish-led study suggests regular exposure could damage dna. - burlington county times

midwest charges ahead into new automobile era. - the midwest, it seems, is embracing electric vehicles before electric vehicles embrace the midwest. dozens of electric vehicle charging stations are sprouting up in places large, small and unexpected. - minneapolis star tribune

chemical industry misleads mainers on the harm of bpa. - would any of us knowingly agree to the use of toxic chemicals in our children's food and drink packaging -- especially if there were safer alternatives? of course not. that's why the chemical industry would have us believe that the jury is still out on the harmful health effects of bpa - portland press herald

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 imf chief said egypt's unemployment was timebomb. egypt had 9.4% unemployment in 2009.

will america's unemployed go egyptian?

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if you tend to burn your meals when cooking

you might want to consider using more butter in your dishes. there's flame retardant in it.
flame retardants found in butter. - for about a decade, scientists have known that most americans have minute quantities of flame retardants called pbdes, in their bodies, but they were not sure how they got there. now a study has found what the authors say is the first documented case of serious pbde contamination of food in the united states - nytimes

it's not nice to fool mother nature, dontcha know...

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dk4 is here

the "great orange satan" has upgraded to dk4. lots of changes. check it out....before boehner wants his "orange" back.


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

skippy's saturday nite music club

what is celebration of the divas without the queen...the queen of soul

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the devil is in the details

yeah that's right


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where's osama?

pull the other one

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revolution 911

walk like an egyptian

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Two Words...

Yeah, whatever...

On Egypt's first day in nearly 30 years without Hosni Mubarak as president, its new military rulers pledged Saturday to eventually hand power to an elected civilian government and outlined its first cautious steps in a promised transition to democracy...

Not buying this.

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saturday saunterings

dave weigel@ cpac: two pauls, no waiting!

tea bagger attacks obamam supporter, gets 8 year sentence

monty python puts their material on youtube for free, sees their dvd sales increase by 23,000%

and heidi the cross eyed oppossum will be predicting the oscars on the jimmy kimmel show
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Friday, February 11, 2011

skippy's friday nite music club

hallelujah it's friday. diva style.

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mubarak resigns

egyptian vice president omar suleiman has just read a statement saying president hosni mubarak has stepped down as president, ending his 30-year rule. suleiman said that the higher council of the armed forces will lead the nation.

mubarak's move came on the 18th day of the protests that gripped his country, and after he had stopped short of stepping down on several previous occasions.

the new york times reports:
the egyptian military issued a communiqué pledging to carry out a variety of constitutional reforms in a statement notable for its commanding tone. the military's statement alluded to the delegation of power to mr. suleiman and it suggested that the military would supervise implementation of the reforms.
- tpm livewire
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friday findings

This week saw the lowest level for initial weekly unemployment claims since july 2008

only 3 short months after historic election gains for the gop, public policy polling finds democrats more popular than repubbbs

buying huffpo is great for aol, if aol loves pseudo-scientific health mis-information (including tons of anti-vax bunk)

"war criminal!": ron paul supporters crashed the rumsfeld-cheney lovefest @ cpac
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

skippy's thursday nite music club

people say "diva" like it's a bad thing...

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faux news just makes sh*t up

so says an "insider" of the propaganda station.

asked what most viewers and observers of fox news would be surprised to learn about the controversial cable channel, a former insider from the world of rupert murdoch was quick with a response: “idon’t think people would believe it’s as concocted as it is; that stuff is just made up.”

...“it is their m.o. to undermine the administration and to undermine democrats,” says the source.
“they’re a propaganda outfit but they call themselves news.”

and that’s the word from inside fox news. - media matters

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tweet of the day

steve martin
every time i've emailed a shirtless photo of myself the response was "unsubscribe."

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i get $192 a week on unemployment

and i don't have millions as a cushy "back up" plan....  senator jon tester wants to make sure that millionaires aren't gaming the unemployment system.
u.s. senator jon tester joined with several other lawmakers to introduce the "ending unemployment payments to millionaires act" in congress on tuesday.

tester said in a press release that it's time to put an end to making taxpayers foot the bill for people with seven-figure trust funds.

he explained, "millionaires shouldn't be able to claim an unemployment check. this is common sense legislation that will save taxpayers dollars and make sure that people who need unemployment compensation are able to get it."

according to a report published at thehill.com, as many as 2,840 households who have reported an income of $1 million or more on their tax returns were paid a total of $18.6 million in unemployment benefits in 2008, according to internal revenue service figures.

this included more than 800 earning over $2 million and 17 with incomes exceeding $10 million. - krtv

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white house essentionally says to the poor

go ahead and freeze.
president obama’s proposed 2012 budget will cut several billion dollars from the government’s energy assistance fund for poor people, officials briefed on the subject told national journal.
...ln a letter to obama, sen. john kerry, d-mass., wrote, "we simply cannot afford to cut liheap funding during one of the most brutal winters in history. families across massachusetts, and the country, depend on these monies to heat their homes and survive the season." - nationaljournal
as was said over at the great orange satan...
although the move could have very real impacts on program beneficiaries, it will obviously have absolutely no material impact on the budget deficit. $3 billion is two-tenths of one percent of the overall budget deficit, so as a matter of fiscal policy it's essentially a non-event.
rethuglicans keeping their massive tax breaks/tax cuts are laughing in delight at this news as they sit in their heated mini-mansions or sun themselves at one of their multiple homes elsewhere.

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thursday throbbings

is right wing talk radio dying?

woman ordered to leave bar for being pregnant

student donations savedog's jon w/local sheriff's dept.

bill o'reilly's top eight science fails
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

skippy's wednesday nite music club

continuing with the diva theme...

