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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

riding out the storm

airport delays expected to last several days

it took one woman four hours from brooklyn to jfk

one of new york's biggest storm problems: abandoned cars in the snow

massachusettes has massive blackouts, coastal flooding
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Living on Long Island I'm seeing this all first hand, except the Mass. stuff, but we've got our own coastal flooding and last I heard there were still a few thousand w/out power. The storm ended early Monday and people expect the world back to normal instantly. The wind has still been going off and on blowing the drifts back onto the roads and lots and RR tracks. I don't know what people expect. It sucks that employers are a bunch of cocksuckers who won't give people respect enough to take a few days off to get off the roads and not kill themselves getting to where they NEED to be. But people in general also just need to chill. I haven't heard about any Donner parties...
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