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Saturday, January 29, 2011

rip charlie callas

charlie callas, the manic old-school comedian who made robin williams look like a zen monk by comparison, died thursday @age 83. la times:
a former drummer for the tommy dorsey orchestra and other big bands who switched to comedy in the mid-1960s, callas once described himself as being "like a little kid running loose in the living room."

a 1982 article in the tmes said callas "will strut, stroll, fall down or drape himself over anything handy to get laughs during his routines."

"somebody once told me, 'You look like a cartoon that somebody just drew,' " callas recalled in a 1991 interview with new york's newsday. "and that's what I am, a cartoon come to wreak havoc, like a wild kid. i'm silly."

the whippet-thin callas, whose visually oriented brand of humor included celebrity impressions, was a regular guest on tv variety and talk shows in the 1960s and '70s, including "the merv griffin show," johnny carson's "tonight show" and the "dean martin celebrity roasts."
callas was a regular in mel brooks' films, and a favorite of frank sinatra.

read the comments on this ac club piece for further tidbits about this amazing man's career.

rest in peace, charlie callas
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