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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it won't be an economic disaster for "everyone"

and those leading the world to economic collapse are well aware of it. and, they are jumping their various ships as fast as their little "rat bastahd" a**es can go.
...when it comes to the fiscal problems with the states and cities, all you hear about are greedy, middle-class school teachers and firefighters. the 60 minutes interview even called their benefits "golden parachutes", as if they can be compared to the multi-billion dollar wall street benefits. what 60 minutes failed to mention was how wall street was extracting $4 billion from the states through financial wizardry. how many teachers and policemen could be paid with that much money?

...you might be under the impression that this class-based theft and destruction of the working class is self-defeating. after all, the wealthy have to live somewhere too. that would be naive, because the wealthy know exactly what they are doing and have planned for it. 
...you see, if you have enough money you can go anywhere. the wealthy know that patriotism is for suckers. that's why you don't see the sons of the elite on the front lines of wars. war is a racket, a profitable one for a select few, and paid with the blood of the poor. - gjohnsit over at the great orange satan

most of us are pooched.

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Which is why it's so assinine to give the wealthy so many breaks. They don't have to spend in the US like 97% of the lower classes do. Want to invest your millions, why do it in a counrtry with lackluster return on your investment?
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