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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

to our democratic administration

thanks for the public option, closing guantanamo, getting out of iraq and afghanistan, and making sure the bush tax cuts expire...

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Everything we elected you to do.

Thanks a heap.

Good luck in 2012, although I know you may not care as I understand you've got a pretty nice retirement coming.

commented by Blogger Suzan, 11:32 AM PST  
So, it's The One's fault the "liberal House" and the Senate won't fund the closure of Gitmo or the transfer of prisoners for trial. This is public knowledge for some of us. Bad case of NIMBY hits everytime he asks for funding. His fault they legislated the denial of funds? Really? You were informed during the campaign that The One had endorsed Bush's SOFA agreement w/Iraq. All troops aren't due out until 12/2011, per SOFA. Withdrawing over 100,000 troops since The One took office not a good faith downpayment for you, eh? Let's forget about those people who are currently being helped w/hcr right now b/c of your poutrage about the PO. That's the only important thing. The high risk pool contains mainly folks w/horrible diseases like cancer who are receiving much needed treatment w/o the PO so that doesn't count I guess. The One campaigned on escalating the War in Afghan. Never said he would withdraw.

You've got to be what some call "a progressive". Your complaints and distortions certainly fit their description.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:26 AM PST  

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