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new york stock exchange not american anymore?

could be.
the parent company of the new york stock exchange revealed wednesday that it is in advanced talks to be purchased by the owner of the german stock exchange -- meaning that the citadel of american capitalism soon could be foreign-owned. - latte times

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tweet of the day

mike fogelsanger
rep. lee first republican to create job opening

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hey, arianna

can you spare a dime?
....hey bloggers, don't expect to make any money from your writing just because the company got bought for $315 million. - the atlantic

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gop really stands for guys on prowl

yet another "family values" married rethuglican is caught trolling for a "hookup" on craigslist.
the gop should just get their own "list" and call it the larrycraigslist.
rep. christopher lee is a married republican congressman serving the 26th district of new york. but when he trolls craigslist's "women seeking men" forum, he's christopher lee, "divorced" "lobbyist" and "fit fun classy guy." one object of his flirtation told us her story. - gawker and nydailynews
*update* - #shirtgate is already over. guy on prowl resigns.

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wednesday wanderings

funny how centrist we progeessives really are

patriot act extension fails on the house floor

clarence thomas' wife ginny is a lobbyist for right-wing causes. gee, is that ethical?

no, really, jeb bush is not running for president in 2012. no, really!
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our thoughts and prayers

go out to fallenmonk and his family.

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in the huffpaol affair

there is a loser. journalism.
...that's borne out by a memo from aol chief executive officer tim armstrong on where his company's journalism is going. it's fairly chilling reading, ordering the company's editors to evaluate all future stories on the basis of "traffic potential, revenue potential, edit quality and turnaround time." all stories, it stressed, are to be evaluated according to their "profitability consideration." all aol's journalistic employees will be required to produce "five to 10 stories per day."

note all the things that come before the quality of the work or its contribution to the public interest and you've arrived at an essential difference between journalism and content. it may start with exploiting reporters and editors, but it inevitably ends up exploiting its audience. - latte times

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note to kaiser permanente (*updated*)

if you are going to put on a marathon, you might want to staff the event with a few emergency medical workers. (update - bad tux the blame the proper victim penguin has brought up a very valid reality - kaiser permanente essentially has just the "naming rights" to the marathon and not responsible for the running of the event. so...the note to kaiser is if you have your name on something, you might want to hope...or make sure...it's not going to give you an even worse name.)
no emergency medical worker associated with a half marathon held in golden gate park on sunday attended to a dying runner during the 22 minutes it took for a city ambulance to reach him, a fire department official said tuesday.

peter hass of orinda, 36, died at the end of the kaiser permanente san francisco half marathon and 5k run, which attracted 10,000 people.

hass collapsed near the finish line after running the half marathon in just under two hours. bystanders, including three city firefighters who also ran in the race, tried to resuscitate him as they waited for proper life-saving equipment and emergency transportation to arrive, said mindy talmadge, a spokeswoman for the fire department.

the firefighters were "appalled" that the event had no medical staff or basic equipment available near the finish line on south fork drive at the west end of the park, talmadge said. - sfgate

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wikileaks continuing to unveil some troubling news

that the corporate media should have "uncovered" many years ago and that our politicians should have been upfront about in making decisions for our country's future.

wikileaks cables: saudi arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices

us diplomat convinced by saudi expert that reserves of world's biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40%. - the guardian

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

skippy's tuesday nite music club

diva version.

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say hello

to a little reality.
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tuesday tickles

the house is voting on the patriot act today

wind power now competitive w/coal in some regions

irony alert: man killed by rooster he was training for illegal cockfighting

we have no words: semen found in yoghurt sample
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Monday, February 07, 2011

8 track tapes to buy myspace

sorry, we meant to say:

aol to buy huffington post

you can understand our confusion.
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keeping current with keith olbermann

current tv that is.
keith olbermann, the former top-rated host of “countdown” on the news channel msnbc, will announce his next television home on tuesday, and people familiar with his plans pointed monday to a possible deal with the public affairs channel current tv.

neither mr. olbermann, his representatives, or executives from current tv would comment on the move, but they did not deny that the channel, which counts former vice president al gore as one of its founders, will become at least one partner in mr. olbermann’s future media plans. - media decoder nytimes

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b.a.d. -er late than never

a little after the fact, but still welcome to blogroll amnesty day:

bark bark woof woof

l'idiot de l'escalier
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true galt, or: snakes on a train

presented w/o comment:

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a good b.a.d. celebration

thanks to everyone who pratricipated in this year's blogroll amnesty day!

vagabond scholar

pruning shears


i'll neverr forget the day i read a book

divided we stand united we fall

brilliant at breakfast

cookies in heaven

upper left

fried dog leg

onyx lynx

the left side of the gorge

ornery bastard

whiskey fire

just another blog from la

alternate brain

distributor cap ny

william k. wolfrum chronicles

bacon and eggs


also thanks to michael jw stickings of the reaction for blogging about b.a.d. while guesting at mike's blog round up for mike finnegan over at c&l

also, thanks to the brad blog for having skippy on the mike malloy show to talk about b.a.d.!

of course, our partner in crime, blue gal!
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

b.a.d. evening to all

more blogroll amnesty day celebrants:

the william k. wolfrum chronicles

bacon and eggs

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It's Just A Thought...

But I've noticed something strange...

Gettin' harder to explain...

* * *

It's just a thought,
But the word has come too late
That a bad idea will take
Just about a lifetime to explain,
And don't you see?
A good one's gonna be much longer --
Who's gonna wait just to see?

I miss Al Weisel as much now as I ever have. But lately, I tend to think that whatever gods that be did him a favor by sparing him the horrors that are slowly unfolding before those of us who remain.

Maybe that's their way of saying that Al was too good for us...

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