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Thursday, December 23, 2010

fcc goes comcastic

the fcc chair is apparently greenlighting the comcast-nbc merger
the federal communications commission's top official has given his approval to comcast corp's purchase of nbc universal with a number of tough and narrowly tailored conditions on the deal.

conditions for approval would address several key areas, including online video, program access and program carriage, according fcc officials who declined to be named. - reuters

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FCC - Folding Card Castle

A great Christmas gift suggestion for the Obama Administration: A gift card from 'Spines R Us"
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 11:08 AM PST  
The FCC should force Comcast to either:

A) Move MSNBC to basic cable nationwide, or

B) Move FOX to a higher tier, pay level for their schlock fest/

It is unfair that FOX is on basic cable all over the place while MSNBC isn't even seen nationwide, and most of the time people have to buy a premium package.

Where is the Fairness" in that when FOX is always bragging about their ratings>
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:42 PM PST  

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