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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

when wendell potter blogs

people should read.
....i have no doubt the insurance executives i used to work with were doing high fives when the public option bit the dust, and their favorite part of the bill — the mandate that will require us to buy their insurance products if we're not eligible for an existing public plan like medicare, medicaid or the va program — became the law of the land.
after the recent ruling by the federal judge in virginia that the mandate to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, however, I'm sure my old buddies who are still in the industry are downright apoplectic.
as i noted in my essay in newsweek last month, the insurers, and the republicans they helped to elect to congress, have a real dilemma on their hands. the republicans led voters to believe that the new health reform law represents a "government takeover" of our health care system (it certainly does not, not by a long shot) and promised to "repeal and replace it." several politically-ambitious gop attorneys general (and one democrat) filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionally of the individual mandate so prized by the insurers.
now that the virginia judge has sided with those ags and other plaintiffs, the insurance industry flacks (like i used to be) are now spinning in overdrive. - wendell's post over at the great orange satan

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Bloomberg sez "Lack of Health Mandate Would Lead to Skyrocketing Costs, Insurers Say." Which is funny, because I was told that the health care bill was the reason that my insurance made a twenty per cent jump this year.
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