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Thursday, December 30, 2010

is the hardly-ever-right wing smarter than a fifth grader?

don't ask us why the hardly-ever-right wing keeps on harping on previously-disproven hypotheses, if we can even dignify the garbage that spews out of their mouths w/such a scientific word as "hypotheses."

fact: big snow storm hits the north east.

stupid wingnut statement: this disproves global warming!

this is the problem w/conservatives [ed. note: we're not saying there's only one problem]: their thinking stops on the surface, w/o any acknowledgement that life is complex, layered, intricate and involved. (hell, these people have trouble w/the concept of gray!)

without getting into the advanced climatology science that explains the nuance, we satisfy ourselves w/simple elementary school-level mr. wizardry that every kid above grade 5 knows.

storms come from, among other factors, large amounts of moisture (precipitation) in the atmosphere. when the air gets cold enough, the moisture freezes into flakes, and, voila, it snows!

now, the precipitation in the air comes from water evaporating on the surface of the earth. most kids can tell you that snow and ice evaporate slower than just plain water, ie, there is more moisture in the air above the ocean than above a glacier.

enter global warming. the artic ice caps have receded, thanks to warmer temperatures. ergo, there is more surface area of liquid ocean exposed to the atmosphere than surface are of ice, unlike before. so now more moisture evaporates into the air.

(also of note, tho this is more nuanced than we wanted to get into: big areas of white ice reflect light and therefor heat into the air, warming it; big areas of dark blue ocean absorb the light and heat, keep the air above it colder.)

so, w/o berating the conservatives for failing to remember the lessons of the day after tomorrow, the simple case is this: less ice = more moisture in the air; less ice = colder air; cold air + moisture = big snow storms!

and, it's not as if these huge blizzards are covering guatamela and nigeria; it's snowing where it always snows: europe and the northern part of n. america. it's simply snowing a great deal in the last couple of years.

if the average temperature of the earth hadn't have risen as of late, we'd cut the rightists a little more slack (ok, not much more); but things are getting hotter.

we wish the rightists would pay attention. but we know they won't.
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Please allow me to make a minor clarification. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air, so the amount of moisture in the air is really more a function of air temperature than if the air is over snow/ice or water. That's one of the reasons why areas like the north pole are considered deserts in terms of annual precipitation. They get very little. It is just that when it does snow, the snow does not melt. It just gets blown from here to there.
commented by Blogger Jerry Critter, 11:06 AM PST  
Trying to educate right wingers is like trying to teach a bar stool to walk.

It can stand, it can sit but if you want it to move you have to pick it up and carry it across the room.

They will never acknowledge the facts and figures of global climate change. Denver could be knee deep in sea water and they would still deny it.

These cretins will never, ever, not now, not in a billion years admit they were wrong. The right wing is so devoid of basic humanity and compassion, they would rather see puppies burned alive than acknowledge we were correct.
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 11:48 AM PST  
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