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Thursday, December 30, 2010

the jon swift memorial roundup 2010


it's a bittersweet note upon which we mention our good buddy batocchio, aka the vagabond scholar, who has taken it upon himself to pick up the mantle that the late, great jon swift has left behind.

jon swift, the nome de bloggeur of al weisel, traditionally created a year-end round up of the best posts in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase), all chosen by the bloggers themselves.

with the loss of al/jon last year, batocchio has decided to continue this year end festivity over @ the vagabond scholar. we respectfully suggest that you all head over there to continue this fine tradition, and perhaps to pay some year-end respects to the memory of al's work.

which reminds us, we will continue another tradition that al created: coming in februray is the annual blogroll amnesty day; this time, it will be doubly poignant w/o, but perhaps mainly for, al weisel.
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Nicely put, skippy. Thanks for spreading the word.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 11:51 AM PST  
Thanks, skippy. I'll have to check your blog more often. I remember your comments on Jon Swift and your posts about him. Bittersweet.
commented by Blogger kathleenmaher, 2:13 PM PST  
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