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Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Jared Kid (Part One)...

It's been a week since Jared Lee Loughner went completely off his nut and shot twenty people, killing six. When I first heard about that, I initially thought it was some good-for-nothing lay-about who spent more time reading articles from the Whirled Nut Daily website in his mother's basement than he did looking for a job to pay for room and board. Then I heard about that cross-hairs map Sarah Palin tried to erase from everyone's memory, and even though there was, and is, no evidence that Loughner was motivated by her or that map, I jumped on the Palin-bashing bandwagon like nearly every other left-leaning blogger.

As for that "blood libel" remark Palin made in her pathetic defense later on, my best guess is that she was speaking in code to the Bible-believing Republican base, and not anyone else. George W. Bush did that throughout his presidency -- and it took those of us who were paying the most attention to him, but at the same time were unfamiliar with the lay of the Bible-believing fundie fantasy land, about six years to figure that out. So far, I haven't seen any other left-leaning person who correctly pointed out that "blood libel" is a demonstrably false claim that non-Christian people use the blood of Christian children and babies in their own religious rituals make the same guess -- and, of course, my guess could be flat-out wrong. But the vast bulk of the people who do believe the "blood libel" claim are hard-right Christians -- the same group that most strongly supports the likes of Sarah Palin. For all I know that was her way of telling her base, "They want your blood" -- "they" being everyone who criticized Palin for that crosshairs map and called for the likes of her to tone down the vicious-minded rhetoric. (Don't hold your breath on that one.)

But I was just wasting my time on Palin -- basically, she's an easy target, and I was just venting at her expense. The real challenge for me is Loughner. I sensed that he was buggier than batcrap about the same time everyone else did. But when I first saw his mug shot, my heart damn near skipped a beat: looking at that picture, I instantly saw a younger, slightly chunkier version of me.

And since then, I've learned that he and I have quite a few things in common. I find this humbling and disturbing, and it's been eating away at me for most of this past week.

Sooner or later, I have to explain why...

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posted by Jim Yeager at 3:40 PM |


Well if it all is so benign, then why did Palin quickly remove the crosshairs map from her web site?

Even if the shooter was effected by her actions of hate, or not- looking back it crosses the line.
Ultimately it is guns or the gun that killed, but Palin & her ilk have no conscience in that regard.

Words DO matter & Palin & the rabid right have been toxic in that regard.

Let's learn something from this tragedy & come back to the table w civility.

I posted a photo on my blog peace (sign), not crosshairs sign. That sums it up nicely for me.

commented by Blogger Fran, 10:02 AM PST  
Ten bucks says Loughner has worked at a paper mill!
commented by Blogger Michael, 12:10 PM PST  
Fran: I'm right there with you on the peace-not-crosshairs aspect of this. Ultimately, though, this is about Jared Loughner, not Sarah Palin. She is beyond reach as far as I'm concerned. And most likely, Loughner is, too. But based on what I've learned about Loughner thus far, I can tell that he and I have stood at the edge of the same cliff and looked down. Both of us saw the same thing. The difference is, I backed away, turned around, and hurried off; he went and jumped right on into the abyss. That's disturbing to me.

Michael: Yeah, very funny. I got fifty bucks says Loughner built a castle in the sky, just like I did, then tried to live in it, which I never did, and found out he couldn't do it, because it's impossible -- and that's what ultimately sent him around the bend.

Fifty bucks. In or out?
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 5:47 PM PST  
We came back from the abyss. That's important.
commented by Blogger nunya, 7:27 PM PST  
What I don't understand - and I've seen this blood libel dog whistle thing all over the internet is this:

If it is a cue to those who believe that the original "blood libel" claim is true, why does Palin claiming that her enemies are smearing her with a blood libel becoming anything other than an admission on her part that she in fact MEANT those "surveyor marks" to be taken as bullseyes.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:34 PM PST  
No disrespect intended Jim. I have Hawkeye syndrome, humor is what I interject into life's little dilemmas to make it more palatable to me. I thought it might make you smile. Crookedly, but smile nonetheless. Besides, you worked at the PPM. You know what I mean. While my father worked there a guy took his life by jumping into the beaters. The only thing they found was a shoe with his foot in it. The place was full of crazies when I worked there years later. It's the paper I tell you, there's something in the paper! (chuckle)
commented by Blogger Michael, 6:47 PM PST  
Wait a minute... the PPM? I need to clarify. I didn't work there, I worked at the bag plant across the street from it. The lobby entrance was up on that hill next to the church -- a real strange layout for a factory. I thought that's what you meant by paper mill...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 8:18 PM PST  

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