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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, December 17, 2010

they should just change the name of their party

to the sociopath party. Nero would be so proud.

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just don't party like it's 2011

Mo Rage
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commented by Anonymous Mo Rage, 3:45 PM PST  
I think it is accurate and an great idea.
commented by Blogger Kay Dennison, 6:05 PM PST  
This has happened before.

The parliamentary battle of the NSDAP had the single purpose of destroying the parliamentary system from within through its own methods. It was necessary above all to make formal use of the possibilities of the party-state system but to refuse real cooperation and thereby to render the parliamentary system, which is by nature dependent upon the responsible cooperation of the opposition, incapable of action.

Ernst Rudolf Huber (witness)
From the Chief Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Volume I, Chapter VII

Sorry if I have posted this before.
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