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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Two Inside Of One Week...

First, I did something I thought I would never do by joining the Democratic Party. Tonight, I've done something else I never thought I'd do, though I've considered it now and then and ultimately decided against it. Until tonight.

I'm a Christian now. A gay, furry fandom-loving, card-carrying-Democratic Christian. Yes.

And frankly, this suits me just fine. I see no conflicting issues in any of this -- though if anyone else does, feel free to express them so I can more easily shoot them out of the sky. It was Mahakal who told me, it doesn't matter what I do to make myself happy, so long as I never hurt anyone else. Well, finally accepting the fact that I'm gay at the age of 37 made me happy, and didn't hurt anyone else. Openly acknowledging that I love the furry fandom made me happy, and didn't hurt anyone else. Announcing that I've joined the Democratic party after years of pretending that I was an Independent made me happy, and didn't hurt anyone else. And now that I've declared myself a Christian...

Well, this makes me happy, too. Is it hurting anyone else?


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There's nothing wrong with declaring oneself a Christian, nor a Muslim, Hindu, etc.

Each of us must determine the direction we take our search for Spirit. If a certain path is more familiar, more comfortable then this is the path to walk.

I believe that our paths are as individual as our fingerprints. Yet, like fingerprints, they have much in common with everyone else. We find the groups that have the most in common.

The challenge comes in making sure that whatever group you choose allows for independent thinking and free expression of new ideas. Because, although our similarities bring us together, only through our diversity will we grow.

commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 5:03 PM PST  
I think you may scare the crap out of the majority of your fellow Christians but in the process, however incrementally, made them better for your joining. Best wishes.
commented by Anonymous sean, 12:55 AM PST  
I agree with the above comments. As long as you are not one of the Lunatic Fringe Christians that are trying to gain control of the country and run it according to some weird form of Old Testament Law (like the Taliban, except while praying to Jesus), then you are not hurting anyone.

I'm a Born-Again Agnostic, and I ain't hurting anyone, am I??
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 7:29 AM PST  
When I was growing up, I thought it was impossible to be a Republican and a Christian. So, no, I don't see any contradiction whatsoever.
commented by Blogger Joseph Nobles, 12:54 AM PST  

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