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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh no there's no right wing violence

police disarmed a pipe bomb found at the mlk day parade route in spokane:

a suspicious backpack left along a martin luther king day parade route in spokane, wash., held a radio-controlled pipe bomb that could have sprayed shrapnel at marchers in the parade.

three parade workers spotted a backpack with visible wires on a bench at north washington street and west main avenue in downtown spokane about 30 minutes before the parade was scheduled to begin monday. authorities rerouted the parade while officers from the spokane police department's bomb disposal unit worked on the bomb.

fbi special agent frank harrill, the supervisory senior resident agent in spokane, told abc news that the backpack was "a viable device."
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Oh you silly 'roo! It's clear that this backpack was placed there by LEFT-WINGERS intent upon smearing the right wing with the lie that they're the party that ought to spell its name with three k's! And Timothy McVeigh was a left-winger too, and Eric Rudolph, and... :p.

- Badtux the "I bet they really WILL say that" Penguin
commented by Blogger BadTux, 7:28 PM PST  
Odd how you never hear about this sort of thing taking place at a white nationalist parade...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 7:57 PM PST  
Well Jim that's because whites have too much pride to bomb their own parade, doh!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin
commented by Blogger BadTux, 8:02 PM PST  
There's a movement to 'colonize' the NW and make it a separate white nation, utilizing guerrilla warfare, if necessary...N W Front dot org
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:58 AM PST  

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